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  1. Pug

    freightliner hitch plate

    Thank you !
  2. Pug

    freightliner hitch plate

    An average (please note the word average) commercial fifth wheel is designed for a 55,000 lbs pin weight and 150,000 lbs pull weight. A semi trailer is designed to flex and twist from side to side. Its all part of the design including the hump in the center. At average 78,500 lbs loaded truck weight, the truck flexes also and everything works together. A quality built RV hitch is designed for a 8,000 lbs pin weight and a max of 32,000 lbs pull weight and is also designed to pivot from side to side along with front to back because the usage models are completely different. Now take that same truck and attached it to an RV with much lighter loads, lighter trailer tires and different frame structure, you change everything. Now the weight of the commercial king pin is not there anymore so the tractor does not flex, the tires designed for 80K loads are stiff and so the RV has to absorb the flex. On a multi-pivot head, that takes the forces. Installing a multi-pivot commercial hitch does not work either, because the pivot springs are designed for high weights. An air ride pin box for an RV does not pivot side to side, so that force is still not dealt with, it just adsorbs the up and down jolts . Now depending on how the RV frame was made, where the steel came from (not all steel is the same), how it was welded together, how it was designed, how it was braced for torsional forces and much much more, some may work on a commercial hitch and many will not. It also depends on your driving, locations, roads and much much more if that RV is going to survive. Just because it has worked for one person does not mean is will work for another. At the end of the day, decision and responsibility is that of the owner. Yes I could slide my commercial fifth back far enough to hookup to my RV and head out, I will not because I understand that could happen and just not worth it. Same reason why I do not hookup a commercial flatbed to my RV hitch, I could, pin is the same size, but I understand the weight differences and forces at play and just not worth it. Hope that helps.
  3. Pug

    dash cam, back up cameras

    Look at Rexing .... Damn good stuff and great customer service. Going on over 2 years, zero problems and abused like hell. I accidentally broke the mount for the rear camera, called them wanting to order a replacement and they sent me a complete new rear camera setup. https://www.rexingusa.com/ I have they stuff in our vehicles,
  4. Pug

    Freightliner M2 accesary wanted

    Anything up to a 2013 M2-102 will fit a 2015 Sportchassis. They are all the same. Even the new 2019 rolling off the Freightliner assembly line are exactly the same. With Sportchassis, the year means nothing. They are still selling 2013 truck that has been sitting outside for 5 years and calling it a "Limited Edition Model" with a build date of the current year. You have to look at the truck build date stamped on the driver side door. My SC is was built in 10/2014 (called a 2015 model), converted by SC and purchased in 2016 (date they stamped) and I purchase items for it online with a model of 2013. Lots of website do not go to 2015 for M2's, they stop at 2013. Exception is engine and drive train parts.
  5. Pug

    Private rv not for hire

    California regulations are so bad that not even the CHP is able to answer the questions ! Cannot tell you how many times I visit the CHP office and present them with questions and get a blank stare ! I ended up carrying so much documentations to protect myself that I will need a bigger rig for the paperwork alone. Getting harder and harder to live here.
  6. Pug

    Private rv not for hire

    In California, those signs seem to be a calling card for CHP & DOT. Been there and done ....
  7. Pug

    24 hours in Hell - Gordon Ramsay T.V. show

    The design and build of that trailer was something interest to watch, it was done around 3 years ago. That was truly thinking outside the box !! No space wasted on that trailer, sea container and more. Fully self contained. A lot of folks can be fed at once with that thing.
  8. Pug

    Hitch - Rock and Roll side to side

    Since the sides of the truck are large and very visible, it make the trailer look like it moves more than before. You now have visible references where you did not with the pickup. Does the hitch have the multi-pivot head ?
  9. Pug

    M2-106 Front Sway Bar End Link Bushings

    Oh BTW, when you put the poly bushing and grade 8 or better hardware on the top, after a while the lower bushing on the sway bar seems to go to hell .... Tracking down the poly version of that and will post the part number when available.
  10. Pug

    M2-106 Front Sway Bar End Link Bushings

    Be careful, rough roads, windy roads seem to tear apart the cheap factory rubber ones ... Another thing that also works well for grove steering is steering stabilizer made by safe-t-plus. I use that on my trucks, works very well, so much that is helps show you excessive slop in the ball joints and king pin .... http://www.safe-t-plus.com
  11. Pug

    Cameras for truck/trailer

    The system I put together records 4 channels in parallel with GPS data, date, time and speed. The requirement I had was it had to solid state, no moving parts at all, as compact as possible, easy to get to. The voyager unit I have is this: http://www.jensenrvdirect.com/voyager-4-camera-switch-box.html I have 4 cameras ... Front, Rear, Left & Right ... I have an additional camera on the tow ball, but if I needed I could expand that to have more by using an aux port to switch controller to gain up to 4 additional cameras. I used this DVR unit: https://www.supercircuits.com/advanced-solid-state-mobile-dvr-mdvr21sd I used then a 4 voyager 'Y' cables and made a proper wire harness to connect the two units. Voyager does it thing and the DVR does it using one set of cameras. So what I see on my display is what is being recorded by the DVR. I hope that helps. The unit is extremely compact and has some great features. Its limited to your imagination and skill set. I also have the wireless ethernet module so I can do remote control without cabling into it. -Roberto
  12. Pug

    Cameras for truck/trailer

    OMG, completely forgot about this ... So sorry, I will post the information this weekend. At the time, Voyager did not have a DVR system so made my own. The voyager DVR is excellent also, well integrated ! On our Volvo truck, we doing Voyager again, never had a days worth of problems with it.
  13. Pug

    Cameras for truck/trailer

    Steve, If you do not mind doing some work, I have done something along the lines you have for my truck. I use the Voyager system with 4 camera (but supports 5) because the control head is nice and the remote allows me to do a lot of things. I then got the adapters and used a black box system to record everything from all camera. When I get back to the shop will post some pictures to the show the recording head. Cabling is very easy. Parts a little pricey. Easy to use. Do not know if that is something of interest. -Roberto
  14. Pug

    McCall Hitch Shock Question

    Looking at those "shocks" (actually dampers) in small size, I would start with the dampers used on truck cabs. When I updated by hitchcrafter hitch to reduce bounce, I used freightliner cab dampers, they where the ideal size and length for what i wanted to do and copied McCall's placement and worked out very well !! You will have better luck searching for Cab Dampers vs Shocks .... Lots more information comes up and you will find the smaller sizes.
  15. Pug

    ET hitch measurement

    Thanks Glenn and Henry for the fast responses !! Now have the new truck cadd'd out and ready to go !! Great day !! -Roberto