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  1. Thanks for the info. Took the toad there today. No problem but the traffic from where we’re parked is something we’d like to avoid in the coach. Main Lane in Bastrop says they will do it, just park on the grass on the roadside. Same travel time as 1626, but much less high speed congestion. Mike & Molly
  2. We’re staying on the East side of Austin near the airport. Need the motorhome inspected to renew the license. Hate to try a station in town, hard to get in, hard to get out. Livingston worked great but a little too far. Thanks
  3. Dish service is a little funny but here is dns https://get.dishformyrv.com/outdoor-satellite-tv/distant-network
  4. Put four felt pads on one component, press a small amounnt of museum putty on each pad. Put another felt pad on each dab of museum putty, second pad has adhesive face up. Stack your next component. You now have 1/2” spacing. Crude, but it works. I use velcro to secure the bottom component to the cabinet, keeps the stack from shifting.
  5. Pbs, local news and weather decide it for me. We travel mostly in the West and make use of DVR, so timing isn't a big issue for us. We will take the locals pack, skip the DNS. Many thanks Mike
  6. Just had satellite installed (rf mogul), will start Dish month to month. Which option is better for locals? Why? looks like the flex pack includes pbs, not on dns. thanks
  7. Esco lpt50brd if you want 50amp model. Dc coils. I've installed 2, no hum, no problems. All cables enter one side, be sure dimensions and orientation fit your space. rvpowerhouse has good prices on these.
  8. Staying two nights at Glacier View, would like to boondock additional nights along the river. Permitted? Best options? Traveling in 40' motorhome, minimal boondocking experience. thanks
  9. I started a similar thread 2-27, got similar responses. The agent contacted National General, was told this 10 month language was being deleted, was intended for policys covering a single auto.
  10. TIVO needs to connect to the TIVO service at least once every two weeks. This can be phone or internet. This maintains the program guide.
  11. The agent went back to National General to clarify, sent me the following: "This is what National General sent to me in regards to the vehicle staying in the state of Texas for 10+months. With the insured being a fulltimer, we completely understand that they will not have the vehicle in the state of Texas for 10+ months. The intent of the verbiage is for if the risk was a monoline auto. Currently, I am working with the Product Manager regarding the verbiage to make it specific to RV. " Still a little concerned but the 10 month verbiage is contained in an application that National Ge
  12. We have the TIVO Roamio OTA with lifetime. Has shown up occasionally on Amazon under $300. Very compact, works well.
  13. New to full timing, established domicile in Texas. Got full timer coverage with National General, Integon Indemnity Corp also shown on the policy. Reading the fine print on a page titled "Applicants Statement", ... I agree that my principle residence and place of vehicle garaging is correctly shown above and that the vehicle is in this state for which I am applying for insurance AT LEAST 10 MONTHS EACH YEAR. I understand the Company may declare this policy null and void ... if said answers are false or misleading... Have no interest in the possibility of a lot of liability and a policy
  14. Take my Verizon iphone se sim. Put it in my ipad air wifi+cellular. Get 22gb 4g on ipad. Switch it back when I need to carry/use a phone. Will it work? Don't currently have cellular on our ipads but this could make us switch.
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