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  1. Pug

    Purchasing Fuel

    I use my fleet card .... If I stay within my fleet card network, get a discount, if I go outside the network and use a location that excepts its, pay pump prices. They are worth getting.
  2. Pug

    Centramatic Balancers

    I had them on my other truck for years (over 6 years) and worked great ! Had lots of problems with beads inside the tire so removed them all and went with Centramatics and the problems stopped and everything was smooth. When I have the funds, will get them for my current truck. Once I have them, can get back to doing my own tire service again.
  3. Here is mine attached to Freightliner windshield ... Camera tilts range is quite large. Hope that helps.
  4. In the great state of California you need to be careful. Proving yourself right the wrong way can land you in more trouble as I learned from the school of hard knocks. At this point in my life I find the phrase "Yes sir ... thank you sir ... May I have a contact to call sir ..." works the best. No matter how nice I am, how polite I am trying to present additional information in support of my side, I seem to always land in trouble. At my age, I have stared down enough barrels over the years that I fined lawyers easier 😊
  5. My #1 reason was CYA ! I have to tell you that when something happens and everyone points the finger at the truck, having the footage to show otherwise has been GREAT !! Never used it for security, have a different system for that. I have used it for capturing images since I have a large memory card and came back later to get what I wanted. There have been several agencies that claimed I was in the wrong and when my lawyers played back the videos with GPS stamping, well others side sang a much different tune !! Its also a double edge sword, you something bad, its evidence.
  6. Rexing makes a killer dash cam system at a very good price ! I have them in all vehicles and have passed the footage to law enforcement several times with always making the comment that the footage is much better than what they have in their vechicles. Mine are hard wired in so when the engine starts, they start recording and 30 seconds after the engine stop, they stop.
  7. Pug

    Volvo emissions issues?

    Its not just Volvo, it seems to be SCR’s in general for the US. At least Volvo had the balls to say something vs all the engine manufacters. SCR unit on my Cummin engine failed in under 50K miles and Cummins said they where aware of the problem but had no recall, they just recently released a recall. We are having problems with tractor engine with smog and more. Its only going to get worse before it gets better. Reminds me of the days when cats for cars first came out, man what a pile of problems for a long time !!
  8. Pug


    This is what I typically order: https://tusonrvbrakes.com/products/direclink-dl-200ne Hope that helps.
  9. Pug


    I have gotten my units direct and the staff was super nice and made sure everything needed to make it work was ordered and shipped. Their direct shipping has been fast.
  10. Pug

    M2 Recall

    Those that own a freightliner m2, see below: More than 1,200 model year 2012-2015 Freightliner and Western Star tractors are being recalled over an issue that could cause a tie rod failure, according to documents from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Daimler Trucks North America alerted NHTSA of potentially 1,256 trucks that could be affected, however DTNA estimates that only 1 percent of recalled trucks are affected. Trucks included in the recall are: 2012-2015 Freightliner 114SD 2012-2015 Freightliner Business Class M2 2012-2015 Freightliner Cascadia 2012-2015 Freightliner Coronado 2012-2015 Western Star 4900 According to NHTSA documents, in certain front axle, brake lining and brake spider combinations, braking can cause high vibrations, resulting in the failure of the tie rod tube. A tie rod failure would cause a disconnect between the front wheels, resulting in a loss of steering. DTNA will begin notifying affected truck owners on Sept. 24, and dealers will replace brake linings, brake spiders and tie rods for free. Owners can contact Daimler customer service at 1-800-547-0712 with recall number FL782. NHTSA’s recall number is 18V-503.
  11. Pug

    RAm 4500 DRW Question

    Its not so much what can you tow with the truck, its what you can stop with the truck. I can speak of many stories with towing and failures. Please think beyond moving the load and think about stopping the load and what to do when the trailer brakes fail. It not if they fail, its when they fail and they will ! Truck manufacturers have nothing too loose if you have a serious accident and kill someone with your setup. You however have everything to loose. Be safe, be smart, and never forget about failures and what can the truck do when everything behind the hitch fails.
  12. Pug

    Park snobs?

    All that counts in this world is your family, your special spouse, and you ! When you are happy, your spouse is happy, the world is great and wonderful ! Ignore those folks and enjoy your life, your toys and your surrounding ! What goes around comes around. Steve and Kirk said it well.
  13. If you go aluminum, have it painted, lined, something done to the inside before you put stuff into it. I have all Aluminum boxes and yes, can be fancy on the outside, the inside is a screaming since anything rubbing against the ali turns black and transfers onto everything else. What ever you do, Do not get diamond plate on the inside, it tears through everything also.
  14. An average (please note the word average) commercial fifth wheel is designed for a 55,000 lbs pin weight and 150,000 lbs pull weight. A semi trailer is designed to flex and twist from side to side. Its all part of the design including the hump in the center. At average 78,500 lbs loaded truck weight, the truck flexes also and everything works together. A quality built RV hitch is designed for a 8,000 lbs pin weight and a max of 32,000 lbs pull weight and is also designed to pivot from side to side along with front to back because the usage models are completely different. Now take that same truck and attached it to an RV with much lighter loads, lighter trailer tires and different frame structure, you change everything. Now the weight of the commercial king pin is not there anymore so the tractor does not flex, the tires designed for 80K loads are stiff and so the RV has to absorb the flex. On a multi-pivot head, that takes the forces. Installing a multi-pivot commercial hitch does not work either, because the pivot springs are designed for high weights. An air ride pin box for an RV does not pivot side to side, so that force is still not dealt with, it just adsorbs the up and down jolts . Now depending on how the RV frame was made, where the steel came from (not all steel is the same), how it was welded together, how it was designed, how it was braced for torsional forces and much much more, some may work on a commercial hitch and many will not. It also depends on your driving, locations, roads and much much more if that RV is going to survive. Just because it has worked for one person does not mean is will work for another. At the end of the day, decision and responsibility is that of the owner. Yes I could slide my commercial fifth back far enough to hookup to my RV and head out, I will not because I understand that could happen and just not worth it. Same reason why I do not hookup a commercial flatbed to my RV hitch, I could, pin is the same size, but I understand the weight differences and forces at play and just not worth it. Hope that helps.
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