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  1. I have a lot of help, the shop is a friend of mine
  2. There's definitely a lot to it, thx. Would love to see your end product.
  3. ok so we are mig welding with a miller 350p pulse welder with an aluma pro push pull gun, the tig welding is with a miller sycrowave welder square wave machine for most outside body welding. Hope this answers your question.
  4. Not to worry, the truck will be compliant I just haven't decided on the exact lights/markers yet. We definitely know the DOT rules.
  5. Great question, I am still deciding, but leaning towards no reflectors.
  6. There are more lights coming, still working on placement and style.
  7. the crazy part is I only have $106 in all 4 of them, just hope they hold up.
  8. Sure wish I had your solar setup! But I gotta stop somewhere 🙂
  9. Getting the tail lights recessed and installed. Also welded in the steps, installing clear penny lights in the top of each step to aluminate steps at night when the rear work lights are on. Also installing fuel filler necks make fill ups easier.
  10. Thanks Nigel I will keep that in mind!
  11. yes, planning on steps and a removable post to hang onto when climbing up and down. Thanks
  12. Rear pass through boxes tacked in place and rear panels tacked on.
  13. Planning on bed liner for the bed and automotive paint for the skirts and boxes
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