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battery Issue


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Welcome to the Escapee forums. We are happy to assist in any way possible.


It sounds like either reversed polarity or a direct short of some kind. Am I correct to assume that you mean it arced in a big way when you connected the second lead to the post? Did you reconnect negative cable last? Did you leave it connected and if so, do things work now? I am thinking that you don't mean just a spark but some serious fireworks?

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One possibility is that if the battery was dead before charging, it may have been connected backwards to the battery charger, and now the polarity of the battery is reversed.




X2. That would be my guess. Unfortunately, reverse charging does irrevocable damage due to the composition of the plates. You can still use it with very limited capacity, but personally, I would not. Trade the core in and start over. ;) Hopefully, none of your rigs electronics were damaged. I would pull the converter and give it a good look see before applying any additional power source to it.

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In addition to that mentioned above, perhaps when the battery was removed a cable or one of the wires that gets connected to the batteries POS + post somehow got against frame ground. Put a voltmeter on the battery to check voltage and verify polarity and also use an ohm meter to look for shorts to frame ground via the trailers POS + battery cable terminal connection. Some electronic devices draw a small amount of current when first connected to a battery HOWEVER that creates a very low current small spark. If its not any other problem, I suspect a wire or cable that connects to your batteries + is getting a short to frame ground. You might also check for loads/devices/switches that were left on inside the trailer which would cause a spark when the battery is connected, albeit NOT a huge high current arc..


John T

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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