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  1. Thanks for the better link! Not sure what is going on with the one I posted.
  2. For anyone interested, Embassy has just posted their long awaited Embassy Traveler Duo https://www.embassyrv.com/models-traveler-duo-features Has two sleeping areas (hence the name Duo) and looks like a larger sink and faucet.
  3. Not a bad idea. There are companies that will check RVs top to bottom to make sure there is no major issue to deal with... not sure it that's the same thing.
  4. KirkW: Some excellent advice here! It makes me feel better about looking at the Embassy. I keep getting others telling me "it won't work out" or "they aren't one of the major players" or "buy used only" (I get that last one A LOT!!). We have been researching for over a year now, and quite honestly, the Embassy ticks just about every item we want. Whenever this pandemic eases up and when our lives feel a little less pressured, we will be making a final decision.
  5. WanderFromWV... It's been quite a while since I posted the original post... over a year in fact! Lots has changed since then... job duties changed, work hours changed, daughter starting college... oh yes.... and COVID-19!! Needless to say, it has put quite a damper on our RV dreams. I've done quite a bit of research since then, and have come to the conclusion there are only two paths to go by... either buy something custom and brand new or something "off the shelf" and used. The new prices for Class B RV's that come off an assembly line (Winnebago, Coachmen, RoadTrek, etc.) are far too overpriced. There is no way I would spend upwards of $150k or even more for a product with little to no customization. It would be like Target selling a $24 shirt for $150... might as well purchase a custom shirt for $200 and have the perfect fit!! I've made quite a few friends through my YouTube channel, and the consensus is that buying new is never a great return on the investment. Unlike cars, RVs will break down often, even if new (especially if new in some cases!), so they are not only expensive, but even more costly because you have to fix all the things that should have been working in the first place. Don't get me wrong, those I know who bought new love their RVs, and most have had repairs done still under warranty, but the things that go wrong just should never have gone wrong... leaks around windows or air conditioner seals, major engine issues, etc. Great that the repairs were under warranty, but still... having to wait a week or more in a hotel until the vehicle is fixed is just not acceptable for something new. Used has its risks too. I have one friend who had to change all their tires, the microwave stopped working, and their generator failed after a short time... and after he repaired it, it completely died not long after. But another friend hasn't had a single major issue on his 2007 model. When buying used, it isn't just the vehicle you need to look at, but each and every component to make sure it isn't too old or on its last legs! Ultimately, we would have to have a substantial savings if buying used... and have an inspector go through the entire vehicle top to bottom, before we purchased. If buying new, it will be a custom job. Since fully custom jobs are insanely expensive (starting around $200 grand!!), we've decided Embassy RV would be the way to go if we do that route. The are "controlled custom", which means he has a basic design, but modifies here and there, as long as it fits the basic design parameters. You can see his stuff at https://www.embassyrv.com/ or see our videos of the tour we had of his facilities in Elkhart (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBClwl6HSIM&t=36s). We rented a Winnebago Travato KL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rJ6-mwm3iHY) and had a great time... good experience overall. I thought I'd like the twin bed system better, but now am leaning towards the GL model with the "murphy" type bed system. We've decided lithium batteries are the way to go, so the "L" designation is a must. Go look at Scott's Go Small Live Large channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNiSQ74bY7cSnemOl5B-2yw) for lots of good info on that. He is a great resource. We've met him and he is more than willing to share his experiences. If we bought "off the shelf", it would be the Winnebago, but a used model. Others will have different opinions, and you need to take each one into consideration... but only so far. There is no way to say which RV fits your needs, as each person has different styles of travel, different things they must absolutely have and other things they can do without... Some people like beer, others wine, and still others want champagne! Me... I like Coke. 😋 Gee... that was a long winded answer to your question!
  6. Wondering if anyone has or has viewed an Embassy RV (https://www.embassyrv.com) We took a trip to Elkhart Indiana to see the Embassy RV facility, and it was amazing! Terry Minix, the owner, actually took us on a personal tour of the entire place. I have some videos on YouTube if anyone is interested... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBClwl6HSIM&t=30s This is the RV that we are most interested in, even if we have to buy new (so more cost!), but we are always looking for more info, especially from owners to help us make a final decision! Thanks for any info!
  7. Oh my word! I do hope you and yours are okay! I'll be in the same boat (motorhome!) you are in three years... well, hopefully not becoming a crash test dummy, but finally on the road with whatever we decide to buy. By then I'll be retired, our daughter well on the way to completing college, and all our debts paid off. That's the plan anyway. I'm in no way mechanically inclined (unfortunately) so we need to consider safety issues and build quality. As a machinist, you should have better luck with repairs! At one point we were considering a truck camper (Northern Lite). It has the advantage of disconnecting to the truck when not in use, so we would have a vehicle to drive around town and when not traveling. It may be too small for you since you are looking into Class C, but thought I'd mention it. In the very beginning, when I said let's get an RV, my wife was thinking fifth wheel (amongst other things she wanted to call me that can't be printed!! 😆 ), which is what she considered an RV. That was before we knew there were things like Class B's. The fifth wheel has the advantage of being securely connected and should offer more control than having a travel trailer attached to a bumper. It is more expensive and heavier though, which is something else to consider. Again... just thought I'd mention it. Take care and good luck on your final decision!
