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  1. I would seriously consider the Pleasure Way (when looking, you'll notice some with years behind them and still on the road and not cheap to buy used either). Winnebago and Coachmen (now owned by Forest River - research that) can afford to mark theirs down as they inflate prices on what they slap together in the factories. I have seen 2 newer Winnebago Class Cs that were delaming. Winnebago, in order to be price competitive, isn't what it used to be, well, most aren't. Best bet is to google for owners' groups of each of those and read about the issues. If you see the same issues again and again, which is not uncommon with the lack of quality control, decide if you can deal with the problem or if you prefer something else. Also, some serious issues require you to return to the factory, something else to think about when it comes to location. A good dealership, one that will stand behind the product can go a long way when it comes to giving you needed support both locally and if the factory has to be involved with repairs. I have heard it said that the manufacturer just ships out the units and leaves quality control to the dealerships, and sadly, two dealerships have actually told us this that they needed time to go through the unit and fix things that might have been missed at the factory. We decided not to buy those units. I would prefer a solid used unit over a lesser priced new one. Good Luck with your choice.
  2. Emporia, KS. Oddly, I noticed that moving north during that time, it was actually a couple of degrees hotter, like up by Junction City. Ah, Council Grove, love to camp at the Corps of Engineer park there on the lake, especially with our discount! Don't mention January as we were here then too, but you are correct as we did not appreciate the north wind as much in January as we did today. The weather is just so bizarre. It is wearing me out!
  3. Congratulations! Funny, we often end up with the first thing we seriously considered after exhausting ourselves looking at everything else available, but we find that way, we avoid "buyer's remorse". I'm a big believer in "meant to be" and this certainly sounds like it was. Enjoy!
  4. In Cental KS: added Reflectix to the windows and covered vents and also door entrance from inside. The first day of the heat, our AC went out, but luckily within 90 minutes the local RV repairman came out after he closed the shop and got it running. I did learn that the air conditioner cover works as a "baffle" and replaced ours which wasn't in the best shape and that improved the cooling a little. He tested the parks electrical and it was basically in brown out stage, and he suggested we keep a fan blowing on the electrical panel (place where breakers are). Inside temps with AC running in the afternoon reached 81 which we survived. We are now starting to cool off with 80s and down to 59 at night. We have good insulation and easily heat in the winter months, but summer................ The weather has been bizarre with storms not even showing on the radar hitting us out of nowhere. We experienced 70 mph gusts a few weeks ago. Husband wanted to come back to KS because he didn't like the south because of hurricanes, but at least you know when they are coming! Exciting time to be alive!
  5. More so with a family than a couple, I think you really need to get everyone inside. You'll want to figure out where everyone and their things will go. Storage is a real issue, and you need to see the width and depth, and make sure that when you open it, there isn't already one of the RV systems taking up substantial room. I don't think you said whether you were going to buy new or used, but used might be more challenging than new at a distance. So many RVs are about the same anyway, and "unique" floor plans.......I'd stick to traditional that have worked. I worked in the office of a factory direct manufacturer and they allowed for a lot of customizing, which met the person didn't really know what it would be like, other than from a drawing and see "close" examples of others units until they arrived to pick up the finished product. Once inside they really got a feel for what they had bought, and some were not delighted with their expensive decision. Also, since maybe you would be working the night shift with family in tow, make sure you choose with that mine putting distance between the bedroom and family noise as no matter how quiet one tries to be in an RV, it is a small space even with larger units.
  6. We filter our water through a Berkey, but have never drank water from any of our RVs' fresh water holding tanks.
  7. From the Office of the Federal Register: Census Bureau Response: For the 2020 Census, the Census Bureau will retain the proposed residence situation guidance for people in transitory locations (Section C.18). Sufficient guidance for people in transitory locations, including those living in recreational vehicles, is provided in Section C.18. Comments on transitory locations not addressed in this section were considered out of scope for this document. This is Section C.18: People at transitory locations such as recreational vehicle (RV) parks, campgrounds, hotels and motels, hostels, marinas, racetracks, circuses, or carnivals—Anyone, including staff members, staying at the transitory location is counted at the residence where they live and sleep most of the time. If they do not have a usual home elsewhere, or they cannot determine a place where they live most of the time, they are counted at the transitory location.
  8. Maybe, and I think it does, it comes down to be like the "10 year rule" on age of RV, a way to oust the problem owners, and there are problem owners when it comes to dogs. Breed restrictions can be tougher than other rules due to insurance requirements. Some parks do charge extra for pets also. Larger dogs will see more discrimination than others or, at least, that is what I have seen, yet I have not seen larger dogs be anymore of a problem than smaller ones. We have someone in the park in a Class C with 4 large dogs, that would be beyond my comfort level. Taking care of these 2 seniors (14 & 15)............... Thinking these will be my last. Plan to try to lighten my responsibilities. Lots of people out there with senior dogs. Some people get a dog to go on the road for "protection" or companionship and have never had a dog before. I think you need to be a "dog" person to pull it off in an RV and know and understand the limitations, but the dogs put limitations on us in the S & B also. Someone with the power to do it said to me the other day "Some of these dogs have such bad lives left for 10 or 12 hours a day (think contract workers) that I almost want to just stop allowing dogs."
