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  1. Good to know. We are planning mid June next year. I guess if it's full on the way to Custer we can camp on the way back. Do the storms seem to come in from any particular direction? Might help with set up. Here in Florida the afternoon storms usually com from the southwest.
  2. Awesome advice. Have you been there? it looks awesome from the photos. Our plan is to stay there for a few days and then head to a campground for a week or so. Maybe I'll have my solar done by then. But the other couple uses Cpaps at night and will need their gen set anyway. p.s. My wife doesn't like heights and says we WON'T be camping on the rim.
  3. Looking for first hand information on Nomads View in South Dakota. We are planning on stopping there and boon docking for a few days on the way to Custer next year. I' ve never used any government land to dry camp on. Is there any procedures or rules I should be aware of? Any rules on Generators and stuff? We are heading there with friends, Is it acceptable if we park together? How much room would you leave between campers? Thanks for any first hand knowledge.
  4. solo318

    Mt Rushmore area

    I have 100 fresh, 100 grey, and 40 black. The issue is length of showers and the constant need for them. plus we use real dishes and wash them each meal. We are an active bunch. We could probably conserve and go several days if we tried, but it's WAY more pleasant to just get a full hookup site. We limit our dry camping to occasional short term boondocking and travel stops.
  5. solo318

    Mt Rushmore area

    I travel with 2 women. 1 of which is a teenager. I can't go any length of time without full hook ups. I would literally be heading to the dump station every other day.
  6. solo318

    Mt Rushmore area

    We are already planning next years trip. We are going to dry camp at Nomads View on the way there and spend some time in the Badlands. Then at least a week in and around Custer State Park. On a side note, I'm amazed at the advertising spin that a lot of these campgrounds have on there websites. I'm looking at websites and comparing them to google earth and wondering how the dump place we drove by could be what the website is claiming. There seem to be 2 common levels of campground, Roadside cow pastures with some hookups or High dollar luxury resorts. Nothing in between.
  7. I called them this morning for a treadle valve and a relay valve for my vnl. Service via the phone was prompt and friendly. He actually sounded like he wanted to meet the needs of his customers. I'll use them again for sure.
  8. solo318

    Parts manual?

    My volvo dealer cannot even look up light bulbs. Took them 3 tries to get an oil pressure sensor. no kidding 3 tries. I gave up on the bulb and spent hours online till I found it.
  9. solo318

    Parts manual?

    I think I'm in need of a foot valve for my 98 vnl. anybody have a parts catalog I could get the correct number from?
  10. solo318

    Mt Rushmore area

    I gotta Say that this is SOUND advice. We each got a filet and a spaetzle for the table. What a wonderful evening out. We always try to have dinner at the camper, and we eat out generally once per trip. This was AWESOME. We stayed at Beaver Lake campground. The campsite was nice and level. water was clean. power was good. the cell phone reception is non existent and the wifi is a joke. one of the work kampers put a wifi repeater and a cell phone booster in one of the picnic pavilions so you could sit and use it. All in all it was worth the price. In the future I would stay in the Hill City area as everything we wanted to do meant driving the 20 miles to hill city. We had a list of things we wanted to do and see but we threw it out once we got there. We did take the time to see rough lock falls and cement ridge. We also spent a few hours at Mt Rushmore. Beyond that we spent our time driving the roads in and around Custer State park. What a fantastic view. The falls are beautiful, but they don't compare to the view from the fire tower at Cement Ridge. I was discussing this with a (very large) Polaris tour group from SC and they ended up meeting us up there. so over 40 of us owe you our thanks. The weather was pretty awesome as well. we had mornings in the 40s and afternoons in the 70s and 80s. It sure was hard coming back to high 90s here in Florida. All of the rain and hail was in the late evening after we were in for the day. So I would like to thank each of you for good advice. It made a good trip even better
  11. solo318

    Big 5er

    Glad to hear you are still alive and well. I thought about posting something controversial like "not for hire" decals to rattle your cage.
  12. solo318

    Big 5er

    Maybe if someone offered him some Dr Pepper he might come around?
  13. We are checking in the beaver lake campground in Custer on Sunday. Swing by if you like and I'll brew up some coffee.
  14. We are heading to SD from Fl on Thursday. where you traveling to?
  15. The biggest issue is the Automatic transmission. most don't pump fluid through the unit unless the engine is running. If you need an automatic I would look into a small SUV that will take a driveshaft disconnect. Of course the newer Jeeps are really good at flat towing. shift the transfer cased in neutral and the steering wheel doesn't lock. Some of the other suvs have the ability to flat tow, but I would personally avoid unibody vehicles. The jeeps and such have real frames.
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