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New Flash zero-day targets Windows, Mac users!


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OK this affects some Linux, some Macs, and some Windows machines! The short version? Disable Flash!




"The drive-by download attack targeted users of Internet Explorer and Firefox. The zero-day vulnerability could allow an infected machine to be taken over by an attacker.


The company said Monday the zero-day flaw exists in the latest version of Flash Player, version (and earlier), and if exploited could cause a crash that allows an attacker to take control of the affected system.

Windows and Mac users are affected, along with Linux users (version and earlier).


Adobe confirmed it was aware of reports that the flaw was being actively exploited against Internet Explorer and Firefox users running Windows 8.1 and below.


Trend Micro, which contributed to finding the flaw along with Microsoft, said on its blog users should disable Flash until a fix is released.


The company confirmed a fix will arrive later this week, but did not say exactly when."


The whole article with updates and links is here: http://www.zdnet.com/article/new-flash-zero-day-targets-windows-mac-users/?tag=nl.e589&s_cid=e589&ttag=e589&ftag=TREc64629f

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A while back when I was using Aurora (FireFox Alpha), I would have problems with windows popping up after the PC sat idle for several minutes. After extensive troubleshooting, I found if I set Frash to be started on when I approve it, the popups went away.


I set Flash to only run when approved on all my browsers.


Life without Flash is near impossible. Keeping it under control is easy. You just have to click okay when you want to watch the flash content.

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I am using Aviator until I get the all clear for a patch. I use both Aviator as my default, and IE when Aviator won't do what I want because of the security. On my tablet it runs flash as soon as I click on the puzzle piece icon. On my desktop it will not run flash except on YouTube and then no icon to click. I did discover the Chrome base today with the Chrome pdf viewer. Man I thought that Foxit was fast!

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I don't even remember if I added any extensions on Avaitor. Think I was of the mind to leave it lean and mean.

I'll have to check.

User agent switcher is it , no extras.


I uninstalled Adobe Flash on FFx and IE today. So until it is patched (or maybe for good) I gutsk no flashk!

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I have Duck Duck Go on it along with the other two. It can take a bit longer for some intensely intrusive websites, and some it refuses to open. I used to use FF as a backup years ago and am glad to have this as an alternate browser when IE is vulnerable like now.

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I got some other important patches that were out of cycles as well as the daily updates to MSE on my two Win 7, soon to be Win 10 for free systems, and Windows defender on my three Win 8.1 Tablets and one 8.1 Desktop. We are actually only two systems over our needs, one is my backup desktop, the other a Lenovo i5 box system, and my back up Tablet, the Win 8.1 x2 hybrid which I decided to keep. Why? Because it is the 2012 Atom Z2760 dual core slower SoC, and I don't want to sell it despite it staying in its case all the time. But should I ever need a laptop, It is a very nice ultrabook. It boots way faster than any non SSD laptop. As well, it is faster than many of the older three to 5 year old laptops many are getting by with. Lastly because it is just too darn gorgeous to feel and hold. The sculptured aluminum is very functional. And I doubt there will be any lighter or equally lightweight 11.6" screens I'd want to buy anyway.

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