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  1. Friends don't let friends flat tow. 😱
  2. Oh heck, sounds like you made a wrong turn into slab city....
  3. But the little characters on the dead end page, their eyes move, following the mouse cursor...someone had some time on their hands...
  4. If it has a plug on it, then yes. If you want it to operate, then probably, no.
  5. Years ago we had a bunch of them! My second paragraph above starts out 'Several years ago'. (that established the time travel component of the post!) 🚀 I miss that store, but in the last couple of decades they lost their way with nothing but toys, then cellphones, then crap. The serious hobbyist got left twisting in the wind. They just did not want our money anymore. But oh, the glory days of waiting for that monthly Radio Shack flyer to arrive in the mail with some nifty coupons and all kinds of electronic gadgetry on sale...
  6. Now that made me grin....I remember buying a 20 meg drive, for something like $500 or so back in the late 80's... Several years ago I was going thru some of my old vacuum tubes and ran across a Realistic Gold Clad Lifetime Tube still in the box with the receipt...from 1970, when Radio Shack still used hand-written receipts. As a friendly prank, I took the tube and the box and the receipt to the local Radio Shack and walked in and showed the young manager chick the receipt, and I said, this one is bad, I want a new one...its guaranteed for life! She said what is that? I explained what it was...she was amazed...and took pictures to text around to her Radio Shack associates, I presume. For some reason they just dont keep them on the shelves anymore....
  7. podwerkz

    4 door with sleeper

    That't why I used the term 'fuzzy math' above. For instance, an axle manufacturer could de-rate a 44,000# axle just by supplying it (or specifying) with fewer (or less stiff) leafs in the spring pack, or the buyer might keep the heavy duty axle but swap in lower capacity air bags and shocks when they change the hitch arrangement. So, between the build sheet, the hardware specs, the registration documentation, the manufacturer rating when originally titled, the end user requested specs or changes, the state of registration, IFTA operating authority, DOT registration, and a boatload of other issues, the hardware ratings are generally not going to be exactly the same as the legal, 'DOT' ratings.....meaning that, legally, two identical trucks coming off the assembly floor, could, in theory, have a Class 8 and a Class 7 rating a month later. This doesn't happen normally in commercial trucking, but I could see it being possible for special or custom trucks, driven by non-CDL private owners, in recreational vehicle service.
  8. podwerkz

    4 door with sleeper

    Well, yeah, typical fuzzy math. A single screw tractor can certainly be a class 8, (slip a 44,000lb axle under there and poof) but as I look at the one in the picture, I would assume it is not going to be hauling doubles or a 50,000-80,000 pound load (truck, trailer and cargo). Meaning it probably has a lower limit on the installed axle and suspension, which might make it a class 7...but a very NICE class 7! In the real world, it often depends on the label affixed in the door jamb, and/or the registration, and/or the paperwork, as to how it is classified, regardless of the actual hardware installed. At any rate, when I look at it, it screams 'Class 8 with 4 doors!'
  9. I thump and feel the tires at every stop. Works for me.
  10. podwerkz

    4 door with sleeper

    Rick your right, I suppose I got hung up in the fact that the cab and sleeper is based off a typical class 8 unit, but singled out at the rear (which I really didnt notice, it was the four doors I was awed by)....but, it looks to me like it is still almost a class 8, just needs another drive axle to get there.
  11. podwerkz

    4 door with sleeper

    Wow! 4 door class 8...I think I've seen it all now...I have to wonder tho, what that aftermarket conversion work does to the cab integrity in the event of a roll-over or jacknife....
  12. podwerkz

    4 door with sleeper

    Sounds custom. I thought the meaning of 'volvo now offers a 4dr model' was that, you know, Volvo offered it for sale thru the normal channels.
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