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  1. Are you traveling with the YT TV? I was told a year ago that it was not possible to get OTA channels in an RV with YT TV. If possible, are you getting a single location OTA or changing as you travel?
  2. We have the Viair....yes it's expensive, but when I need to top off our 125# 5th wheel tires or the 110# steer tires on the truck nothing works better! Just thought I'd give our experiences. Good luck in your search.
  3. The app is a convenience for us. We don't carry any real "cash" anymore, so when your buddy says you owe me $12.50 I say "okay I just sent it to you" and he gets $12.50 deposited into his bank account. Same with babysitters and splitting the dinner check with a friend. There's no scanning, but your buddy does need to be registered with the app so you can send him money to his bank. It's just like using a debit card between people....
  4. We use the CASH app quite often. It's just like using cash, so if you want/need protections then probably need to go another route.
  5. We have a SD PMB, but not with Escapees and I just renewed our 3 vehicles online at the above web site. They offered a payment through electronic funds for an additional $1.50, which we used.
  6. Thanks for the compliment Dave. It was sure fun getting together with you guys again. Can't wait till next year 😁
  7. Thank you. Missed you guys this year.....hopefully next year? Hahaha.....you and Jennifer do such a fine job we wouldn't miss it. Thanks for the promotion (I think) 🤣 Don't they all look great! Thank you 😮 Thanks for the compliment.....it's a great event and everyone has fun. You really need to try and make it 😀 Thanks Rick. It was really great to see you and Carey again. Let us know when you head south so we can cross paths 😎
  8. Our video on the WCR is finally complete and ready for viewing here. Our thanks to all that participated and especially to Chad and Jennifer for putting on a spectacular event! Tell us what you think in the video comments and feel free to share. More rally videos to follow so be sure and subscribe.
  9. If you didn't make it to the rally....you can't look at pictures 😂😂🤣
  10. We're never in a hurry....cruise set at 65 and down the road we go, so you must have been picking them up and putting them down pretty good! We did see you at the next rest area though so sometimes the turtle does get there first!! Thanks all for the great time at the rally.
  11. Looks like our truck and car can finally meet their cousins! Look forward to meeting you guys.
  12. ewacowboy

    TPMS max pressure

    I have the EEZ RV TPMS and run my 5th wheel pressures at 125psi cold. Not a problem at all.
  13. As far as I know it is still available. You can contact the owner. His contact information is at the end of the video.
  14. We use RV Parky on Android which you can filter to show Walmart as well as others. It works great.
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