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  1. We had the same problem, had to pay cash for ours.
  2. dan412

    780 cab shocks

    New cab shocks helped mine a lot. But still wobbles sum.
  3. Pressurize the fuel tank with air is how they did it when I ran one out. 73 pete silver 8V92
  4. In Washington State it's hard to find diesel pump that doesn't have 10% biodiesel in it so I just run what they have.
  5. I use stuff called Sil - glide works good.
  6. I saw Mr.Cob at the rest stop north of smokey point yesterday.
  7. dan412

    Bumper Pull Hitch

    I bought mine from etrailer Reese titan 20,000 lbs weld on i think it was 800.00 fit the frame perfectly, But had to trim for a couple of bolts for clearance.
  8. dan412

    new strange air issue

    On my work peterbilt The primary air builds first then secondary.
  9. dan412

    Passed written

    If you are going through a school they will teach you the proper pre trip order and what to say. Most fail on the pre trip part of the test. Good luck
  10. I registered our Volvo 780 in WA as motorhome it has webasto heat, fridge and microwave.
  11. Welcome home Dave I saw you in Bellevue on your way north nice looking setup.
  12. I use a ratio rite cup can get them online. They work great for two stroke mix and you can measure your diesel fuel treatment. I keep one in the jockey box
  13. dan412

    Wheel torque

    In Canada at least Vancouver where I have had tires changed several times on side of the road. Tire guy torqued with a torque wrench. I asked why he was doing that and he said it was the law in Canada and told me that I should stop by the tire shop on the way back through town and have them retorqued.
  14. My 2011 780 is very quiet inside almost as quiet as my new T880 work truck. What kind of radio does every one install.
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