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sleeper fan switch

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I have a minor problem with the sleeper fan. I can turn it on from the dash but not off. With each push of the rocker it goes up like it is supposed to but pushing the rocker the other way does nothing. I have tried another switch and had the same results. I am wondering if anybody else has had this issue. The switch in the sleeper works as it should.

Any suggestions as always is greatly appreciated.



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That is my next step to see if the truck plug side is bad. I did push them all in but sometimes they feel tight and can still be non conecting. they did seem to be tight and all felt the same . I am not sure how the switch operates to make the fan speed up. Is it some sort of rotating clicker or does it send a signal somewhere else?

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I believe he is referring to the Light Control Module (LCM).....

On my 2005 780 it is located in the middle of the front dash behind

the radio. It is a flat rectangular box. Not sure if all models and years

are located in the same place.

Here is a picture of one....don't know if this is the correct part # for your truck.




On Edit: my bad there is a LECM so my post is incorrect for your problem. Sorry.

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Living Environment Control Unit - the controller that is attached/behind the control panel in the bunk wall, driver's side.

The fan up/down signals come from the switch in the LECU with the dash switch paralleled to it.

The signal is a pulsed voltage on connector A of the LECU. Piin 5 is up and pin 6 is down.

I's suspect the "down" signal (wire) from the dash switch is FUBAR somewhere. I'm not sure where the two switches are spiced together but this is a possibility.


Just a place to start looking. Hope is helps.

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agreed on the priorities but I might open the panel and have a look at the wires there. I am sure it is a simple fix. just need to find where to do the simple fix.

I hear that! I've got a bunch of annoying little projects on the truck (and trailer) but with the cold wet weather they can wait til spring.

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Still could be the switch. I believe they are identical so just swap them to try

I have tried another switch and it had the same results. The 2nd switch is used so it is possible that the 2nd switch is also malfunctioning. I do have access to a known good switch [as soon as he is back from a trip]. I will try that and see how that works before I tear into the back panel.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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