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  1. podwerkz

    Cool Truck

    I drove a couple of old R-model Macks that had air-steering...which was OK most of the time, going forward, on dry roads. But on wet, slick, or icy roads, they were scary when the boost kicked in suddenly, and when backing up and maneuvering around loading docks, they would run low on air...then you had to stop and let the air build back up, then you could resume turning the wheel. What a pain. Glad those are gone!
  2. podwerkz

    Cool Truck

    Yep, physically much more difficult to climb into...and trust me on this, I drove a few of these back in the 80's...they were a bit rough riding. Air ride helped but did not make these as smooth riding as a modern conventional truck with air-ride. High-cab cabovers with set-forward axles and a short wheelbase were famous for wearing out the slap-back isolators on the airseats...and the driver's neck and back. The passenger will invariably want to climb back into the sleeper anytime the truck is moving. The lack of gauges means it was most likely originally specked as a line-haul rig (LTL) and has been repainted, with bling and chrome added. It looks cool, but not '50 large' worth of cool.
  3. The Alante when equipped with two 11,000 btu units comes with a 'power management system' and/or an 'energy management system'... I can't find exact specs on this system but if it is like some aftermarket systems I have seen, I suspect it manages the two A/C units so that both compressors are not running at the same time. You should call or email Jayco and ask about it before you spend your money, especially if you plan to spend time in higher temperature locations.
  4. podwerkz

    Sn@#w Chains

    Man I hate hanging iron.... 🌨️
  5. Does that alarm sound just like your door-ajar warning? If so, you may have a fault in one of the door switches.
  6. podwerkz

    Downsizing a HDT

    This arrangement looks overloaded and unsafe. And, it looks impractical to me, especially if she has to find a loading dock with a ramp somewhere to load and unload it. When she has the smartcar on the ground, how does she get both vehicles to where they need to be? You can only drive one vehicle at a time....maybe she has a towbar to drag the car back to the campsite?
  7. If those 3, 140 watt panels on the roof are wired in parallel ( I assume they are) and if the VoC voltage ratings of those panels and the 100 watt panel are about the same, (around 20-22v) and if the controller will handle the additional amps, then you can simply wire the portable panel in parallel with the existing panels. A lot of 'ifs'....so it is usually much easier to simply wire in the portable panel with its own controller to the existing bank.
  8. Best? Showhauler: http://www.showhauler.com/conversion-gallery/
  9. If you buy a tent trailer or a-liner style, your Honda will be able to pull it when needed, but also, you will be able to collapse it and throw a tarp or RV cover over it when unused, which really helps with exposure to the elements.
  10. I would never join any club that would have me as a member. 😎
  11. lol...Mirada.....no 'n'...... Readers who are googling around for it might need to spell it correctly to help narrow the results.
  12. Only one left, (supposedly) but dont worry, Renogy sells direct: https://www.renogy.com/renogy-lithium-iron-phosphate-battery-12-volt-100ah/
  13. Where IS this link you speak of?
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