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  1. Did you get your truck in to get looked at? I love colton truck terminal, but often times the lead time to get in is way too long. So i often use Direct Truck & Auto Repair, which is just around the corner in San Bernardino. Now they are pretty much my first choice, if I really need something done quick and basic, P & S Truck repair they do a decent job, and reasonably priced.
  2. house

    DRV accident

    curious where the facebook discussion for this
  3. house

    new strange air issue

    My truck, a 2011 Prostar does not hold air well to say the least, I have fixed a couple of major leaks but now it has started doing something odd, The primary Air system charges up to 90 before the secondary builds pressure. It seems like this i new issue, from my recollection they both used to build together. but now they dont, any idea why this may have started happening? once both tanks get up to pressure they seem to hold well enough, but still it makes it so you have to build air for a long time before you can drive off.
  4. This is where i am at so far,
  5. I am getting ready to stretch my frame, I am planning stretching my truck and I am concerned about the brake over angle in the rear with the bumper pull hitch, I am staying tandem and I am planning on installing my TSLB2 air ride hitch as close to my rear air bags as possible, which overlaps the frame 10 inches. This will put my GN ball about 40ish inches behind the rear axle centerline of my truck, which from reading on here and my experience is not too bad. My plan is to tack 48" behind the existing frame rail which leaves me just a hair less than 2 feet behind the ball. I figure this will give me more capacity when hauling hay bobtailing, also it will be un noticed when trailering. my only concern is will this much overhang be a PITA? I would like to have My Receiver hitch 18-20 above the ground, will i i have to go higher? Will i scrape every driveway this way? I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks Nick
  6. I was thinking more for filling up tires or running air tools from a tank, I very rarely change the air level in my hitch but i guess i could plump that into the mix as well
  7. I am getting ready to pull the 5ver hitch of my truck, I have an air slide 5th wheel, and I was wondering if that would be an ok place to tap into an onboard air source that would protect the truck. I realize the supply line is not that large, but If i was to plump the flatbed with air lines and a tank, could I theoretically flip the switch on the dash to charge the system. then flip it off when i am done? or should i just splice into one of the air tanks? is this a crazy idea? Thanks Nick
  8. house

    brake controller

    I have to say, one of my goals is to get all my trailers set up so I can move them with a Penske Truck, after getting stranded 150 miles north of Albuquerque this January. But i am on the fence about going to blue dot because you take the possibility of using a pickup out of the mix, and I would have to set my second truck up for air brakes. One of my trailers go stuck on the side of the road for 3 days until I found a kind soul with a pickup and a flatbed truck to move it for me. Something I Want to be more prepared for in the future.
  9. house

    brake controller

    I just purchased a new to me international prostar and it does not have an electric brake control unit. My Freightliner has a Tekonsha P2 which I have been pretty happy with, however I am wondering if there is something better out there people are using. I am sort of eyeing the Hays air actuated trailer brake control, https://www.etrailer.com/Brake-Controller/Hayes/HA100400C.html Mainly because they only offer one other controller ton etrailer, made by warner. That unit is twice the price and they say it is not compatible with electric over hydraulic brakes(which I have). is there a better option out there? Where does one go to plumb this into the truck? I would assume on the back side of the brake pedal would be the easiest, or am i mistaken? Thanks for your help
  10. house

    Road side Assistance

    I find USRider to be totally useless their call center was clueless. I needed a jump because someone left the fridge in the truck on while we were showing for a week. I called and told them I was in Freightliner motorhome(c112) at the fairgrounds, they could not find that in their computer so the ended up putting it in as a ford dually. The tow company showed up and, said that is not a ford f350, so they called the call center who then told them not to jump me for whatever reason. Then called AAA who sent out the exact same truck to jump me. I guess i figured i would keep usRider because they are handy for horse emergencies. 3 years ago I got stuck in a snowstorm, in Wyoming coming home from the stock show. Made it through the weather but it was very slow going 16 hours on the road I called US Rider around noon and said" I need to find a place to layover I am tired and I need to put up 8 horses inside". first they said they cant help me because I must be a commercial hauler, i said I was not, These are my 8 horses and I am out showing. They said ok we will call you back, 3 hours later they called me back and gave me the number of several places that were 3-5 hours away from Salt Lake(where i was), that i had also found by just googling them, I told them those places would not work because I had called them, and they were outdoor only facilities and my horses were body clipped and it was below freezing, so they said, ok we will call you back. The next day they called me again hey we have a list of places to overnight, the same places from the day previous but i was already 3 hours from home. Needless to say us Rider is no better than AAA in my opinion, and their professional horse services people basically just use google to find you services, maybe in different regions it might be better but where I have been it is totally useless.
  11. house

    Road side Assistance

    has anyone used coachnet? It is pretty expensive 250 for the truck and 175 for the trailer per year if you have them both out together.
  12. you can always come visit my hipcamp if you are in the area https://www.hipcamp.com/california/the-unhitched-ranch/the-unhitched-ranch
  13. house

    Road side Assistance

    I just got my rejection for AAA claim for covering my tow in my International 4900, I broke down and needed a 25 mile tow with my truck and trailer. Apparently they do not tow any tow vehicle larger than a 1 ton truck. Has anyone found a Road side service that will? So far I have tried US Rider and AAA with RV and none of them will tow me. Just curious if there is a road side service that will tow a class 8 motorhome?
  14. house

    Relays for trailer lights

    I thought about fixing the 7 way plug, but looking at the harness it looks to be pretty extensively bundled into the cabling which is cramped between the battery box and the frame. the only wire i am using out of that is the Brake light, to actuate my brake controller. I dont have any way to pull a 5th wheel any more so there is no reason to install the old 7 way. Works good except that my prewired trailer plug does not follow standard color coding, no i need to just go back and figure out what Bergman did.
  15. house

    Relays for trailer lights

    sorry freight liner 112, the 7 way plug was long ago cut off and a rats nest was installed as an upgrade. I am pretty sure that the lights are run off the tail lights of the truck as they run stop and turn on the same circuit. and my understanding is that most commercial trailers run stop and turn on different circuits.
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