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Found 9 results

  1. We need to re-upholster the interior of our coach and we have heard that there are some excellent craftsmen in Mexico who can do the job for a fraction of U.S. typical prices. We are soon to travel to Texas and would appreciate any recommendations for reputable Mexican upholstery shops located in any of the many border towns along the Texas border.
  2. Unique little beach house in an all-solar surfer camp in Baja California Norte, 1.5 hours from border. $28000 cash only. See the ocean and hills from the balcony. Hear the waves at night. You can own the house (cash buyer only), but rent the lot for $250 per month. Space for 36ft motorhome with water and sewer hookup next to house. Room for a car on the other side of the RV pad.This is located in a gated camp with 24-hour security and cameras. Very safe, many long-term gringo residents. Walk to the water in 1-2 minutes, or to the beach on a private path in 5.The house can sleep 4 comfortably and six or more in a pinch. Sleeping loft, cathedral ceiling, internal and external balcony (private), all tile floor. New construction, almost done, never lived in. All plumbing installed (includes toilet) and you can create your own kitchen (gas line and plumbing are ready). Solar ready with all electrical connections, includes batteries (you will need to install a couple of solar panels and an inverter). Septic and water tank all hooked up to house.Little tropical garden next to house, and brick patio in front. Entire lot is fenced/walled in with original artwork on fence and walls. Built for security and privacy. Super quiet at night. Watch the sun rise over the hills and set on the ocean from the balcony in the summer. Water and gas delivery available. Trash pickup included with rent. Great for pets.Price also includes cement shed/storage area and a little bar next to a bamboo fence. Great for entertaining. Comfortable weather all year round, so no need for air conditioning. Pics available upon request.
  3. RVing Mexico in Baja's East Cape was probably the highlight of our trip down to Baja. Starting in Cabo San Lucas we stop at a Costco and load up on groceries. Getting ready to tackle 60 miles of dirt roads. Overlanding Baja in a truck camper is probably one of the greatest adventures yet. Overlanding in our truck campers allows us to travel at a fast-paced rate and we make easy work of the dirt roads down here. Baja California is very diverse and this video really showcases its beauty.
  4. RVing in Baja California, is it safe? After spending over one month in Baja California we have determined that Mexico is safe. In this video, we go through a few incidents that we personally experienced in Baja. RVing Baja California is very popular for Americans. Baja offers a lot if you love beautiful free beach boondocking. From our personal experience, Baja California seems to be pretty safe. We talk about border crossings, Mexican police, the Mexican military, Baja roads, and visiting larger cities in Baja. Hopefully, this video helps to put you at ease, making your trip to Baja much easier.
  5. RVing Baja California is a very exciting experience, but can you take a large RV to Baja? In this video, we break down the pros and cons of a large RV vs a smaller truck camper and driving to Baja California. After almost one month in Baja California, we are back. We had a great time in our truck camper boondocking on beautiful beaches. The whole trip we were thinking to ourselves, Would we take our 5th wheel to Baja? When we headed south to the U.S. border in a borrowed truck camper this kept going through our minds. With our experience, this video should help you make the right choice if you are planning on heading south to Baja Mexico.
  6. While Overlanding Baja California it's inevitable you will need to perform an off-road recovery. We just didn't think it would be us. In this video, we get stuck on a beach in Baja California Mexico. Overlanding Baja California Mexico requires a good 4x4 vehicle and off-road recovery gear. In this video, we planned to drive to the beach to take some pictures and Melissa got in a little bit over her head. Forgetting that the overland Ram 2500 was loaded with a truck camper made things quite a bit worse. Recovering our ram from the sandy and rocky terrain ends up bring quite the challenge. Don't forget to subscribe.
  7. Santa Rosalia is a small coastal town located in Baja California Mexico. In this travel vlog, we drive from Guerrero Negro through Santa Rosalia eventually ending in Mulege and an incredible boondocking spot. Overlanding Baja California in a truck camper has been incredible. It allows us to be extremely mobile and flexible. We discuss some issues we would have had if we were RVing. Touching on an app called IOverlander that we normally don't use in the states. Different styles of travel called for different types of apps. We hope you enjoy these great boondocking locations we stay at!
  8. RVing in Baja California Mexico is destined to be an adventure! As digital nomads we are constantly traveling around America, for these next few videos we will be Overlanding Baja California in our truck camper. Lately, we have been Overlanding or talking about going small for various reasons. In this series of videos, we borrow a 1974 Bell truck camper for a few weeks while we are RVing/Overlanding Baja California Mexico. In this video, we give you a quick tour of the truck camper we will be living in. Show you our new Lion Energy Safari LT and portable solar panels that will fulfill all of our power needs for the trip. Cross over the Mexico border and head south into Baja California eventually ending in San Felipe Mexico. We really hope you enjoy this small series of videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eM13GFMR9z0
  9. We are Daniel & Robin Welsh. I'm 73, my wife is a few years younger. I'm a retired commercial artist and she a teacher. Back in the 80's we had several trailers, and a 28 ft Winnebago motorhome. We took a RV hiatus until May of 2017 when we bought a used Neismann Bischoff motorhome in Germany and travelled Europe from Montenegro to Portugal, Spain to Wales and everywhere in between for 17 months. So someone told us about Escapees when we were in a campground in England and we just joined recently. Back in the early 80's I went all over Mexico and have thought about going down there again. We especially were thinking about going to San Miguel de Allende. Are there ever any groups that go into Mexico as a caravan of 2 or 3 RV's?
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