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  1. We go to pigeon forge often. I would plan on coming in the east side by the bush baked bean plant. (I don't remember the road number) It's simply more big rig friendly. the gps will send you through the back end of your own behind, on roads that will not make you very happy. Where are you staying? Unless you are driving newfound gap at night, I would not do it in a 5er. There is simply not enough room to dodge the oncoming cars with a trailer of any length.
  2. solo318

    Trucker GPS

    You guys are awesome. Maybe not very helpful but funny as heck. I would wager that if you took away a college kid's cell phone and gave him a map, He would use all the napkins at the nearest Starbucks crying his eyes out because he's lost. That being said, knowing what lane you need to be in ahead of time doesn't show up on a road atlas. Traffic reports don't show up either.
  3. solo318

    Trucker GPS

    I always double check the GPS route against an atlas. But it's nice to see your route at a glance on a screen. Has anyone used the Sygic rv app? I tried the regular nav years ago and thought it was a little clunky. The problem with using the atlas "in case of emergency" is that the pages all end up looking like Mexico. (don't get you panties in a wad, It's funny and you know it)
  4. I haven't read through all of the posts thoroughly, But let me give you an alternate option. Cut the corner of the base off with a sawzall. The whole corner, then you can take the seat out. then you can access to the bolt head. a cheap 1/2 inch drive impact and a screwdriver under the remaining part of the seat base should be enough to remove the bolt. You can run a drill through whats left of the threaded insert and put a self locking nut under the floor. Your new seats ussually come with a new base, so you are not out anything to destroy the old base.
  5. solo318

    Trucker GPS

    Anybody have any leads on a good GPS system for black friday? My old one died and the newer ones have mixed ratings. As always, Thanks in advance.
  6. solo318


    I know someone mentioned a fan. You really need to get everything dry. You need to get air flow under the carpets, and floor mats/flooring. Otherwise your floors will never dry. Even if the top of the floor feels dry. the moisture will get trapped between the floor and the flooring/carpet. I would call in a claim now and have them log the event. Flood damage could show up later down the road. +1 on repacking the wheel bearings. Make sure there is no water sitting inside the axle tubes. If it does it will rust from the inside out. Good luck and stay safe.
  7. Basically we are all arguing with half the facts. No one knows the number of RVs being sold to new customers vs existing customers. They have not published how long on average the RV is kept. They have not determined anything other than there is a downturn in new rv sales. Just as a thought let me refer you to my Grandmothers wisdom. "People who lost it all in the depression, seem to be more careful with how they use what they have left" No one is mentioning the knowledge gained from the recession. The willingness to hang on to a paid off unit is much greater than it was back in 05 and 06. Many friends that used to trade their RVs every 2 years have kept the same units for the last 8. I can tell you from a shop owner (cars, not RVs) that it is the older generation that is fixing things and the younger folks just coming out of school will trade it off and acquire debt. I think the RV sales will and typically do slow down when they run out of people they can convince to buy them. I personally recommend that people look at used units. A used high end coach will ALMOST always be better than a new low end coach. (and don't get me started on the rubber roof units.
  8. solo318

    Mt Rushmore area

    You had me at spaetzle. I love the stuff
  9. solo318

    Mt Rushmore area

    No, We are heading there next June
  10. solo318

    Mt Rushmore area

    We are looking at beaver lake campground. Anyone stayed there? They seem friendly enough over the phone, they have large sites and 44 dollar/night weekly rates. and pretty darned good reviews across multiple sights.
  11. solo318

    Mt Rushmore area

    I keep seeing reports of hail in the summertime. Is this like a daily occurrence? While I don't have any skylights or a/c units on the roof, I don't want my roof full of dents either.
  12. solo318

    Mt Rushmore area

    Thanks Ray, I'm backstopping all of my RV park choices with several review sites.
  13. solo318

    Mt Rushmore area

    Yep that's my RV. The picture was taken in the cracker barrel parking lot in Pooler Ga. "apparently" the rest of the people in the RV aren't interested in "making good time" lol. seriously though, we always stop there on almost every trip up I95. we have friends nearby.
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