  9. I'm going to ask Escapees headquarters to look at this thread and explain to me exactly what is going on. I am hoping that they will clarify what they are doing and under what authority they are doing it when it comes to the Census. Now, there is a community census (it is nosy thing asking a lot of questions that aren't any of their business and I made complaints to my congress people on that one) which is entirely different than the actual Census which was last completed in 2010, almost time again for that one. I have encountered the people taking the census a few times, and I don't always answer the door for strangers.
  10. I have seen people who simply do not pick up on "cues" given off by the other person making that person have to be less subtle in handling the, well, social misfit who can't take a hint. Also, when it comes to "joking", it can be really hard to tell these days, because society.........Look at the "funny" videos where people are falling, babies crying, dogs crashing into the cupboard....... Not funny to everyone. We went out yesterday morning and a lady alone about our age said this would be her first time disconnecting and getting ready to pull out and was hoping it went well. I told my husband "Come on." and told her we were there to supervise. Her son lived in town and hooked up/tightened up all the fittings. My husband loosened the fittings after she tried and we gave her some other tips that she thanked us for several times. This was her maiden voyage. If you know how to "feel" people out (take a hint), I don't think you'll have a problem.
  11. We already have 2 larger dogs, but for those that don't have a dog and a considering getting one for the travel lifestyle some might not realize possible restrictions. I love larger dogs, so I have been willing to put up with what that entails including breed and size restrictions with both RV parks and insurance companies. Luckily, the one that would bring a question with insurance companies is a mixed breed so she "passes" on her less aggressive breeds, but there are lists on the internet that spell out which breeds are considered aggressive by insurance companies: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/canine-corner/201405/14-dog-breeds-blacklisted-insurance-companies When we were in AZ in the 1990s, we learned quickly that many RV parks had weight restrictions of 20 lbs or less and some parks restrict the number of dogs one can have, a few charge extra for pets while others don't allow them at all. Some state in the park rules that any aggression shown gets the owner ousted out of the park without a refund. Yes, I know some parks or the ones someone has been to didn't observe any restrictions, but some do, and it is better to not be surprised. Just something to think about. If everyone had been a responsible pet owner from the get-go................
  12. We had a Forest River Salem in the winter in the southeast part of NC (the warmer part), and it is very similar to the Wolf Pup. When temps dropped below freezing at night and didn't get above 40 degrees with sunshine the next day, even with both the propane heater and electric heater, the fresh water lines froze as they run inside the walls, mattress next to the wall froze. We had Reflectix on the windows which froze to the window. The floors were very cold. A wind made it much worse. There was one ice storm which took the electricity out, but we were lucky as the owner of the park let people charge their batteries with his generator. We just spent the winter in central KS in a Hi-Lo. It was 10 times better in colder temps as the fresh water lines run toward the inside of the cupboards and the floor is better insulated. There were probably twenty RVs here for the winter with various issues in all the different types of units, and central KS doesn't have near the cold being addressed here. The park insulated their portion of the water line with heat tape, we made a heated coat for our fresh water hose. Tanks will freeze as will the release valves. With freezing rain, the entrance door can freeze shut. My suggestion is to look at Big Foot, used with OP's budget. And, watch out for snow load as that can bring an issue with the roof. I would not do this as it will not be like a cozy cabin in winter, not even close! Note: I can verify that "winter" or "arctic" package is a joke. Always ask "Southern AZ/TX winter or MT/ND winter?"
  13. So, it appears that you are looking only at new units, is that correct? Also, if you would share a couple of the units that looked like they might work, it would give us a better idea of what you are looking for. There are manufacturers who consistently fail at quality control, there just are. Asking owners? Sometimes they don't admit that the unit is crappy as it was their choice. If they love a unit, often things that go wrong aren't considered as serious as if they just fed up with their choice. Big Foot tends to get very good reviews most of the time, and they are pricey. Do you have a price range that you are working with as that definitely would come into play? Also, sometimes a good used unit can be a really good choice in a more reliable manufacturer. These days it is important to buy from a good dealership that will take care of the issues that the manufacturer fails to address. I know of no manufacturer that is doing better than they did in the past, so if someone has a great unit that is few years old, that same manufacturer may not be putting such a unit out now. Buying in the fall or winter gets one a better deal on a unit in many places.
  14. It is always nice to hear something positive!
  15. It would be hard for me to believe any of them aren't finding a way to exploit their customers. I have a Toshiba Chromebook. If they want to follow me around the net, well, they will get bored of it pretty quick. I have noticed that if I am looking around a shopping website, that website with ads end up in the margin of another page of a different website. The government has its nose so far in our business since 9/11 that I have given up on a way to keep them out of my business. It all makes me glad that I am not young and facing the future ahead.
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