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  1. SnowGypsy

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    BIGTEXREX: Thank you for the info that you have provided. I met someone last week from the Carlsbad area which renewed my interest.
  2. SnowGypsy

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    I wonder what months of the year are most livable at The Ranch. At some point, settling in for most of the time with very short trips out, the weather would be important. It doesn't appear to get as hot in the summer as the Tucson area, but it does seem to get colder in the winter. How doable would almost year round be for when I'm like 102 and not up to traveling that much? I am aware that these days the weather anywhere can be all over the place. Trying to look at the long term is extremely challenging, like a real hard math problem with a "variable" that can't be determined.
  3. I have read the quality of the R-Pod isn't what it used to be. I would join the Forest River forum if you have not and look at the types of issues people are having: http://www.forestriverforums.com/forums/ Yes, all the units have issues, BUT when the same issue keeps resurfacing, it is time to pay attention. We owned a 1999 Salem. It is an entry level model, and they play games with the pricing, but again, they are trying to unload the 2018 models right now to make room for the 2019s, so this is the time to deal on one. With that towing capacity, you'll need to vigilant about weight. Many of the TTs are quoting a weight without options. The R-Pod tends to have greater tank capacities, but the weight of water is about 8 lbs per gallon. This is a great website to get info: http://changingears.com/rv-sec-calc-trailer-weight-tt.shtml Educate yourself before going to try to deal with the sales people, and if you a "mom and pop" dealer, often they offer a no-hassle price, I have found them to give better service after the purchase although they might be slightly higher in price. You can always check online at https://www.rvtrader.com/ and look at asking prices there as they vary wildly.
  4. SnowGypsy

    What company makes the best class c?

    New or used? I would go with a Bornfree or Lazy Daze if I were looking for longevity. Bornfree closed up shop a year ago in May, but I have never seen a Bornfree with delamination like I have seen with many others, I don't they are "bonded". Bornfree also have 3 tubular roll bars which adds to the safety. Anyone going older and used, Fleetwood made a very reliable one with many in good condition still on the road. I cannot believe the number of newer units I have seen with delamination issues lately!
  5. SnowGypsy


    Having been involved in RVing since 1987, and living in RV parks longer term, one has to use commonsense. Anyone can be staying in an RV park or mobile home park that allows RVs, and in most, anyone can be just driving through. While snowbird/retirement locations tend to be safer, other areas can have perils that one doesn't want to expose their children too. When it comes to workers on short term projects in local areas, that can be all over the place from the types of workers to how management handles situations that might arise. As mentioned, search the reviews and include google reviews as they allow negative feedback that I have found pretty reliable. I always run the name of the park followed by the word reviews and read everything that comes up relative to the park.
  6. I would do my homework on this. Kansas also has some cities/counties that have ordinances, and typically, they read like this: "The county resolution also states a pit bull dog will include any breed of bull terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, or mixed breeds commonly known as pit bulls." Most, if not all, cities/counties have resolutions/laws to deal with dogs determined as "vicious" and dogs running at large. I am often surprised at the number of people that will release a dog to run in an open area when traveling. A well-behaved dog on a leash with an owner cleaning up after their dog most likely would not be considered a problem. We have a "chowish" dog, and only 1 KOA said with changes due to insurance coverage, we would not be allowed to stay in their park even though our dog was the perfect visitor - we can spend our money elsewhere. Sadly, some areas that have the bans have them for good reason as the areas are known for dog fighting, and the dogs that are involved in that and being bred for that purpose are a definite issue.
  7. SnowGypsy

    Schacht Zoom Loom

    I have had this about 2 years, the "Zoom Loom" and have acquired 3 books with info/patterns. I just really like it. I had been crocheting, but the weight of the crocheted garment as it got bigger, even granny squares add up, became too much of a strain on my arms, and my hands, with the crochet........... So, I really like this 4" x 4" weaving loom. You can use a variety of yarns, I like the "3" worsted the best as it gives a lightweight square. As with any square like this, you can vary colors and textures and sew the 4" x 4" squares into a variety of items. I got mine from Wal-Mart online, but Amazon also carries them. Although they seemed pricey, they are US made and very sturdy. I can't count the number of squares that I have made and pins are as sturdy as the day I bought it. Such a portable/take along that everyone can probably find a spot for one should they so desire.
  8. SnowGypsy

