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  1. solo318

    Professional Soldering

    the only thing I've ever managed to get solder to stick to is my fingers.
  2. solo318

    Lesson learned today.

  3. solo318

    Lesson learned today.

    The oem did not fuse the power wire going to the cruise switch at the brake M/C. over time the switches leak brake fluid which then shorts the switch, Which in turn starts a fire. The recall was simply a fused jumper harness and a redesigned switch.
  4. solo318

    extra parts

    Sadly i can't make it to the rally. No one has invented the retirement accelerator yet.
  5. solo318

    extra parts

    I have a few parts left over from my build. I have a pair of brand new cab airbags from a 1st gen vnl and I have a good instrument cluster from an 02 or 03 VNL with a detroit and an autoshift. (it was supposed to be for an early cummins). Is there a good place to post them up? I know this is the only forum section that would probably have any use for them. Thanks, Steve
  6. solo318


    Looking to isolate the motion of an air hitch? The aluminum doesn't look strong enough for suspension parts.
  7. solo318

    Lesson learned today.

    That is produced during the years of the cruise switch fires. The dealers recalled "most" of them but I have still seen a few that are melted down and ready to burn. I would encourage any of you folks that have older fords to ask the dealer about open recalls.
  8. solo318


    Are you building an entry door for a new "retirement accelerator"? Boy that will be awesome when it's finished. Ill take 2.
  9. solo318

    Franklin Furniture

    When I built mine I bought a used jack knife sofa and dinette cushions had them re upholstered. (in ostrich skin) You can buy commercial grade fabrics from a wholes sale place in Ga for a great price.
  10. solo318

    Free eBooks

    I travel with audio books regularly. I've found that it helps keep me in tune with traffic and the road by filling the side of my brain that gets bored and thinks about work and stuff. But I will admit to having to use a GPS in the background to remind me when my exit is coming up. BTW A good audio book is actually better than any movie. Try the Harry Potter series and you'll see why.
  11. solo318

    Toilet paper...

    While we are on the subject of pooh. I just want to mention one more thing. You will see some people in RV parks who always leave their dump valves open. This is IMHO a terrible idea. The last thing you want is to "dry out" your black tank. you NEED the water to grow the bacteria and flush the pooh out of the hose. The 2nd to last thing you want is black water backing up into your grey tank from a clogged hose or a park sewage problem. The 3rd to last thing you want (OKAY MAYBE the 1st) is to be standing beside your camper covered in your own pooh. I know a rental guy who decided to leave his valves open after like the 50th time a renter couldn't figure out how to dump the tanks. After the 3rd or 4th clogged hose, He decided he would rather leave them closed and deal with the phone calls.
  12. solo318

    Removing Volvo Cab Visor

    All of the hardware is outside the cab. you should have 2 torx screws on each end, and either 4 or 6 larger ones above the windshield. While your up there put some sealant around the radio antenna. You can stand on top of the engine for the middle ones. If you have any clearance lights that are out. Now is the time to replace them. you have to pull the visor to do so.
  13. solo318

    Toilet paper...

    Let me get my pennies in on this. The holding tank doesn't care what toilet paper you use. The dump station doesn't care what toilet paper you use. The tank level system "might" care what toilet paper you use. If you have the sensors that screw into the tank, then you should be aware of your toilet paper use. If paper hangs on a sensor then your gauge will read incorrectly and you may find your tanks full before you know it. this might be uncomfortable if you are not near a dump station. In any case you should be aware of the AMOUNT of paper that you use. too much paper can clog the dump hose. and that's not something you want to have to deal with! As far as chemicals. They are most useful for rv's that sit a lot between use. Full timing shouldn't require them. But the southern heat and long periods of inactivity can cause a terrible stench if you only use your rv sporadically.
  14. solo318

    Removing Volvo Cab Visor

    This is actually a common problem. The hardware has fancy washers that hold a little rubber gasket in place between the visor and the roof. Usually not hard to take off. If they are leaking you should replace them as well. If memory serves there are 8 total. You local dealer will tell you for sure. As an preventative measure you could spray around the hardware with some pb blaster and it should leach into the threads of the "offending" hardware. While your up there use some seam sealer on the cab seams as well.
  15. solo318

    Direct LInk - Emergency Stop

    I for sure would not turn my cruise off simply because I was going down a hill. Mont Eagle yes, But not a hill.