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Water pump issue/repair


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Hello. Im traveling across Texas and coming into San Antonio today. Just as I stopped for a break I noticed that I get a bad vibration from the water pump. I checked the valves on the sewer lines, all closed. When I flush either toilet I get a bad vibration on the water line near the water tank. If I open up 2 faucets and then flush the vibration goes away. Any suggestions? Also any good repair places in San Antonio anyone can recommend? Of course, it's Sunday so my ext warranty people don't answer the phone. Thanks!

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Is this a vibration which you didn't get when using things this way in the past, indicating something having changed? Opening a faucet would cause the water pump to be running constantly which would eliminate the noise if this is not something new and is just the pump cycling.

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Thanks, all. A couple responses: I have gone from cold temps to warmer temps. I've been in warmer temps for a couple days, and it was this am that it started. Prior to Friday the rv was sitting for a month at the factory in NW Alabama where it's been cold. Also, this is a. Lise I heard slightly for a while but then today it was suddenly very loud. One suggestion from a fellow traveler is that a strap used to hold the pipe in place may have popped loose. The rv is at Camping World tonight. Perhaps they will be able to chk it tomorrow. As for the accumulator...I'll have to do a little investigating to see if there's a place to actually install it in the water bay. Thank you all. Good help, as usual.

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Try putting some air in your hot water heater at your next RV park. Water heaters are designed to have a pocket of air at the top. Over time they loose that air and it should be replaced periodically.


With a water hose that is completely drained of water, simply hook up your hose to the park spigot and the coach inlet with ALL faucets in the coach turned OFF. Turn on the water at the spigot then go inside and turn on a HOT water faucet and let it run for 2-3 minutes. Air in the hose will make it's way to the hot water heater and "rebuild" the air pocket at the top of the tank.



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It could also just be that the pump shifted and is touching something that is amplifying the sound it normally makes.

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