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Drivers window will not operate


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2000 Damon Intruder drivers window will not operate. Testing shows power to the switch. Switch seems to test ok. Tapping on the motor made it work occasionally. Now nothing. The motor has a rigid metal tube that runs down to and is fastened to the bottom of the glass window. Not sure how this all works. Is it a simple job to unbolt the motor and replace it? Is this a job best left to someone who has experience with this repair?


Thanks for your help



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Do you have a meter to check things with? You can lift the leads to the control switch and use the ohm scale to see if it opens and closes properly. When closed the reading should be less than 2 ohms, usually under 1 ohm. When it is released it should go to infinity. You can then also check to make sure that you don't have a broken wire to the motor and verify voltage applied to it. Motors do wear out as they have bearings that go bad or windings that fail. In all probability the issue is either the switch or the motor but you need to be sure which it is before you buy parts. Most likely the motor is one that is also used in other places. If you look on it there should be a data plate that will identify it and allow you to do a search to find a source.

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Kirk's trouble shooting is a good idea, but 99 out of 100 it's the motor.


Not sure about this application, but most passenger vehicles will have you replace the whole "regulator", which is the motor, and the associated rails and wires that mount into the door and onto the glass.

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In my case the brushes had gone bad in the motor. I replace them with similar brushes that had to be modified to fit into the holders. The whole process was very delicate work and I would not recommend it to somebody not real familiar with tools and things mechanical.

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