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getting id and adresses when you are fulltime


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Almost all is done online except for initial drivers license in a new state. My initial vehicle registration was accomplished through the mail after online contact w/Polk County TX. Read the document referenced above for some excellent info.

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If South Dakota is your choice then pick a forwarding service (we use and recommend MyDakotaAddress in Madison) and they will walk you thru the process. There are forms for everything and they will send them to you. No matter where you chose you will have to go in person for your DL

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Since you are presently in Georgia, you will have to either choose a different state for your domicile and move there, or you will need to find ways to meet the requirements of Georgia state laws. As you may have gathered, the most popular states for a chosen domicile among fulltimers are Texas, Florida, & South Dakota, and there reasons are that none of them require you to spend any time period in the state to qualify, all three will accept a mail service as your legal address for license & registration, and none of them have any state income tax. In addition all three have reasonable costs for insurance and taxes and are RV friendly states. These are not the only states which can be used and there are several others that are by some, but these three make it the least difficult to do.


Texas is the home to Escapee's RV Club and as such is the state with the largest group of fulltimers with Florida probably next. All three of those states have several different mail service companies, but Escapee's is the largest of those which cater to the RV community. There are seven states that have no income tax but many of them do not allow the use of a mail service for vehicle registrations and driving licenses. There is probably no state that isn't the home-base of at least a few RV folks so there may be a way that it could be done from Georgia, but it won't be easy.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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