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There are a few income items that are not subject to tax in Oregon. I know Social Security is one, but I'm not sure about the others.


At any rate, if I had any income subject to Oregon's rather high income tax, I'd certainly choose another state as a domicile if I were a fulltimer.

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Let me first welcome you to the Escapee forums! I hope that you find what you are seeking with us here.

Is there anyway to keep Oregon as domicile without owning property?

The ownership of real estate is not a factor in your domicile, but you will need to have an address that is acceptable to the state for your driver's license and vehicle registration. I know that Stanley is correct that Oregon has a "Continuous Traveler" option but not having been an OR resident I have very limited knowledge of it. You might find it helpful in understanding the issues if you would like to read this article which I wrote some years ago for the Escapees magazine about domicile.

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Thank you so much! We will read the article and check into the "continuous traveler" with DMV. We are retired military with a disability rating resulting in little taxable income outside of social security so don't see a huge advantage to changing domicile. We did meet with the attorney at the rally in Goshen last March and if I understood correctly leaving items in storage, returning for a doctor visit, bank accounts, etc would muddy the water and possibly complicate things. With family here it just seems that it might be less complicated to keep Oregon as domicile, at least for now. We appreciate any more thoughts on the matter.

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I would also like to welcome you to Escapees.


You do not need to live in your domicile state. You just need an official mailing address in that state, whether it is Oregon or Florida. Florida, as do many states, allows the use of a mail forwarding service address to be used as your official mailing address. I feel even a little tax is too much when you are on a fixed income. That is one reason why we chose a NO INCOME TAX state. There are 3 such states mentioned most often, Florida, Texas and S.D. If you do decide to move your domicile, check out all the various things that might change, including not only taxes, but cost of living, insurance, etc.


With an official mailing address, you can then get your driver's license and register your vehicles, and register to vote, etc.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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