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  1. SnowGypsy

    What brand?

    People tend to run into trouble when they don't realize how much something will cost to fix or replace, so it would be good to understand that before making a purchase. As others have said, definitely have it inspected, but that still won't predict when something older will fail. Also, I want to mention that I regularly price RVs of different types, and after every hurricane, I notice a big surge in units on the market with a closer look very often revealing black mold stains in the lower storage areas. Just be aware of that. The market is flooded with older motor homes, I would shop with that in mind as it can't be that easy to sell one, and the price should reflect it being a buyer's market.
  2. SnowGypsy

    What brand?

    With older units, the maintenance and the way they were used play a very big role. Find something that you really like, and it makes the "hiccups" easier to deal with. Also, visit the owners' forums and look for ones that are active as they are an excellent resource for information when it comes to buying and maintaining, especially when it comes to "orphan" units. Also, often even in the best of coaches, there is a year or two where they had issues, and the forums are the best place to learn about this.
  3. Kirk: Thank you. The programs here do a quite a few outings and things our son would enjoy. Not an easy decision, but thinking long term.......... Our son really isn't interested in seeing and doing the things we do, no surprise as we are the "boring" parents. He has been rolling his eyes at us for awhile now. Thank you, Trostberg, I wasn't aware of The Care Center doing that. Kansas has a layer of snow this morning! Very cold and supposed to be 12 degrees tonight, so I guess we could be a lot of places other rvers would avoid. We know about "winter" rving!
  4. SnowGypsy

    Buying Advice

    I would not consider a Scamp or Casita even the other molded fiberglass travel trailers with the exception of BigFoot. Freezing weather is tough, and "4 season" can be misleading as "4 seasons where?". If you aren't familiar with this free online magazine, it is good resource for info on Truck Campers: https://www.truckcampermagazine.com/ Most of the truck campers are heavy enough that the cost of the truck to hold them is just sky high. With a truck camper, would getting your dog inside be an issue? The R-Pod and those similar will shake apart under rough conditions. Older R-Pods were better than the newer ones, but that applies to many of the RVs on the market. I, myself, would avoid Forest River products, been there and done that, and also a forum member there still. If you aren't aware of this forum, they might have some better ideas as what direction to take: https://expeditionportal.com/forum/ Before purchasing a unit, try to join the owner's forum for that particular unit. There is some real junk out there. A problem here or there is OK, but some of the manufacturers don't seem to have a clue what they are doing or try to cut corners to be competitive and the quality suffers.
  5. Our first interest would be in the co-ops as they appear to be a much more economical choice, and we wouldn't mind pitching in with whatever help we could when we were there. Some of the parks definitely price us out when it comes to purchase. Linda H: We had our eye on the Deming ERPU because of the location, but the ERPU was discontinued there a few years ago. I had called, but they didn't really give a reason as to why. We really liked that idea of the 5 year renewable lease. We have decided to try to find a suitable residential situation for our son. He appears to be for the idea, so taking on that task next week.
  6. I visited most of the websites (Summerdale does appear to be a good location). The 3rd adult, our son, is a problem with some, Benson being one of them, Pair-Of-Dice another - probably most co-ops. One had a 7 year waiting list of those that actually addressed the subject on their website. Reminder that there is a big discussion about "The Ranch" with a lot of details and links here: http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/128329-rv-lots-the-original-skp-ranch/ Top picks for us would be "The Ranch" and Summerdale. Wish we could leave today! I am surprised that the SKP Co-ops & Rainbow Parks don't get much discussion here. Thanks to everyone for participation!
  7. Thanks to everyone! I'll do some poking around today and see what I can come up with. Expecting snow tomorrow, so that should motivate me to get busy!
  8. I realize I could call all of the parks we might be interested in, and may do that soon, but was wondering what others might know about the waiting lists for getting into the parks lease or deeded lots. I am sure others wonder that are in the planning stage. We could leave today, but am still sorting it out in our heads. We are mid-60s with the adult son with Down syndrome who will be with us until we find a suitable program (serious doubts that will happen). We have dreamed of full-timing since we were in our mid-30s and learned about it when we relocated for a time for a job close to Tucson. The world of full-timing has changed since that time for sure. For us, we need a solid "base" to return to, and one that will be where we eventually settle. We know that The Ranch has lots available and am considering that option, it has the attraction of being the "first" and "original". We also like AL and AZ in particular having lived in both states. So, if anyone has been keeping track, I would appreciate any feedback. I am just so repelled by the idea of getting another sticks & bricks. Thanks!
  9. SnowGypsy


    Last winter, some of us used the foiled foam board and others used Reflectix. At first, I envied the with the foam board, but he was constantly tweaking it to keep it from blowing "in", and finally toward the end of winter, he had it blocked and vented which seemed to be working. We just made a "skirt" of the Reflectix which worked well enough for our temps in central KS. Too tight and the moisture in a humid climate will build up under the RV, not a good thing. I have always heard that hay/straw would attract insects and rodents.
  10. SnowGypsy

    Is this really true?

    I did click on the article, but wanted to follow up on the story itself as anymore reporters often put their own spin on a story, and this story was carried by a few different sites. One can sign up for "email updates" at the va.gov website to help keep up with any changes, and it is the government, so there will always be changes.
  11. SnowGypsy

    Is this really true?

    Medical power of attorney forms are available free on the internet. We filled them out and had a bank notary sign off on them. I learned about their existence from the VA when I wanted to check on something involving my husband over the phone with the VA Hospital. I was told to send a copy for our records to the VA. We carry them with us along with guardianship papers for our adult son. So many of these "VA Healthcare" stories are kind of like the "fish" stories by the time they get passed around the internet.
  12. SnowGypsy

    Toilet paper...

    RVing since the 1980s, I remember the jar test where you take 4 sheets of chosen TP and shake it in a 1 qt jar of water to determine how it breaks down or not. Scott was as good as the RV TP with Angel Soft a close 2nd. Some of the very thick seemed too hearty and resisted breaking down despite my shaking it vigorously. The only time we had RV TP was when we bought a rig that included it with the purchase.
  13. SnowGypsy

    jayco vs wolf pup

    Those both are entry level models and about equal in quality, if buying new, I would probably choose the Jayco since Jayco does a little better job standing behind their products than Forest River does. Since it appears that they are both used, care taken with them would be the deciding factor. Check all the seams inside and out, and check the floors for soft or squeaky spots. On these units, tank sizes are usually small as are their carrying capacities. Compare the cost of new (which never should be sticker price or MSRP) with the used (and I wouldn't pay sticker for those either).
  14. SnowGypsy

    Is this really true?

    This is the article from the Kansas City Star: https://www.kansascity.com/news/nation-world/article220598360.html From that article: "She wrote that her brother, who lives on disability, couldn’t afford a cab and thought he couldn’t call 911 for an ambulance without prior authorization from the VA." That equals a misunderstanding on the part of the veteran, not a shortcoming of VA Healthcare. As a veteran, myself, I always try to follow up on what I read.
  15. SnowGypsy

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Was at the website this morning, and my husband came across this "drone" video of The Ranch. Very nice! Go a little ways down the page: https://skpranch.com/location