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  1. BlaineM

    Zion National Park

    Looking for a recommendation for what park to stay at with my HDT around Zion National Park Oct 2022, my rig is 70' long
  2. BlaineM

    My Bed design

    looking good
  3. Thanks Jim So far I wouldn't change a thing it has all worked out great. But i havent hooked up a fifth wheel to it yet so time will tell.
  4. Need to take it to Volvo for programming and then on to paint and LineX
  5. putting smart car on bed for the chock placement before ramps are built. click on link (i don't know if this will work never put a video link in before) https://photos.app.goo.gl/WBTYHjjTkk7Vdt5T7
  6. Hopefully I can get to a rally in the next year or two.
  7. Not really, my friend who owns the shop has built a ton of stuff. So there is a lot of experience behind this build. I built a harley from scratch years ago by myself but that was the last thing I actually built till this truck. Its been a lot of fun.
  8. Yes I do have side markers, pictures coming soon. 😁
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