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Built in Induction Cooktop

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What brands are being used in the new rigs. Thinking forward for a future remodel, we would change out the 3 gas burner cook top for a 2 element induction and a single gas burner. We already have the NuWay countertop induction elements and Alie enjoys cooking with them. I want to keep the 1 gas burner for the times we are on limited power or boondocking where generator noise is an issue.

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I'm pretty sure that most of the new MH installations use the True Induction two burner cooktop. It's popular with RV manufacturers because it enables the user to run two burners on a standard 20A circuit. The limitation, of course, is that the total power used by both burners can't exceed 1800W so the two burners aren't truly independent. I guess it's probably Ok if you start one pot before beginning the next since you would be severely restricted trying to heat up two things at the same time.


There's no real way to avoid this unless you have an RV wired for 204V. Alternatively, if you have the capacity, you could run two 20A lines to the kitchen to power two independent one-burner cooktops. We didn't have an extra circuit available but what we did was extend the washer/dryer circuit so it has an outlet in the kitchen. That enables us to run the built-in microwave (which has its own circuit) plus two major cooking appliances, such as our counter top Breville oven and an induction burner. The only caveat for us is that we can't do a wash while that circuit is being used in the kitchen (actually, we can't dry clothes; washing isn't an issue).

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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