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  1. Interior Fan

    The fan is next to the cabin air filter on the passenger side lowest point on the dash. Take off the kick panel and you see the motor.
  2. who has commercial California registration

    California does not have to check everything, they have this great thing called hot line to the EPA, report the vehicle with license and locaton and get a summins in the mail to have your vehicle inspected. Happened to me twice already and had to prove that my DPF and EGR was fully functional and no soot was being emitted, guilty till proved innocent .... Got love it !! Did not matter I passed all smog checks and documents to prove it.
  3. who has commercial California registration

    Here is the current smog regs for California .... see attached file. If memory is working correctly today, this applies to everything that runs in California (commercial and/or private) For diesel, the point of waiver is past for diesel engines (except for certain size tractors) that require emission retrofit if operating commercially in California .... that means if you come into California with a load and/or operate in California, you have be DPF setup. There are more change coming soon from what I hear ! What joy !! Smog_Check_Requirements_by_Vehicle_Type copy.pdf
  4. who has commercial California registration

    I have a ca commercial reg .... what can I help with ??
  5. Project progress

    Now that is what I am looking for on my new truck !! Hot damn !! Great job and keep detailed pics coming, love to see the finished product.
  6. Of Community Interest....

    Hi Jack, Great news ! I never expected you or gregg to post business stuff here, but keeping youtube, facebook and linkedin up to date, very important. Looking forward to working with you all. Cheers, Roberto
  7. Of Community Interest....

    Congrats Gregg ! You will be missed dearly ! It seems to be a rather sudden departure so I hope all is well with you and family ! Jack and Marc, social media is where the business is today and someone from RVH Lifestyles has to be doing videos and social media asap. I speak from experience on that front since our business is 100% based on that. What brought me to RVHaulers and RVH Lifestyles was youtube and facebook and I have not seen some new videos recently.
  8. 2018 VNL 740/760/860

    Actually working on an 860 currently ..... Soon as we get all the details finished, more than happy to share.
  9. Restoration work begins ...

    Scrap, THANKS !! -Roberto
  10. Restoration work begins ...

    Argo, Great info !! Many Thanks !!
  11. Thinking of moving to dark side ...

    Jack, Thanks for the information and response ! What I am looking for something along the lines of what Beemergary posted as a finished picture. Heavy duty plate and setup on the back for pintle hookup and 3" receiver. Back of the frame, air ride RV fifth wheel and then the commercial fifth wheel ... Sitting down and looking at all our stuff and how we use it, 90% is done currently with RV fifth wheel and 3" receiver. Jack, will talk to you all when we have the truck about a deck.
  12. Got turned away at my first RV park because of the HDT

    I used to spend time correcting folks on this stuff .... after a while, screw it, just wasting my time !
  13. Restoration work begins ...

    Argo, I agree ! I noticed that in their current state, cannot see much light action. Was also thinking about swapping out the bulbs with LED replacement that are a bit brighter.
  14. Restoration work begins ...

    Steve, Thanks ! have not measured yet, still putting together the list for the interior. I appreciate everyone’s input on this, its gonna save a ton of time and make things a lot easier than starting from scratch !
  15. cali registration

    I have not done it with a truck .... Our trucks have to have USDOT and CA MCP numbers since they are for business use, but even that took a 3 hours knowing the right people. I do not know how the process works besides granting power of attorney and let them do their thing. Title and all paperwork looks like another, all your information including any needed title holder. They are worth looking into and asking costs nothing. I have gotten to the point that I refuse to show up at DMV unless its something for driver license, I have my person do it all. Some may say its expensive, but my time and stress control while sitting in a chair waiting an hour for something I have an appointment for it more valuable and keep earning while she does it.