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  1. sounds possible. all i know is back when i paid to have mags sent to my house, they kept showing up two weeks after i could buy them on the stand. and they looked very bad, but then the company's shipping them out started using sealed clear baggies, they started showing up two weeks before on the sales stand. so i base what i know, to say what i say.
  2. sounds like time to ship then in a sealed baggie.
  3. hi new to the escapees "club". but i just received my first issue sent to me (not received others?). i showed to the post office worker, as someone working for the post office opened said mag, both seal were broken. has this been a issue for others? i pay for this, so I should be the first to read it. then sure it can be given away, left at the Dr office, etc. yes i call this theft, as someone detoured it, so they could read something while in the porcelain chamber.
  4. not just the ltl company's, but a independent otr driver? pending his rt, might work. but any freight company can handle this easily.
  5. i by passed most of the postings. but first learn how to park, back-up. even pull forward. pulling a bumper pull, or a fiver is nothing like a little sports car. just because someone has a class A does not say he can drive a 18 wheel rig, getting one these days they only use a small two axle truck with heavy ring pull trailer, and auto transmissions. even some of the otr guys are a fail. me i have over 30 years pulling long trailers, doubles, bad weather, ice, snow, rain, high winds, etc, i have done a lot of "extra legal" loads, had to get into and out of places that boggle the mind. even ran a yard goat spot for over a year, would still be there but got bumped out by seniority. with this said i am not trying to put the poster of this thread down. just to me it is first nature. i have had a couple places where getting the fiver in and out took a lot of care as less than a couple inches to play with. it takes time to learn how to do this, and maybe it is just not possible to get it in there. try a easier spot first. get the feel of your truck/trailer combo. no magic here. just lots of practice. as for a mule only thing i can think of is a heavily modified (pre computer) industrial powered pallet jack. as i know of nothing worth salt on the market for a fiver. except one that is corded, but it must remain on very level flat concrete. good luck
  6. i was just joking, but the blood suckers will keep me away, i am "that guy" who will get bitten a LOT, when none other gets touched. but in the 70's F sounds great. sad only for two weeks a year.
  7. any "jobs" where i would not have to talk or interact with people? am not much of a people person. guess why i like driving? i have been working hard for 50 years now, and still have eight to go. if i live long enough. but i do not want to work when i retire, it would be time to relax a bit. or at least learn how to slow down and relax.
  8. yes tax, i plan on buying a trailer in sd when i retire. just cause of tax rates. states charge--gouge- a lot. tend to lose on this score at times.
  9. i am not a computer kind of guy, but even i do most all my banking online (a disability check comes in the mail each month). when i get to move out of ca, i will open said banking account in sd, even get a library card, and a ccw for that state. more state issued proof is safer. couple local store tracking... er... a.... discount cards? maybe even go as far as to buy/rent one sq foot of dirt from someone.
  10. can not say for wyoming. but in ca, it is ten (yes 10) days. including weekends and holidays. then you must apply for a ca dl, and register all motor vehicles, trailers at ca's excessively high tax rates. and yes there is a snitch program in force. and yes all commercial tractors and trailers running out of state plates do have a ca dmv tax paper. and cal T number (another tax).
  11. north dakota? does this gig include free snow removal each day? as that far north might only get a week or two with no snow falling out of the sky. i think i will stay a bit south of there.
  12. all i know is this past sat in fresno south bound on hwy 41. close to shaw. traffic in the number two lane stopped. open in mine but i was slowing.(still doing about 45-50 mph) a pu truck flew past me in #2 with all tires screaming to stop. then hard turned right, crossing my lane by now i was hard on the brakes (try stopping 70,000 pounds of truck and trailer. i swerved and in my rt side mirror i saw that i missed hooking his front bumper with the rear of my trailer by less than a foot. i was still doing a good 30 mph. broad daylight, pavement dry, unlimited visibility. straight multi lane, but a shallow rise ahead. (blocking the view of the rollover). there was a roll over a 1/2 mile ahead of this. so anything can and WILL happen at any time.
  13. i say you are lucky, but sounds like the ballast failed, not the tube. i for one have had the mercury vapor lamps still going after ten years (moved so not know how many more years they lasted) and i have had many a led house light fail within one year, and yes big brand names. (and before the ban on normal bulbs, mercury vapor tubes were sold for under $1.usd each. on sale two or three for a dollar). and the cost, i could have bought 50 reg house light bulbs for the cost of one led bulb. go to any auto wrecker yard and see how many normal bulbs still work, even after years of use and decades in the yard still going strong. then i see all the failed street and signal led's that are a fail. and then the led bulbs are made of plastic, the good old fashion incandescent only the "wire might be a alloy, the rest was just tin, and glass, with a small part of cardboard. 100 % biodegradable.
  14. these days it is remove the perfectly good, and paid for light bulb. and replace with a much more over priced unit, most likely bought with a cc. then just install as the same way the old one was. older leds, it was you had to remove the mercury ballast, then never use a mercury bulb again.
  15. these days any crash will look very bad. thinking it is amazing anyone lived. but remember the cars, trucks, are made to give. so to take some-most of the impact, said to help keep the people inside alive. but the bad part to this is a simple fender bender can total a car, or truck.
  16. that's strict. in ca it is only read a line off the chart on that wall over there.
  17. does this govern relise that some truckers are all ready driving around some states due to the tax the truckers to death mentally. most would love to stop, at a good clean truck stop, and leave good cash behind for needed services. but the forced tax penalty's say go around that state. or do not stop,,, except for the forced must buy so many gallons of fuel tax.
  18. if toll roads are so great. then stop collecting fuel tax. stop forcing us to pay a part of our property tax for the roads. stop using our sales tax for the roads. stop having the dmv tax us for the roads. stop collecting "other" taxes for the roads. how much TAX does a state need to fix the roads, as here in ca they are 20 years behind in road building and repair.
  19. if your rear tail/brake lights are blocked, expect a ticket. adjust the bikes so they do not block more than 15% of the view. less is better. sure most leos will leave you alone, but then there is that one. and i can be used ageist you in a civil deal. aka: a fool rear ends you.
  20. wish people would type in english. gauge, voltage drop?? as long as i do not let out the magic smoke i know things keep working.
  21. hard to believe phoenix below broil temp. last time i was there for more than a couple hrs, it was for Christmas. and it was too hot to go outside.
  22. maybe one of the very short air-stream trailers? but 8 foot wide. the wheel base is what matters more for turning. rear over hang will hook up in a gully. getting high centered will get you for a long wheel based trailer or rig. but ground clearance can help there, do a12 inch lift on the rv. but now a tip over problem? most of the narrow trailers i have seen, still have the fenders out to the 8 foot mark, (far more stable going down the rd). then there are the cheap flat beds for sale in front of the big box hardware stores, they are less than 8 feet wide.
  23. sounds good, but for the cost i can buy years of gasoline, and when it comes to electric things, i tend to let out the magic smoke way too soon.
  24. they never make the news as mc dees does not want the bad press, but every year at least one recall, in a hurry of something, once it was drinking glasses, a top thing, but there was too much lead in the glass. every year a toy is a must pick up and return, stores are told to not issue them.
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