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  1. They have already had a near miss up there....ESA had to make an evasive maneuver with one of its satellites to avoid a Starlink unit.
  2. I've actually helped friends do this, just never thought about trying to make a little bit of cash doing it. Double Hmmmm....
  3. This whole thread makes me wonder if there might be a need for CDL holders to 'rent' themselves out for situations where a future Class A or Class B licensee needs someone to provide some personalized guidance, be legal and qualified to rent a truck if needed, and then to actually drive the truck or large RV to the DMV. Hmmm....
  4. Hello? (very heavy indian accent) Yes, I from dee IRS and I yill be needing da names, locachuns, email address, and phone nimbers of all thee members on these forum. Please also to buy a Dollar General geeft cards for the $500 for thee taxes due.
  5. Wonder how this turned out. It's kindve a chicken and egg situation.
  6. Not ALL faith in mankind, only some of it. The Nigerian Prince STILL owes me money for that 26.7 million dollar check I deposited for him.
  7. I wonder how many malware payloads can be delivered by one new member with one post on a forum with an unknown or suspicious link. It happens with emails all the time.
  8. Dang, you mean all the flashy brochures are wrong? 🤨
  9. Yep, same type of situation...you have to be paying close attention, to either the signs, or your GPS...and in fact, many GPS units will try to route you up to I-40 even tho you want to stay on US-60. So...pay attention to that just after you pass Encino, which is really just a wide spot with a few homes and a post office. Not much more.
  10. Yeah me neither....in Texas at least, you can downgrade an interstate Class-A CDL to an intrastate Class-A CDL. It is called Category 4: Excepted Intrastate. You will keep most of the endorsements you have, but may lose hazmat if you have that one. I am actually 'grandfathered in' on the medical. I know it sounds odd... but it is true, that a 61 year old (me) can now actually drive a CMV bus or truck IN TEXAS for the next 5 years legally with NO medical exam. But absolutely true. Of course this license means I can drive any size or type of RV in Texas, and that ability extends to the other states.
  11. Many many times. As you are heading west along US60 just past Encino, be sure to slow down and make that hard left, otherwise, if you are not paying attention, it is easy, especially at night or in bad weather, to completely miss that turn and end up in Clines Corners on I-40. Ancient Cities Cafe in Mountainair has a pretty good breakfast and room to park. In years past, the Willard Cantina had good Mexican food but I believe it has new owners now so I have no recent experience with them.
  12. Hello all... One of the first things I installed on my r-pod after bringing the trailer home was a pair of sav-a-jacks and a jack-e-up. The Sav-a-Jacks prevent damage to those rear stabilizer jacks: After installation, it's easy to simply pull them off and store them for travel, keeping them out of harm's way when backing up, or rolling over un-even slopes, steep driveways, and deeper parking lot potholes. The jack-e-up installs up front, and lets you remove the tongue jack during travel, which allows you to actually lower the pickup tailgate when hooked up, and protects the jack tube from damage during the same slow maneuvers that might bend that tube due to clearance issues on un-even terrain. I also had the dealer install a lift kit on the axle, before purchase, so clearance issues are not a problem. http://stores.saveajack.com/ https://jack-e-up.com/ No affiliation with either vendor. Just a recommendation from a happy customer.
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