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Jackalopee sightings


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Those of you who sport one of these on the back of your truck,



can appreciate its "parentage".



Now the yellow truck belongs to Jeff as does the Jackalopee "offspring" attached to the back of the cab.

I am not surprised at all that when Jeff spotted this "establishment"



he just had to check it out.



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In the sense of fairness and full disclosure, I must admit that the "discovery" of this fine dining establishment was made by Janet (jags1fan) Church, bride of Raymond (g8rray) Church after seeing it featured on a TV show seeking the best burgers. The cheeseburger I enjoyed there was most excellent. As far as the decor that may lead one to assume other possible activities may take place there, I am unable to testify. The photographer of the two pictures I am in was my bride Cindy, which answers the second question Carl asks. Phoenix, please tell Henry that I always enjoy seeing pictures of that beautiful yellow truck.



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Jeff, you might remember the day when the Old Goat was moving the Jackalopee from the original location (in the above picture) to the new location (where the plywood piece was) to make room for the drom.



The drom which you assisted to install the same day.



If memory serves right, wasn't it below zero that day?


But it is a beautiful truck and it looks even better in Paradise




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