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  1. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    I had been curious about the way that the whole thing works, so my asking questions might help others. I know that before, there was an area on the website where you could see the units and lot numbers of the park, is that no longer there. Do the current prices include the "documented improvements"? And, a "discussion" of sorts that I had dealt with "self-contained" which I never sorted out as I read that a blue tank was permissible, and I believe porti-pottys unless one was just camping overnight per the Escapees handbook. Many nicer units now have cassette toilets including A-liners, some Trailmanors and some very nice truck campers, so I just never was able to understand the limits or not. Also, is one limited to just 2 adults? Do those adults if only 2 allowed have to be in a "relationship" of a "couple" as I did find one park like that? As I have said, we have an adult son with Down syndrome, and there are couples that travel with a senior parent. If the park fell on hard times and decided to dismantle, the way I interpreted what I read was that the membership someone had would be worth nothing, did I understand that correctly? A co-op, since it can vary widely, is difficult to understand the "workings" of it. And, I did really try to work through these questions previously, but just never really got a clear picture of how things worked. I do think many people hesitate to get involved in co-ops, because of the lack of understanding of how they work. These may be questions that you aren't comfortable in your position answering, maybe having a contact person that would be able to answer these questions would be helpful too, as I just really had a hard time getting solid answers, but our situation is unique, and well.............. The new website looks really great! I commend you on the work that you are doing to get the word out about The Ranch, and feel that with a better understanding of how everything works, you might just fill those empty spaces. : )
  2. Thanks, Kirk. I appreciate your words and prayers. There have been a lot of hurdles, with time and patience, they have all been negotiated.
  3. Thank you to all that responded. I have guardianship for my son established when he became an adult, and am also his payee for his SSDI. We have tried day programs with disastrous results. Five of them actually. Each time we hoped the day program would work, and we could move on to looking at residential. I realized that if they couldn't care for him adequately during 5 hours, well, not going to work for 24 hours for sure. Better programs "cherry-pick", so my son isn't allowed in those programs. (We currently have an active case with HHS - Civil Rights Violation against the state for allowing this. It was time if for no other reason than my final act here in the state.) Our older son will take over guardianship at some point. I brought up both sons to be "independent" of me, not momma's boys. I could move my son to a day/residential that is barely adequate and the transition would be complete or I can continue to care for him where he will have a real quality of life for as long as possible and then he might have to move to something barely adequate for a much shorter time and have a harder transition. I choose real quality of life. Although he is 31 years old now, I can't forget the first day I meant him as a 4 week old infant........ I really don't know if I will be full-timing at all at this point. Waiting for years to do it, I just see people putting up barriers because of ignorance. It was never my son that made my life more difficult, but the people I had to deal with because my son was in my life. People have no idea. I will have a decision soon, and will update any progress I made although it will probably take some time to sort out and get a direction.
  4. The only advice I have is to always check with local officials about your plan to make sure it is allowed. I have seen some expensive mistakes where they followed the advice about "forgiveness", just do it and beg forgiveness. It might be possible in a couple of counties in KS, but they will require a septic system, and when it comes to drilling a well, that can be a very expensive venture as long ago we found a spot, in the 1990s in AZ and the cost for the well would have ran close to $20,000. Saw them "clean up" an area in AZ by enforcing codes when they wanted the land for "higher purposes". I have read a few are getting land in Apache County, AZ. I think they basically boondock though.
  5. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Which KOA are you talking about being 3 miles away? It must be new as it wasn't on any maps that I found. Carlsbad seemed to the only one in the immediate area. We have dropped the whole idea of getting into anything "Escapees" after trying for years and there was always one thing or another that was in the way. Too young and now we aren't the perfect 2 person couple. Life goes on. (I have addressed this in a pm.)
  6. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    We decided to pass. I got a copy of the membership agreement and by-laws, which one can get through email if interested from the office. Lots of "gray" areas I wasn't comfortable with. Anyone seriously considering the area should look at the crime in the cities to both the north and south and realize that fracking is a big industry in the area, just a couple of things that I looked at. Everyone has different things they look at, but thought I had to pass what I learned on to those that might forget to check the details of the area outside the park. NOTE: I believe the KOA, although I could be wrong, where propane would be available would be in Carlsbad, about 30 miles from The Ranch. One could also google for "propane in Artesia, NM" to see if it might be available to the north. When days are above freezing, in colder climates, we haven't had freezing issues. The gray water outlet can freeze shut, leaving it open under continued freezing temps can cause it to slowly freeze layer over layer until it has dammed the water from releasing, have seen this when someone lets the faucet just drip. Cold winds can add to the problem. Always leave the cabinets open.
  7. Thanks Kirk! I do believe there are and will be many more as time goes on. In the last year, we have met one couple and their son. My son loves "big camper" and nature.
  8. I have sort of addressed the topic before. We just had a another residential placement fall through. It is very hard to find a group home as most are going to an apartment model which would not suit our son, one of the big reasons they are doing it I believe is to only have to accept higher functioning adults. Now 31 years of age, having been mostly homeschooled, we find ourselves still parenting. Waiting lists for services in other states can be very long. I just called NM last week to verify and they have a 10+ year waiting list for day/residential services, a couple of other states I know of have even longer ones. Years ago when we were living in southern AZ among snowbirds/full-timers, we did see some adults like our son traveling/living with their parents, much older parents than we are ourselves. We always wondered why they hadn't put them in programs, but we have come to understand this. I am just wondering if there are many others out there like us. We are really torn about what to do. We would be doing this on a smaller budget (debt-free since 2000 and have savings for backup), but at the same time still capable of working and/or volunteering. Should we find a placement for him, that would be great, but if not, we will continue to manage, and we have always done well one way or the other. We have pondered the possibility of buying into one of the SKP parks, the SKP Ranch being probably the most economical for us, and we would love to be in a position to really seriously explore NM. For us, it would be important to have a place, either leased or bought, that we could retreat to if needed. We have looked at AZ, and they actually have no waiting list for services for our son, but that probably means he would be in a bigger city, I don't like big cities and avoid them like the plague. For the record, our son is fine with being with us as he has seen the choices so far and been less than thrilled. Having spent so much time with us, his behavior in public is excellent, I never cut him much slack when it came to behavior, especially in the public. So, anyone else doing this and/or thoughts on our "situation". Currently in KS.
  9. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Thank you for replying. If we can ever get out of Kansas............working diligently on that.
  10. RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    We have been intrigued by the idea of the Ranch. We had hoped to get there before winter last year, but couldn't make it. I would have to say that one of our concerns was fracking in the area, it has made us rethink the idea. Main concern would be the traffic on the main roads leading to the bigger cities and sharing the road with equipment/trucks in the fracking industry. Saw a couple of news stories on this. Absolutely everything else about The Ranch sounded perfect, but we are hung up on whether the fracking industry would create an issue. We lived in the Tucson area, and this would be nothing like that area IMHO, which is also a very good thing. What is awesome are the state parks in NM, and the low cost involved with an annual membership to them. Plenty to do nearby The Ranch when one couldn't travel as far as in their younger years. Maybe we can visit and make an informed decision. I do appreciate this thread very much as it is so hard to get "first hand" info.
  11. Shower or not to shower!!!

