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Bought a Conversion Van and turning it into a Class B

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We bought a 36' Rexhall Rexair RV two years ago and it was fine when we took short trips but now that we want to on the road more my husband doesn't want to drive the RV alone. So we bought a nice used Ford E150 Conversion Van and plan on making that our travel vehicle and live in the large RV.


We need to put in a rooftop air conditioner because we have dogs that travel with us and I want them to be comfortable in the back of the van. Any particular brand I should ask for when getting a quote?


Also want to get a generator but don't know if I want to get a portable Honda or a Onan built in. What's your comments and ideas on this?


Has anyone done this before? I googled and got some ideas on youtube but I want a nice looking vehicle and not a room a/c hanging out the window. We are currently in Phoenix Arizona and if you can recommend any repair or service shops that would be great too.


Thanks in advance for reading and making suggestions,

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If you get a built in generator you can run the roof A/C while heading down the road. Your dogs might appreciate that.


Linda Sand

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We bought a portable a/c unit from Home Depot.  Hubby made a vent holder out of thick styofoam board for the vent.  After painting the board he can install  it in passenger front door window when we are camping.  The board is hardly noticeable when in use. The unit sits behind the passenger seat for use & travel.  It kept our Conversion van cool for our summer trips.  I didn't want an unit hanging out the back door either. 

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