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  1. We had Corelle come out of the cupboard of our motorhome. It did not bounce, it broke into hundreds of tiny sharp pieces that couldn't be vacuumed off the carpet, but had to be individually picked up. I don't think we ever got every piece up over the time we owned it. So, if you use it, secure your cabinet doors. Only 1 piece fell, but in a thousand, or so it seemed pieces.
  2. Sounds good! I saw them roll it into temporary gaskets in a video, and for pipes/hoses. Thanks!
  3. OK, thanks, I'll check out Eternabond. It might be best to have 2 or 3 different choices on hand.
  4. I saw a sales video on Rescue Tape (self-fusing silicon) that looked good. I was also looking at the Gorilla Waterproof and Seal Tape. We haven't been impressed by the other Gorilla products that we bought yet reviews for that were better than for the Rescue Tape. Has anyone used either of these? If not, do you keep something else on hand in this category? We are looking for just something multi-purpose to carry in the vehicle. When it comes to patches, we have excellent results with Tear-Aid which comes in different types depending on what needs repair.
  5. https://www.kiro7.com/news/local/breed-based-dog-bill-passes-state-legislature/944890551 As someone said though, RV parks are private property, so this would not apply. Even having larger dogs of any breed, anything over 20 lbs., can be challenging. Having always traveled and RV'd with pets, we came to realize that "sometimes the decisions we have made in the past will limit our choices in the future".
  6. We were confronted with two younger pit bulls while we had our two larger senior dogs on leashes walking. These dogs were very fast but obviously inexperienced bitters. They were trying to grab the necks of our dogs which were both wearing metal pinch collars which protected their necks. I used a knuckle blaster stun gun on them when they went for the rear ends. The owners finally came and called them back. I have also had experience with a cattle dog and a Siberian husky coming after a single dog, both of those dogs were very fast. Our dogs show no aggression at all, and they think that other dogs are coming to make friends. Although most RVers don't have vicious dogs, some do especially with the variety of people that full-time live in RVs now, and dogs can be loose and run into the RV park areas from adjoining neighborhoods. Just keep in mind that some dogs/breeds are very agile and quick. Stun guns work well to discourage most dogs from approaching with just the static sound, not with the young pitbulls though. We have seen a lot of construction and pipe line workers with larger dogs that they travel with for protection. I have upgraded my knuckle blaster stun to a larger and more powerful stun stick with flashlight. They also have walking sticks with a stun feature. Do my dogs get loose and go after anyone? No, they don't.
  7. Air conditioning systems? I wonder how many BTUs, are we talking about, the rooftop air conditioner, maybe even 2 of them? Trust an RV system with the life of one of my pets alone for 5 days? My opinion is that this would be very unwise. RVs are just too quirky!
  8. Have you tried: https://coolworks.com/jobs-by/category Traditional workamping jobs are often physically demanding, so if you decide to apply, I would read some blogs about what the work is like.
  9. It looks like individual Postmasters do have control over certain elements of General Delivery:https://faq.usps.com/s/article/What-is-General-Delivery Maybe being a little educated on how it works will help some be less critical of the USPS. I think overall they do a great job!
  10. Thanks for update, Big Tex. I am disappointed that we were not able to get to The Ranch when lots were readily available, but tied up here where we are trying to work out things for our son. Oh well, if it were meant to be, I guess we would have gotten there. First things first.
  11. I was thinking "April Fool's" on this one. Yeah, if it involves a tattoo, I am out!
  12. Considering the fact that this morning I got an email from a pet company introducing "wedding planning" for pets complete with everything that a human couple would have and thinking it was an April Fool's email and being wrong (it was for real, wedding invitations, meals, clothing, etc.) I read all the way through this one. When it came to 50 barges, I was pretty sure it wasn't for real. Crossed the Mississippi once on a small barge with a full size van - backwoods as I had this short cut idea.............. Yeah, a little too much excitement for me!
  13. No available lots are listed on the website anymore. One has to call the office during business hours to learn which (I'm guessing if any) lots are available.
  14. Results may vary depending the humidity in your location when it comes to mold and mildew.
  15. After years of staying in RV parks around the country, I would say that if one's main interest is finding women of any age to date, I just haven't seen that much of it. I think following the blogs of some of the younger full-time RVers might help one to understand the reality of the situation, although at your age, you are sort of between the younger set and the older set.(I believe age is more than just a number.) I think it is more likely that one would find dating material at a location out of the RV park maybe focused on activities that both enjoy, but how many women would be interested in dating someone that was "on the road", I am just not sure. Becky of https://interstellarorchard.com/ discussed this and although I searched for the article I couldn't find it right now. She mentioned that she always explained when dating that she was only in the area for a short time.
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