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  1. solo318

    Batwing antenna

    Not related to antennas, but to the question of shading. even a very small amount of shade on a solar panel will kill the whole panel. Depending on how the panels are wired, it will shut down the whole array. The big MAXAIR vents are another shade problem. So I don't think you're over thinking it.
  2. solo318

    series 1 steering wheel

    I touched base with steering creations in Ocala Yesterday. They make an adapter but you have to pick which horn you want to work. The first gen VNL had no airbags. But they did have buttons for both horns in the wheel. Apparently most people put a city horn button on a spare "wink" switch in the dash. Steering creations was very helpful and pleasant to deal with. I agree about going too small on the steering wheels. I was thinking of going to an 18 inch wheel.
  3. solo318

    series 1 steering wheel

    Have any of you guys put an aftermarket steering wheel on a 1st gen vnl? What did you do about the dual horns? I either need a smaller wheel, longer arms, or a smaller belly. I found a couple of wheels that I like, But I'm not sure what to do about the adapter. As always, Thanks in advance
  4. solo318

    Chattanooga arear waterfalls

    My wife and daughter and I are heading to Chattanooga mid Sept. We are going specifically to do ruby falls/rock city. While we are there we would like to hit a couple of the area hiking trails and water falls. We are not really hikers and have no idea about the difficulty levels of the various trails. Does anybody have an specific trails/falls sites that are good for beginners? I havn't been to Chattanooga in about 25 years. are there still plenty of fun things to do around town? We love visiting old towns like Savannah and St Augustine. But Chattanooga seems to have been "revamped" since I was there last. Thanks as always. Steve
  5. solo318

    Air leak, what is normal

    If the bags are going down over night than that is the first place you should look. Spray the bags down and the leveling valve. The bags should actually hold air even if the tanks are empty. The next really common problem is the o rings as was mentioned earlier. After that (on a first gen vnl) check the trolley valve. they bypass and tend to leak out the vent tube under the hood.
  6. solo318

    Walmart in Chatanooga

    Thanks. That wal mart is closer to the campground as well. Apparently my google-fu is failing me.
  7. solo318

    Walmart in Chatanooga

    I would add that google street view shows signs that say no overnight truck parking, does that apply to RVs?
  8. solo318

    Walmart in Chatanooga

    We are traveling to Chattanooga with the new rig in September. I'm going to need a place to stay from LATE Thursday evening until Friday morning. I have seen mixed reviews about the local Walmarts. Has anyone actually had an experience with the Walmart on Signal Mountain rd? I would love to stop there for a night and catch a few hours before hitting the CG on Friday morning. Thanks as always, Steve
  9. solo318


    Yes. It's not enough area apparently. they wont guarantee it will stay put. And they want 2k per side to "try it"
  10. solo318


    There's a few hundred pictures over on the Truck Conversion Motorhomes facebook page. It's been a 3 year project to get it this far.
  11. solo318


    Now that I have the bulk of the project finished. I'm looking for someone to apply some graphics. All of the shops I've spoken with won't do anything this large. I noticed that many of you have matched your trucks to your trailers. Where did you get it done? I might have to drive out of state to get this done. Thanks in advance, Steve
  12. solo318

    Volvo dash repair

    Any of you Volvo guys have dash problems that aren't the cluster? If I wiggle the connectors on the left side of the dash it all works fine. I've had 2 different electronics shops go through the cluster and both say it's fine. Bags, How was the guy in New Jersey? I'm thinking of sending mine up there for Diagnostics.
  13. solo318

    Florida HDT registration problems. (UPDATE)

    I registered my truck in Florida with a Texas title that stated exempt. They gave me all kinds of grief about registering a heavy truck as an RV, but didn't mention the exempt mileage at all.