    Article in Rapid City, SD. today

    Seriously, no one should be able to use Wal-Mart as their legal address. Think it through slowly and realize the possibilities.
  9. I know there are at least a handful of Escapees that are looking at the possibility of full-timing with an adult child with disabilities, or maybe even a sibling, etc. I did look briefly at what it takes to establish a BOF (had to log in as a member I think to see it), and if there was enough interest, I would be glad to help with establishing a group. After 5 different day programs, and realizing they could not meet my son's most basic needs coupled with the behaviors that he developed that I had to train out, just "no" to trying another. "What happens after I die?" Well, at least until that time, he'll be treated like a person and not a pet, and there is something to be said for that. (the basis of my decision to keep him with me)
  10. SnowGypsy

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    So, with wi-fi, availability could be very limited when the park is nearer to capacity? Am I understanding that correctly? And, if some are running a business from their computer, would they be relying on the park wi-fi? I will admit I understand very little about wi-fi. Another question from looking at the website, it says "Please keep water in your tanks at ALL times.", why is that? Yes, I am endlessly curious. Also, great chart "aearles"!
  11. SnowGypsy

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    Well, I think the updating of the "lots for lease" is going great, and really was something needed. I know something like that is quite a bite of work. It takes the map/photo section a few seconds later to load at the top of the page with the lots available below it, or at least that is what it does for me. I wanted to add that I have looked at the weather at The Ranch, and lived in the Tucson area for 6 years, and I see The Ranch is not as dry as Tucson, not as HOT in the summer and cooler in the winter, I considered that a plus. Not sure what the monsoons do for NM, but when it was 114 degrees and humid, it was not fit for man or beast in S. AZ. I remember the nights not getting below the mid-80s, we were not in an RV, but still..... Everyone should remember that temps given on weather info sites refer to "average" temps over a period of time. Best thing to do is "subscribe" to the weather for an area, study it over a period of time and then make a choice.
  12. SnowGypsy

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    BigTexRex: Thank you, that does help. I was just thinking that surely I wasn't the only one that really didn't understand how "things" work, but sometimes that is the case! : ) You're doing a great job updating the website!
  13. SnowGypsy

    RV Lots The Original SKP Ranch

    I had been curious about the way that the whole thing works, so my asking questions might help others. I know that before, there was an area on the website where you could see the units and lot numbers of the park, is that no longer there. Do the current prices include the "documented improvements"? And, a "discussion" of sorts that I had dealt with "self-contained" which I never sorted out as I read that a blue tank was permissible, and I believe porti-pottys unless one was just camping overnight per the Escapees handbook. Many nicer units now have cassette toilets including A-liners, some Trailmanors and some very nice truck campers, so I just never was able to understand the limits or not. Also, is one limited to just 2 adults? Do those adults if only 2 allowed have to be in a "relationship" of a "couple" as I did find one park like that? As I have said, we have an adult son with Down syndrome, and there are couples that travel with a senior parent. If the park fell on hard times and decided to dismantle, the way I interpreted what I read was that the membership someone had would be worth nothing, did I understand that correctly? A co-op, since it can vary widely, is difficult to understand the "workings" of it. And, I did really try to work through these questions previously, but just never really got a clear picture of how things worked. I do think many people hesitate to get involved in co-ops, because of the lack of understanding of how they work. These may be questions that you aren't comfortable in your position answering, maybe having a contact person that would be able to answer these questions would be helpful too, as I just really had a hard time getting solid answers, but our situation is unique, and well.............. The new website looks really great! I commend you on the work that you are doing to get the word out about The Ranch, and feel that with a better understanding of how everything works, you might just fill those empty spaces. : )
  14. Thanks, Kirk. I appreciate your words and prayers. There have been a lot of hurdles, with time and patience, they have all been negotiated.
  15. Thank you to all that responded. I have guardianship for my son established when he became an adult, and am also his payee for his SSDI. We have tried day programs with disastrous results. Five of them actually. Each time we hoped the day program would work, and we could move on to looking at residential. I realized that if they couldn't care for him adequately during 5 hours, well, not going to work for 24 hours for sure. Better programs "cherry-pick", so my son isn't allowed in those programs. (We currently have an active case with HHS - Civil Rights Violation against the state for allowing this. It was time if for no other reason than my final act here in the state.) Our older son will take over guardianship at some point. I brought up both sons to be "independent" of me, not momma's boys. I could move my son to a day/residential that is barely adequate and the transition would be complete or I can continue to care for him where he will have a real quality of life for as long as possible and then he might have to move to something barely adequate for a much shorter time and have a harder transition. I choose real quality of life. Although he is 31 years old now, I can't forget the first day I meant him as a 4 week old infant........ I really don't know if I will be full-timing at all at this point. Waiting for years to do it, I just see people putting up barriers because of ignorance. It was never my son that made my life more difficult, but the people I had to deal with because my son was in my life. People have no idea. I will have a decision soon, and will update any progress I made although it will probably take some time to sort out and get a direction.