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  1. I picked up on it when my Colombian friends misspelled British Columbia where I live.
  2. Comon error, but tos COLOMBIA, not Columbia. Its British Columbia
  3. You will be surprised at Colombia.i was in Bogota last christmas and Medellin for NYs with friends family. Modern and clean, you can even drink the water. Even the countryside looks nothing like the rest of Latin America
  4. Nice to catch up with old friends, Chip. I don't know if you remember Mainecoons (Dan). I had breakfast with him & his wife in Chapala last week. We have kept in touch. They have lived down here for several years now. I used to vist John when I passed through Redding. His health was not great. Heck of a nice guy. I actually got the news via Joe Capps. He has now moved back to NY. I was planning to drop by on my way south but ended up going down through Nevada instead. Wish I hadn't now. If you are still active any of those forums, maybe you can pass it on. I tried to send an email to the admin of the congress (spacebeing?), but I am not sure if he will get it as I am no longer active there. Paul
  5. Good post. Of course one should exercise caution at all times no matter where yoyu are. Shit can happen. Everyone in Canada was shocked in August when the American-Australian couple were murdered in Northern BC. You never know when your number is up. Sushidog were we on a couple of forums together a few years back? Your handle looks familiar. If so, you probably rememeber wanderingjays (john Seymour). He passed away 2 weeks ago.
  6. nuevo laredo, cuidad jarez are bad news, I avoid both. If I cross at Laredo, I use columbia bridge. It is a completely diferent country 100 miles south of the border. Like in a pond, the scum rises to the surface. I have lost count of the number of times people have given me the shirt off their back and asked for nothing in retrun. There are bad people everywhere, but a heck of lot of good people as well.
  7. Whatever the circumstances, dead is dead like hundreds of school children all over the US, Walmart shoppers in Texas, concert go'ers in Vegas. All still dead (including a friend of mine in the Vegas incident). And has it stopped? No. So obviously the laws and police in the US are not doing a very good job at it, just as in Mexico, as mass killings happen nearly every day in the good ole USA. The only diference I see, is that you generally have to have a good reason to be shot in Mexico, not just doing your weekly shopping at a Walmart or enjoying a concert with friends (If you can call Country music enjoyable). I am not kidding when I say I feel a lot safer down here in my RV than I do in many parts of the US. I was a block away in Tucson when Gabby was shot, that was a wake up call. I certainly feel a lot safer than I do in Europe these days. Regardless I did not work 35 years to spend my retirement in a kevlar vest on my couch. I have actually become so fond of this country I am taking out resident status next month. I like a country where teenagers sit in the town square with their parents on a Saturday night rather than hanging around a 7-11 making mischief, and where people see you stopped for lunch on the roadside and stop and ask you if you need help. Last time I saw that in the US or Canada was in the 1950"s. Most Americans have a very distorted view of this country. Selective blindness, focusing on bad incidents here while ignoring all the crap that happens every day at home. Even in the Vancouver area of Canada where I live 1/2 the year, there now are weekly killings related to drugs, often in very public places. the world is a dangerous place, but living in paranoia, is not living. Regardless, it is a personal choice. if you you dont feel comfortable, stay at home, but don't tell the rest of us where we should or should not go., unless based on personal experience. BTW, I have been to Syria and Afghanistan ( I do not recommend either at this time, no comment on Somalia as I have not been there) Also, Canada now has a travel warning out about the US.
  8. We put our 5 year oid grandaughter in preschool down here 2 years running. Statistically she was a lot safer than she would have been in a US School.
  9. QUOTE: Mexico, in my opinion and in the US State Dept's opinion, is unsafe to travel in. Read this 21 dead near border add to this the massacre a couple weeks ago of the Mormons including children and infants. There is unending open warfare. The country is out of control. Their government says they are going to tame the cartels with 'love' not guns. They are so corrupt that they cannot beat the cartels back. President Trump has justifiably classified the cartels as terrorists. The place is an out of control war zone and anyone who travels down there is asking for trouble. May as well travel to Syria I am guessing you don't live int he United States or you never read a newspaper. I live 6-7 months a year in Mexico. Over the last 12-13 years I have driven the entire country with no issue nor have I seen any issue. It is pretty much calling the kettle black to point out dangers in Mexico when people in the US are beinbg shot to death at random in Walmarts, at country music concerts, movie theatres, schools, and county fairs. Heck even in Canada last summer 2 RV'ers were murdered in Northern BC. The Mormon incident was bad, but these folks were interferring with cartels in a remote cartel controlled area and were targeted. That is the big point about violence in Mexico, it is largely targeted, while a lot of violence in the US appears to be random. You can generally avoid being a target, you cannot avoid random. To be honenst I feel less safe in Europe than I do in Mexico with the increase in terrorism. I spent the last 2 summers there. I was in London during the first London Bridge incident (the other was this week) and I was in France when people were ploughed down there by truck. You are now reminded of it by armoured vehicles blocking streets with access to tourist attractions BTW the couple murdered for their RV in Texas in late October were killed by Americans, not Mexicans, they just drove the RV into Mexico to try and dissappear. Someone in the facebook group I admin, where I posted theri info, recognized them and reported them to the Police who very quickly shipped them back to the US. I guess if you want to be safe you can stay in your house, but then again you may not be safe there. Living in fear is not living. Don't be scared to RV in Mexico, 1000's of us do it every year. Just stay away from drugs and people who are involved in them BTW here is where I am right now, near Guadalajara:
  10. Thanks for the plug Rich. I no longer lead any personally myself although I often help take people out and end of season, many want to extend trips, so I have done that. I had a very serious accident in Canada in June and I am still a bit nervous driving an RV (see Rollover ). Gabriel was with me and we both survived with just whiplash and concussions. Anyone in the back seat would have been killed as it was really flattened. Worst thing was the engine was still running, I could not reach the key and one of the propane tanks on the hitch had been compromised. I could smell propane very strongly. It took a minute to get my belt off so i could switch it off. Terrifying. Had to go get pysch help after that, lots of nightmares. Good thing was the dash cam absolved me of all blame. I have now bought a Cruise America rental return Class C which I intend to store in Villa Corona starting in 2020. This year is a shakedown trip and I am noting things I need to work on over next summer, before I do that. It is very low slung so I have to drive it carefully down here, but it will likely only be driving between Guadalajara & Melaque each season. I have scraped the generator exhaust pipe a couple of times. If I lead another caravan it will be in a pickup truck, using rooms. I probably will do that for the total solar eclipse on April 8th, 2024 in Mazatlan. There are already dozens interested in that, they will need lots of wagon masters. it will be total from Celestino down to Teacapan, and also in Durango. Maybe you 2 would be interested? Probably do some including copper canyon and some not. The caravan company owner is a good friend, I even had his son (Bernardo) with me for summer to learn English. I still help him with his website and do some scouting for him and help his customers with all the paperwork. You have to stay busy when your retired or you're dead. There is a 3 month Yucatan loop in Jan 2020. I have led 2 over that route myself, and Kevin & Ruth Read did one last spring. A lot tougher with more dry camping, but sure interesting. We got into remote ruins hardly anyone goes in to, like Calakmul. Besides the previous customer discount you are entitled to, we could probably use Sylvia as a translator and Spanish teacher on that one, as the Wagon Masters are just learning Spanish. They are fluent in English & French. Mike & Louise. Mike is retired RCMP. They are leading an Airstream caravan this season. First Airstream caravan into Mexico in decades. Silver sausages they call them down here.
  11. I wagon master for a company that does caravans. San Miguel is a stop although I much prefer nearby Guanajuato. Caravans de Mexico is the only company running english language caravans deep into Mainland Mexico these days. You can safely RV in Mexico on your own, but a caravan the first time is not a bad idea.
  12. telcoman

