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Insulation comparison.

Deezl Smoke

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How do you think insulation value compares say between a school bus and a entry level rv? To try to keep things as equal as possible, say a mid 2000s year model of each, and comparable lengths. 40' to 40' etc. I know windows are a heat loss, but rvs tend to have larger windows, just fewer of them.



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A school bus also has a LOT of waste heat. Many had the old T444E, basically a 7.3 L Ford, and say with starts and stops, it burns 4-5 gal of diesel an hour. (I got 3 gals per hour running in a F350 (21 mpg) auto get 15? so call that 4 gph)


With diesel running in the 140K btu range, 140*5 the engine is making 700K btu's per hour. Say 30% out the tailpipe, 30% down the road, that's 40% or 280K to be used for heating - interior of the bus or radiator. Just saying, that's about 3X the size of a house furnace, and 8X the size of a RV furnace.

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I ask because it was either on this site or Skoolie dot net that I saw a picture thread where the owner was removing the panels below the windows on a bus to put up some nicer panel material. Once the original metal panels were removed, there was a mat of long fiber insulation. Not much, but some. Maybe it was asbestos or something? I dunno. But I was just curious. Sounds like the bus has so little if any, it may as well be none.

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