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  1. Need advice on under-performing solar system

    Agree with both. 10 AWG wire is rather small for that long of a run. Most runs from the roof to the batteries are a minimum of 4 AWG wire and some even go with 2 AWG. Also, your propane refer takes quite a bite of energy (DC fans, temp sensor, etc). That far north this time of year is difficult to get much direct sun....also you would be surprised at what a small shade patch will do to your charge capabilities.
  2. Magnum 2812 inverter and accessories

    That's not true....IF you want to install the PT-100 controller and integrate it with the 2812 it needs the ME-ARC50 remote, which can be added. Unfortunately the PT-100 needs a minimum of 59 Volts to work properly. Not many RV solar systems have the ability to do that. I have integrated the Victron controller and it works flawlessly.
  3. HDT vs F450 to pull 20k lb fifth wheel

    We tow our DRV 21k with a MDT....would really like to have an HDT, but price was the considering factor at time of purchase. Aside from the comments above, I have owned 3 DRW trucks and would say that the longevity of an HDT or MDT is far superior over a LDT. Our MDT should last 500,000 miles with regular upkeep and a well cared for HDT should last almost twice that. Every one of my LDTs had mechanical problems even before hitting the 100,000 mile mark.
  4. Replacing DirecTV with Internet

    We use two Roku devices in our coach and stream from a T-Mobile hotspot. We have been slowed one time in 8 months and that was just one evening. We use between 55 and 150 gb per month and love it.
  5. Nervous but jumping in

    It sounds like you have the ability to live in an RV full time and raise the kids. Personally I think it's a wonderful opportunity to come together as a "family" and not chase "keeping up with the Jones's". My wife and I are retired and getting ready to sell our home and move into the RV full time. It allows us to see this great country and meet some wonderful people along the way. We have discussed it many times and wish we had been able to travel more while the kids were still at home. What a great education they would have had. If you are a YouTube viewer, I would suggest a couple of families that document their travels and expenses while full timing with kids: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC2IENUorXc6kRtIiAGPRKZA, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEhJLsShZt8McryMf_DHLZQ Good luck on your decision and enjoy the journey!
  6. 2013 VNL 630 411K miles

    Greggs website shows this truck sold....is it available?
  7. Cellular Data for Internet Connection

    When we switched over to T-Mobile last year we added an extra line with one of their "free" phones. We use the extra phone as nothing more than a hotspot that we connect with our WiFi Ranger. We've been out 3 months on this trip and haven't had any issues.
  8. WiFi Ranger speeds

    Yes, updated to the latest firmware and not running SafeSurf. Have tried re-booting as well. I guess I'll contact them and see what they say. Thanks for the info.
  9. Am running a WiFi Ranger Sky2 in our fifth wheel for multiple connections. Our source internet connection is through a cell phone hotspot. When I check the speed through speedtest.net I get the following: Cell phone: 16mb download 16mb upload Laptop through Ranger: 2.5mb download 1.5mb upload Laptop connected to hot spot: 12mb download 12mb upload Any idea why the slower speeds when connected to the Ranger? I have checked the settings and cannot find any reason for the difference.
  10. 2 Question? GPS and smart car??

    We have the Garmin RV760 and are very happy with it. We like being able to enter our length and height and the GPS will route around any known obstacles such as low overpasses or length restricted areas. As stated above it also gives advance warnings of speed changes, school zones and sharp curves. The new Garmin RV is a smaller screen, but we really like the 7" screen for our old eyes.....
  11. Urgent question re 2017 SMART car pricing

    Yes....0% for 72 months. Guess I'll use their money for a few years!
  12. Urgent question re 2017 SMART car pricing

    Thought I'd resurrect this thread and get some information regarding the 2017 BRABUS. We found one that we like and the dealer was willing to come off MSRP by 6%. Any thoughts?
  13. Pellet Grills

    I don't have any problems with the 12V cord. It's plenty long enough to reach wherever we want to run the cooker. I think you'll really like it.
  14. 2017 Smart Brabus

    Nice looking car! We took one for a test drive yesterday and were pleasantly surprised....I actually fit in one. Anyone know if there is a way to search inventory nationally for a Brabus model?