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  1. Looking at buying a volvo 770 from out of state that has been titled as an Rv and registering it in CA. I know there have been new laws but was hoping that someone has done this recently and can tell the experience. I've talked to a Dmv service and they say I need to do a vin verification which is no problem and then pay the fees. I'd like it to be that easy but have heard horror stories but none that are first hand. I've always heard bringing in a semi titled as an rv isn't an issue but curious with new smog or CARB laws. Thanks for any help. I figure if I can't I can always register it in South dakota or Montana right...
  2. Pyscokev

    Will it fit?

    Thanks and I'm sure you know that's the truck I'm looking at buying.
  3. Pyscokev

    Will it fit?

    I'm looking at buying an early 2000's volvo 770 and want to tow a 43' toyhauler with it but am worried if it'll get my trailer into my backyard. My street is 35' wide and then to my front fence is another 15'. After that it's another 35' until it narrows to where the trailer and truck would have to be straight to go to my backyard (it's only 11.5' wide.) I would love to be able to try it but don't have a truck yet and don't want to buy a truck only to find it would be a huge hassle every time. I have a decent amount of practice backing up trailers and have backed up doubles when I've needed to though it takes some time and thinking. My wife is also a huge help watching to make sure I don't hit anything. If I extended the deck so the hitch was 4' behind the rear axle would that help or hurt the backing up? Do you think I would have any problems backing in to my driveway? I also have a cul-de-sac at the end of my street that is 80' across that I was thinking I could still turn around in. You think that's true or am I going rip the trailer tires off turning? Thanks for any help or suggestions or if anyone lives near ventura, CA let me know and I'll pay to see you back into my driveway. Thanks.
  4. I'm interested in the truck as well if you could send pictures and info to kmikusky@gmail.com Thanks.
  5. Also, I know it can lock the two axles but is it rare for them to have a diff lock as well? To be able to drive all 8 tires at once if I called it the wrong term.
  6. I don't believe they're on here. I saw the truck on a Facebook hdt page.
  7. Sounds good, appreciate the help. Would you agree the d12 is a pretty good motor for rv service?
  8. Looking at buying an 04 volvo 780 d12 motor (465 hp / 1650 tq) with a 13 speed trans for $12,500. It has 1.1 million miles and has recently had egr, starter, boost sensor, fuel pressure regulator, and full tune up. The paint has some clear coat problems. It's titled as an Rv but still has a commercial style hitch which I would need to change. I would want to add a bed to it and want to keep the dual axles. From what I've read the d12 motor is pretty solid besides egr valves. I don't have a problem working on my equipment but don't want to jump into anything that I'll regret. I'll be pulling about 16k right now but after adding a bed to put a jeep on will probably be getting a 20k 5th wheel. Thanks for any advice.
  9. My truck is a 2006 chevy duramax so maybe not what you would think of as a commercial truck if that helps. Also, I got my commercial license just so I can tow doubles legally in ca, this isn't my profession so I don't know all the laws and regs. That's why i come here, for some knowledge.
  10. First off, I don't know that it's not legal and I'd like to learn why or why not. That's why I was asking and sounds like you don't know either nutinelse2do. Second, my truck is registered commercial and pretty sure my flatbed is as well. You need a commercial class a to have endorsements so I don't believe you can tow doubles with a non commercial license from California. Third, to double tow in California legally you don't need to have a one ton vehicle. Soooo, back to the question, what do I need to do to be legal to tow doubles in oregon? Dot #'s and everything that goes along with that? I don't understand the recreational vs commercial double towing.
  11. Thanks for replying Chad, especially since you have knowledge of this. What is the difference in the recreational vs commercial doubles? My truck is technically commercial (I think?) as is my rear trailer since it's over 10k gvwr. Not sure if that makes a difference. Appreciate the help.
  12. Sooooo, going back to the question that started this, does anyone have any experience towing two trailers in Oregon or have any suggestions regarding it.
  13. I have been pulled over by both DOT and CHP. I fail to see how in my chevy truck, 5th wheel camper, and flatbed I'm not covered under my cdl. How do you figure? Please explain. Or are you talking about Oregon?
  14. I'm not sure what that means, would you be able to explain further? I got a commercial license to tow doubles since that was the only way to legally do it in California. I don't believe there is any non-commercial license that can include an endorsement for doubles.
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