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Hyundai inverter generators?

Kirk W

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I was just looking at Amazon and noticed these. I don't believe that I have ever seen a review of one. They seem to be pretty reasonably priced and close would be Westinghouse and Honeywell. Any comments on any of these would be encouraged.


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Some of the reviews on Amazon aren't so good. If you are looking for lower priced inverter generators, the Boliy and Champion have been around for a while and seem to get decent reviews on Amazon and from RVers on some of the other RV forums. No personal experience with either. In the "I know a guy category" my nephew has a Champion that he is happy with, but he doesn't use it that often although he has used it for at least one extended period during a multiday power outage at his house. We have a Yamaha 2400 that I am happy with. If I were to do it again, I would pay the little extra for a dual fuel model.

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