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  1. It just doesn't seem to offer the kind of versatility that I would be looking for, but I am sure a good option for some. I'm not real crazy about sticking something electric into a big tub of water. This article explores the pros and cons: https://www.busyinbrooklyn.com/tag/sous-vide-pros-and-cons/
  2. I would be concerned that air is getting in there to puff it up like that. If air gets in, water can get it also. I would call Dutchmen customer service, especially if I purchased this new or even otherwise to see what they suggested I do. This is a giant bubble, not the standard bubbles, and I would make sure that was understood. This is not "normal". I once read a post where a family was cruising down the highway on vacation and suddenly saw their roof peeling off, so I wouldn't ignore it. We had an entry level TT from the worst of manufacturers and never had a problem like this with the rubber roof in the 5 years we owned it, so I would be very firm with the manufacturer about my displeasure with the situation. If the manufacturer chooses to ignore it, Dicor may be able to advise, but I would still make the manufacturer aware that their 2018 product in less than 2 years was requiring repairs most likely due to the way the roof was installed unless it has in some way been abused.
  3. Thanks for all the input. It is interesting. I do a lot of stews/chilies, and this seems like something that would work well in that case. I have no use for a microwave, so look for alternatives. After further review, I would think its best use for me would be reheating pre-cooked from scratch items that had been frozen, maybe. We aren't big meat eaters, and so much of what is done is with meats.
  4. LindaH: Thank you for the idea. I sort of do that with the cast iron pot with cast iron lid cooking early and then maintaining the temp until lunch by reheating periodically. I looked up to see what the "sous vide" was. I have seen them at our local Wal-Mart. The ones I saw, I just thought those particular ones were for submerging in a pot of more or less liquids to heat them up, sort of like those contraptions that you stick in a cup of coffee with a cord, plug them in and the metal part gets hot (old time thing but I see them still advertised), so didn't pay much attention to them. I guess I should watch a youtube on them.
  5. I have considered getting a thermal cooker for this purpose. I like to "get it over with", but still like home cooked from scratch, so cooking it early and enjoying it later would be good. I have read reviews and prefer the ones where you use the pot to cook in that goes inside of the thermal vessel where it continues to cook. My only concern in this case is making sure the temperature stays hot enough to avoid spoilage, which is why I am still pondering whether or not to purchase it. This is something where I don't spilling would be an issue.
  6. I was surprised when I learned that they owned Grand Design RV. I did not realize they were acquiring other companies, and hopefully, their acquisitions won't end up trying to be so price competitive that they forget about quality as the others mentioned above have. It also seems like some of the other big ones just buy and then put the manufacturer out-of-business ending competition from that one.
  7. SnowGypsy


    In our owner's manuals for our vehicles, it lists information on towing, so that is where I would start. This is a good website for becoming familiar with the terminology, etc. when it comes to RVing explaining stuff in a user friendly manner: http://changingears.com/ Also, if the trailer is going to be just for weekends or vacations, there might be something that would work, but if 1500 lb limit, looking at something "barebones" in a pop-up or something like a mini-camper (basically a place to sleep) like the Runaway Campers, Escapade campers, and Aliner has come out with a new family unit that is mostly beds and nothing else although I couldn't get a weight on that. We just need to better understand what Barbara's needs are. It can be really intimidating to be a "newbie" among those that are experienced. We bought our first pop-up used a couple of blocks from our house in 1984!
  8. I was watching a video of a man who purchased a travel trailer from CW, and he said he did because CW was the only one that carried that model. He was right. I wonder if CW actually contracted to have some cut-rate units made for them. In the case of CW, it is not a case of negative comments being more likely posted, far too many with the same darn issues leading me to believe that it is their "business model". Marcus "Lemon" (I have had emails with me and trust me "Lemon") concerning their business practices. He only cares about getting his name in the news and making the biggest profit without caring what it takes to do it. He is a real "piece of work"! CW has devoured small RV dealerships which is really sad, because those smaller RV dealerships stayed in business by providing good customer service. I was saddened when Good Sam was devoured by CW as we had been members of Good Sam for more than 25 years at that time. I bet "Lemon" would love to devour the Escapees!
  9. The reason they have these rules is that their are irresponsible owners that give them no choice. I encountered a woman with two dogs this week, one a known aggressive breed of probably 60 lbs and I had my two seniors with me on leashes. She could barely restrain her the aggressive breed who most likely "wanted" my 2 dogs. Luckily, they were breaking down to pull out. Aggressive dogs of any size are often expelled from many parks, good ones, at least. With both dogs with me, I can only pray that we don't have an issue. Larger dogs do more damage and cost insurance companies more when they attack. The likelihood of being mauled to death by a small breed? When someone wants to pet our dogs "Does your dog bite?", I answer "They could." as they have teeth, heck, I could bite too! Acquaintances pet the dogs, but strangers need to get their own or go to the shelter to help out! The owner recently evicted based on owners not picking up after their dogs, and another one was on the eve of it before they left angry.
  10. We use this KDOT website that might be helpful: http://www.kandrive.org/kandrive
  11. IRS or INS? I remember a story where a hotel gave a list of names to immigration authorities: https://www.npr.org/2018/11/06/664737581/motel-6-agrees-to-pay-millions-after-giving-guest-lists-to-immigration-authoriti and it didn't work out for Motel 6. So many scams now. I don't answer questions about neighbors/other residents to anyone outside the neighborhood/RV park that comes snooping around as it could present a real danger to someone. A lot of people have tried to go under the radar for various reasons, and someone looking for them giving a call here and there to snoop around.................
  12. It sounds interesting, maybe "to good to be true" for the annual membership cost. Too little info to make an informed decision. When I googled, there were other articles. Since they are just getting started, it isn't possible to see where they are going with this, but this article sort of clarifies what they "hope" to accomplish: https://www.bizjournals.com/bizwomen/news/latest-news/2018/10/rv-entrepreneur-goes-national-with-members-only.html?page=all That explains what is going on a little better.
  13. *"electric, sewer and trash not included". I am just curious as to how much that might add up to. We spent 6 years in AZ, and that appears to be the pre-heavy snowbird season. Anyone not familiar with temps in AZ during that time should realize that much of AZ is still very hot in the fall, and nearly every other month of the year, but we really liked AZ when we could get out to the mountains, zoos, museums............... January was really nice!
  14. Will you be full-timing in the unit, or just doing extensive traveling?
  15. It must have been a new one, but what stumps me is why none of this was noted in a walk-thru with the dealer. With a new unit sitting for an extended time, it just seems it would have been gone through by the dealer, and then with the couple when being picked up. I would not start out on a cross-country trip with a new RV, but then I know the woes of new RVs. This "thing" of having to return it to the factory is coming up more and more often which is very difficult for many in time/cost. If it has to go back to the factory, I see that as a major failure of the unit. Many times the RV spends so much time in repair that it takes away from the joy of ownership. The award is excessive IMO though. We had 2 different RV dealers in Kansas tell us that if we chose a unit, it would be a week before we could pick up as they would turn all systems on and go through them, water, furnace, etc. etc. and this was on a travel trailer that cost much less than a motorhome.
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