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  1. solo318

    Ground hog lied

    Well here in Northern Central Florida it was absolutely Frigid. I had to actually close the sunroof last night as it was too cool for my wife to be comfortable with the windows down...at 80....on the interstate...Which is going slow for I-4. BTW did you know that every time a shovel full of sunshine is removed, another just flows in filling the void. It's an ALL day job. I have found however that I can keep the sunshine off the drive for a small patch at a time if I hold down my lawn chair over top of it.
  2. solo318

    DW been on Chromeworld website

    Does this chrome shop have a website? Most chrome places sadly skip over the 1st gen VNL
  3. solo318

    Dash circuit board replacement on volvo 1998, 610

    My cluster seems to be missing something from the lcd screen on an early 98 (buttons in the cluster) Do you have a diagram or any of the parts?
  4. solo318

    In dash radio, for 98 VNL, replcement

    There are multiple "levels" of factory systems. all are wired differently. If you have the "base" system than you MUST splice it in. (it's a really odd set up) If you have the high end system than they used to make (20 years ago when I worked on a fleet of these things) an adapter for a pioneer. Unless you are looking to return it to stock for some reason, you should go ahead and splice it in properly. Make sure that whatever route you choose, the wires don't end up in the a/c controls. They will break the cable retainers if you force the sliders.
  5. solo318

    Pigeon Forge

    I called the campground. There maintenance man didn't recommend taking a camper down 339. He suggested 411 to seiverville and south from there. As usual you guys are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks as always.
  6. solo318

    Pigeon Forge

    I'm coming from Florida, I95 to I26 to I40. so That would add a substantial amount of mileage. Is it worth it? Also 339 seems to bring me in off the main drag.
  7. solo318

    Pigeon Forge

    I'm assuming hwy 339 from I 40 to pigeon forge is plenty safe enough for a truck conversion. But I figured i would ask? Any body driven it in the winter? We are heading up Christmas day.
  8. solo318

    CreekFire Motor Rance, Savannah GA

    Awesome. We are in the other one.
  9. solo318

    CreekFire Motor Rance, Savannah GA

    Which Koa was it. We have reservations for thanksgiving weekend at one of them. 😡
  10. solo318

    Pigeon forge after christmas

    As the title says. We are looking to head to the Pigeon forge area the week after Christmas. Do any of you folks have any experience with the weather patterns in the area? Also can we expect most places to be open? Obviously we don't want to go rafting or swimming. But we would like a break from the Florida heat. We are looking at the KOA in town. Any worries about a 65 ft rig? All they seem to have are back in sites. Is there enough room? Thanks as always, Steve On a side note. even though all of my fresh water plumbing and tank is inside the coach, the waste tanks are not. Is there a decent antifreeze I can pour down the drain to keep the tanks from freezing?
  11. solo318

    Professional Soldering

    the only thing I've ever managed to get solder to stick to is my fingers.
  12. solo318

    Lesson learned today.

  13. solo318

    Lesson learned today.

    The oem did not fuse the power wire going to the cruise switch at the brake M/C. over time the switches leak brake fluid which then shorts the switch, Which in turn starts a fire. The recall was simply a fused jumper harness and a redesigned switch.
  14. solo318

    extra parts

    Sadly i can't make it to the rally. No one has invented the retirement accelerator yet.
  15. solo318

    extra parts

    I have a few parts left over from my build. I have a pair of brand new cab airbags from a 1st gen vnl and I have a good instrument cluster from an 02 or 03 VNL with a detroit and an autoshift. (it was supposed to be for an early cummins). Is there a good place to post them up? I know this is the only forum section that would probably have any use for them. Thanks, Steve