    I'm seconding this recommendation^^^, especially for those where the cost of the van might be getting in the way of getting out there. Also, a lot of things need to be taken into consideration other than convenience as when boondocking, it doesn't take long to empty a fresh water tank and fill the gray and black tanks, especially those on a van. Also, unless one has the continuous water heater, 6 gallons (if that large) doesn't take long to empty. It is important to realize that one doesn't take very long showers in an RV when boondocking and some people cannot tolerate the small and confining space of a wet bath. The other issue is the moisture and added maintenance that a shower and fresh water toilet add, especially tough in damp climates. We are on RV #9 and have lived long term in 3 different RVs. Many people with showers in their RV use the park facilities, I watch them go by since we are nearer the shower house, nice big motorhomes and they go to the shower house. I never figured that out since I consider the most rudimentary shower as better than hauling my stuff back and forth from the shower house. So much is personal preference which makes getting a lot of opinions valuable, a sort of find that match that fits your style and desires.
  12. Why No Porti-Potty/Cassette Toilets

    There is actually a rapidly expanding market of teardrops and tiny trailers 4 x 4 and ready to rough ride. Also, those cargo carrier trailers that have a tent that folds out on top and/or the side. Many are trying to get away from traditional RV parks and campgrounds.
  13. Why No Porti-Potty/Cassette Toilets

    Thanks! For sure it depends on "who is dumping it", the stuff I have seen......... I am currently evaluating which clubs, etc. will be most useful for the long term and I am just sure I won't always have a unit that will be "allowed" despite a membership. At least with the cassette toilet, when you leave the dump station, you aren't dripping from a black water tank all the way to the exit. We do not wear our shoes inside!
  14. I am perplexed as to the reason why some RV Parks do not allow an RV with a porti-potty/cassette toilet. Some are specific, others say "self-contained" which to me constitutes a gray area as a porti-potty/cassette toilet has a black tank and often with the cassette toilet is a part of a shower set-up in the RV. Many of the mini-trailers and foldable trailers would not be allowed in those parks. Can anyone shed any light on this? While we are self-contained at this point, if we downsize, we may not be and this would effect some are going to some of the Escapee co-ops. Also, as a reminder, always rinse and sanitize your fresh water hose connection, over the many years we have been RVing, I have seen a few people rinse their black hose by placing it over the fresh water connection and running water into it!
  15. There is a good article in the Escapees magazine, March/April 2017, entitled "Simplifying The Complex Issue of Domicile Law". Although many like to pretend that it is just a simple matter of changing registrations, banks, insurance and driver's licenses, it isn't always that simple. They speak of a couple of specific cases that went to court and how they differed. It might be worth a read to some. I attempted to google for the specific case, didn't find it but did find others where domicile was challenged by the state that felt they were being cheated out of revenue, and the state tended to be winning more often than not when they did challenge. I was looking at the State of Minnesota and found several cases dealing with domicile. They speak to "honesty is the best policy" and that "ignorance is not always bliss". I would expect that the more value one has when it comes to taxes, the more likely they might run into trouble. I have seen in forums where people want to really stretch it to where they have the best from 2 or 3 states, yeah, good luck with that. This article is quite interesting: http://www.lanepowell.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/PTXL1205_Gadon1.pdf