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  1. We're never in a hurry....cruise set at 65 and down the road we go, so you must have been picking them up and putting them down pretty good! We did see you at the next rest area though so sometimes the turtle does get there first!! Thanks all for the great time at the rally.
  2. Looks like our truck and car can finally meet their cousins! Look forward to meeting you guys.
  3. ewacowboy

    TPMS max pressure

    I have the EEZ RV TPMS and run my 5th wheel pressures at 125psi cold. Not a problem at all.
  4. As far as I know it is still available. You can contact the owner. His contact information is at the end of the video.
  5. We use RV Parky on Android which you can filter to show Walmart as well as others. It works great.
  6. It's not really a gratuity....HH just asks that you make a small purchase from the hosts to show your appreciation.
  7. With plenty of solar and battery we are considering joining Harvest Host as an alternative to boondocking at Walmarts and Cabelas. Does anyone have experience with this group? Our travel style is to leave by 9:00am for our next destination and I'm not sure we could give the host the necessary gratuity in a short 18 to 20 hour stay.
  8. Looking forward to a great time.....glad you could make it happen.
  9. Thanks Jack.....we were off line for the weekend. Appreciate the updates. I think he answered all questions. Buyer contact info is at the end of the video. Thanks for the feedback on the video....I was trying to show EVERYTHING in detail, but agree it could have been shorter 🙂
  10. Completely agree.....hope all works out, would be great to get together.
  11. Roger....how are you feeling? Would be great to get together this year at the WCR. Besides, I really want to see your drom 🙂
  12. We're registered!! Can't wait.....really looking forward to it.
  13. I don't think you'll regret it.... safe travels!
  14. LOL!! Not at all.....we called the park to make sure we would fit since we'd heard that it was tight. I told the ranger station what we were driving and she said "oh, we've got one of those in here right now....no problem. If we can't get all your vehicles in one site we'll have you park the truck in overflow." So, we made reservations. When we arrived the girl at the ranger station said she'd take me around on her golf cart to see a couple of open sites and the manager showed up and promptly told us we wouldn't fit and overflow was not an option. He suggested we park the HDT "off-site". I wasn't about to park the truck on the Boulder Hwy unattended. If you've ever been to TT Vegas - it is tight....so we ended up making a U-turn inside the gate and left!
  15. We attempted to stay at the Thousand Trails in Vegas.....not a good experience! If you don't mind driving to the strip, we suggest the Clark County Shooting Complex. We ended up staying at the Las Vegas RV Resort and found it nice but rather expensive. You can see our Clark County Shooting Complex video here.
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