    Mexico travel

    Not sure, you do not need one in some areas of northern Baja, but you may for San Felipe. Once you get into the zones requiring permits, of which Baja is not one (yet) they consider an HDT a commercial truck. You are only allowed to bring trucks into Mexico that have a cargo capacity of less than 7710 lbs or 3500 kg. Unless its a Motorhome. BTW on the mainland you can go as far south as Guyamas, there are RV parks there and in nearby San Carlos, also at Kino bay further north. One issue is Mexican RV parks are not designed for humongous rigs. It is like camping in the US in the 50's. In Mexico smaller is better. We would love to organize an Escapees trip to Copper Canyon sometime, we already run caravans there, that is in the zone you need a permit.
  13. telcoman

    Mexico travel

    Yes you should be able to.
  14. telcoman

    Mexico travel

    I have to address this. I have RVed for 4-6 months a year in Mexico for the last 12 years. No incidents, nor have i seen any. I have also led 5 caravans all over Mexico , west coast, Yucatan, you name it. Also zero issues. I was in Tucson 1 block from the shooting of Gaby Giffords. An acquaintance of mine is paralyzed after being shot at a country music concert in Vegas. You have to keep things in perspective, most violence in Mexico is targeted, not the random sort of shooters that seem to be endemic these days in the US. Stay away from drugs and you are probably less at risk than you are in many parts of the US. Or Europe where you can be mowed down by a truck in a public place.
  15. telcoman

    Mexico travel

    san felipe is in the hassle free zone, no problems
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