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  1. M2-106 Shopping Questions

    Just as a note, M2-106 with air brakes was not produced by SportChassis. SportChassis always made the smaller engine model in hydraulic brakes so no special endorsement needed and larger engine model with air brakes (always drums) which required a different license to operate. There are lots of conversion places that use the generic M2-106 setup and has a wide range of configurations. Do your homework with the VIN number otherwise you will have a nasty surprise !! NOT ALL M2-106 are a like. SportChassis is a manufacturer and not a brand / model. When it was once owned by Frieghtliner, it was a custom truck division and now a employee owned manufacturer.
  2. SportChassis owners

    The purple hose on the top of the engine is the fan clutch, its air activated. Follow the hose to the firewall and you will see a selniod there on the driver side of the tunnel, that activate it when needed. That line is the one that needs slack so when torque causes the engine to roll, its has ample room to move. The other black wrapped lines you mentioned are things like crank timing that feeds back to the computer, those run near the main fuel pump and filters ... Most of those are self contained to the block and local ECU. Hope that helps ....
  3. SportChassis owners

    My truck is a 2016 and the engine was made in 2014. The build sheets shows only that is was all built to order for SportChassis .... Some air systems have issues when very cold and automatic water separators are when ice builds up. -Roberto
  4. SportChassis owners

    SC owners, those of you that own a SC with a ISL9 engine, check the air line going from the fan clutch to the solenoid on the firewall (purple line). If it is pulled tight, extend it before its too late. There should be ample slack in that line. Mine was tight it was pulling itself out. Its a 1/4 inch OD line. I always keep spare lines and unions in my trucks for just in case, especially when you have air brakes and air hookups. I rerouted mine from the top of the engine to the side where all the other lines run and gave it ample slack so as the motor moves, its not pulling on the line.
  5. ET hitch handle mod

    That works for me if you do not mind. Many thanks !!
  6. Bikes on deck

    RickS, love that bed and drom box ! Can you tell us more about it all ??
  7. ET hitch handle mod

    Willing to make some to sell ?? I really could use that on my hitch !!
  8. M2 Headlight Upgrade

    Grassy, that is great but not an option in the M2. On FL series, you have a ton of options including DOT/SAE legal sealed LED with reflector lens that is worlds better than halogen.
  9. M2 Headlight Upgrade

    true, bit pricey. i consider my time to do the conversion so all integrated into the housing and factory plugin, proper parts and misc materials, its worth it. the difference is outstanding !! i have had all the parts sitting in my shop to make my own for a year now. never had a chance to put them together. in my case, cost me nearly double ..... guess i have plenty of spare parts now.
  10. M2 Headlight Upgrade

    LED headlight bulbs on the M2 do not work well even when you get the indexable kind. Light pattern is very strange due the cheap plastic reflector and spottyness of the LEDs without a proper lens in front of them.
  11. M2 Headlight Upgrade

    Upgraded my headlights to projector lights from Deep Space Lighting. Great setup, remove the factory ones, install the replacements. Plug and play, just aim and all done ! The lights are great, talk about clear vision !!
  12. M2-106 Shopping Questions

    Having had both, currently I have m2-106 with hydraulic disk brakes all around and works great. I tow a gross of 50,000 lbs and no issues ! I also have air brakes and electric brakes hookups for the trailer and on that, prefer the air since it works great !! Great thing with hydraulic, no adjustments needed but then the same applies to air disk brakes, drums need slack adjustments unless changing to auto slack adjusters.
  13. RV Batteries

    Thanks for the fast response. I have a newmar kountry aire and the batteries are all the way in the back in the spare tire draw. The draw by default holds two battiers, but with a slight modification can hold at least 4. Reason for asking it currently uses 6V flooded batteries and with all the tossing about, acid caused lots of rust damage. I am thinking about cleaning everything up and remove the flooded batteries and replace them with AGM and leaning towards 12v swtich over. Also thought about 6V AGM golf cart batteries in 6V and putting in 4 ... All thoughts and seeing what others have done. We are not full timer. Hope that helps.
  14. RV Batteries

    Howdy All, Question for everyone, what battery are you using in your 5th wheel ?? Anyone using AGM ? Anyone change from 6V to 12V with multiple batteries in parrallel ? Thanks !