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Wildly overpriced Ebay items with 292 solds - Who is buying & what?


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If you scroll down you will find the same 7250W tips, in the same two pack, for $7.99. Why? They got your attention, and you got ours. Ever hear the line about no such thing as bad or good publicity, just publicity?


No scam, just an attention step.

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OH, I didn't know that the number sold could not be linked to the item number distinct from the current sales price in order to allow a price increase and not lose the number sold by editing the previous ad. Most folks would scroll down just to see if the seller was indeed crazy. Current ads can be edited right? Or did I miss something? Think changing existing ad price because sales were slowing, knowing that folks will scroll down. I don't do online ebay sales so I'm just guessing. You?

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$999 does get you near the top of the page if you sort by price.


But most sort from low to high - ie low price first. No logical reason to consciously change the price from $4 to $999 unless you want to kill sales or have other intentions.

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Mission accomplished! You're talking about it and spreading the add.


1) To what purpose - no one is going to pay that super inflated price.

2) The inflated price will dump it to the bottom of the search results when sorted by price.

3) The most telling - Who bought those 292 solds? You can't fake the number of solds!


It has to be a glitch in the Ebay system changing the price. I bet there is one unhappy seller.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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