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VA looking at its own version of BRAC


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The VA wants to close aging facilities, underutilized facilities, and facilities they don't need.




"Veterans Affairs Department officials want their own version of a base closure round, targeting aging hospitals and clinics they no longer need.


But getting support for such a move might be as frustrating and fruitless as convincing lawmakers to go along with the unpopular military base closing process, something the Pentagon has been begging for since 2012.


In budget testimony last week before the House Veterans' Affairs Committee, VA Secretary Bob McDonald said the department has 336 buildings nationwide that are less than half-occupied, and many are completely unused. The inventory includes not just historic sites but also aging, out-of-date locations.


Combined, the maintenance costs on those sites total more than $24 million a year, officials said.


"VA cannot be a sound steward of the taxpayers' resources with the asset portfolio that we're currently carrying," McDonald told lawmakers. "No business would carry such a portfolio. Veterans deserve much better. It's time to close the VA's old substandard and underutilized infrastructure."


More than 1,300 VA facilities are at least 70 years old, officials said, pointing to the need to upgrade and replace many parts of the infrastructure.


But closing any facilities will require support from lawmakers, who have fought viciously against Defense Department requests to close their own excess base capacity."


Much more in the article here: http://www.militarytimes.com/story/veterans/2015/02/17/va-brac-proposal/23545103/



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Oh my I can hear the sacred cows mooing already. One group suggest using them for the homeless vet. Unfortunately many would never meet current housing standards and where will the money come from to turn them into livable apts???

If some facilities are under used then this is exactly where the new civilian care program can come into play

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