  8. Things to think about... that's a BIG think! I've been researching for a year now and am still on the fence as to what would be best for our lifestyle. You are on the right track... really consider HOW you will use the RV. The Class B is our choice, but you are correct in the size issue. Some people want the Class A comfort and size, and it fits their lifestyle of "wintering" in Corpus Christi and "summering" at their home up north, while others (like us) want to travel the country and expect small roads and boondocking. It all depends on your style of travel. Another thing to consider... startup costs. After you buy, what do you need to make it safe and livable? I started a list of things like RV Locks, tire pressure monitors, water hoses, tables and chairs, mail forwarding services (we plan on traveling for months on end), surge protectors, additional insurance costs, and so much more. Those costs can be significant. Just my two cents (from someone still searching!).
  9. sandsys: I would never have thought of using two parking meters... what a great idea! I knew joining this forum was a good move!
  10. Kirk W: You did not "fail" at anything. You are bringing much needed input to this discussion. Not knowing all about everything battery related in the universe means there is a lot to learn... from all of us! Remember the beginning of this thread, where I asked about our confusion on pricing and getting a fair deal! I knew that was going to be an arguably unanswerable question, and could even lead to heated debate (thankfully that did not happen!). But it did offer a venue for others to ask questions, give input, and gain knowledge. And the input from everyone has been a gold mine! Ignorance is bliss, as they say, but knowledge brings much needed control in our lives. Keep asking questions and giving your input! It makes all the difference in the world! I had heard Coachmen was bought out by Forest River, but don't really know much of either history. The Coachmen Beyond wasn't really on my list until very recently by the suggestion of another RVer... RV-r? RV-person? RV aficionado? The length still bothers me... I was originally looking at a 19'5" PW Ascent and it took quite a while for me to give in to looking at 21' models. I'm not a big fan of diesel (I'm a child of the 60s and diesel was going to be the cheaper, less polluting, simpler designed engine savior of the industry. Now it costs $25k more for Sprinters, the fuel costs have risen substantially, and the engines are not that simple after all). So the longer Lexor and Travato models have won out. Whether or not I'm willing to go to over 22' is still debatable, but it will be some time before we can really take on the RV lifestyle, so I have time to mull everything over... and over... and over... and over... and... 😆
  11. Incredible discussion and so much good information all around. To answer some questions... Why are you considering this unit if you do not like the build quality or the actual layout? This would be off my list for the reasons that you mentioned. The Travato has the one thing most important to us... the Pure3 Energy system, which allows the a/c to run all night on battery power. I should have been clearer... the build quality is good, just not where Pleasure Way is. But you are correct, the layout is not our ideal. That said, it is still high on the list because of the battery system. It all depends on how much we are willing to live with and give up to have that battery system. Are you thinking that you can run your A/C off your battery’s? You would have to have a custom battery bank for that one if at all. I am not aware of any stock rig that will allow you to run your house A/C. Did some salesperson tell you that you could run your A/C unit on battery power? The rigs you are looking at will only have 1-2 battery’s for the size of the units you are looking at. As "mptjelgin" already posted, the Travato "L" series has been shown to run the a/c all night, but to do this, it appears if the system has a major issue, the entire system has to be replaced. You can't just change a battery. I haven't heard of this ever happening though. This (Coachmen Beyond) sounds to me like your best choice by your comments. Are these three just by likes or research? I researched for almost two years before I made my choice. I've been researching for over a year now... some may say obsessively. From dozens of choices, I narrowed down to the three I mentioned. I've been to a local RV show, but was disappointed as they had few Class B's and those they had were not the ones I was most interested in. For anyone interested in the Pure3 system, here are some links... https://winnebagoind.com/products/class-b/2019/travato/overvie https://www.lichtsinn.com/about-us/video-library/product-videos/winnebago-travato-59kl-59gl-pure3-overview https://voltapowersystems.com Again, I have to thank everyone for such an energetic discussion! It just goes to show how strong the RV community is and such positive feedback is greatly appreciated!
  12. Not sarcastic at all... as a matter of fact, truthful and honest and good information. I think I've been approaching this in the wrong way... trying to find the right build first at a dealer, then looking at their prices. Creating a build sheet first and sending it to dealers is a great idea. Thanks for the info!
  13. My wife and I are looking into buying a Class B and we've narrowed it down to three choices: 1. Winnebago Travato KL: Love the Pure3 system since we have a dog and expect she will be in the RV for extended periods (3 hrs?). We also live in a humid climate and expect that won't change, so need something that will allow a/c to last thru the night. Don't love the build quality or the actual layout. 2. Pleasure Way Lexor FL: Love the layout and the build quality. Not a fan of the battery system that limits a/c use. A generator would be noisy and not available at night, so that may be an issue. 3. Coachmen Beyond: Good qualit'y and a/c is estimated to last and be quiet, but it is a bit longer than we wanted (22'-2"), so won't be optimal for our kind of travel. We are more into towns/museums/history and less "out in the middle of nowhere" kind of people! Our question, and it may be unanswerable or even foolish to ask, so I apologize in advance... what is a fair deal? Dealerships seem to be all over the map when pricing these models and after much research, it seems final pricing can be difficult to pin down. It also makes it hard to find prices because few dealerships are specific regarding what options are actually included with the models (at least online). Dealerships for the RV's we are looking at never seem to have the models we want on site, or don't sell the brand at all. 1. Winnebago dealers usually offer 25% off MSRP, and it seems 28 to 32% off MSRP is considered a good deal. 2. Pleasure Way dealers usually offer 10% off MSRP, but I can't seem to find a general final offer price range anywhere. 3. Coachmen dealers have been hard to find (at least for the Beyond). The one I did find offers 28% off MSRP, but no idea what a final fair deal would be. Any thoughts, suggestions, helpful hints, anecdotes, advice, dialogue, words of encouragement? Thanks for reading this far too long post from a dazed and confused couple!
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