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    Sending my guns back to myself

    i guess i just do not understand the privileges a "special" family believes they deserve over all others. but then i do live in ca, we have a dictator like set-up here. sure we get to vote, but its really just a one party system. we are not free here, and that is why many are moving away to free America.
  2. packnrat

    not needed anymore

    can not say about weight. but sad not all transmissions can be towed. check with the forums for THAT model year specific before you buy any truck, car. that can be a toad. as in my cj-7 can be towed, but the transmission must be in neutral, and the transfer case must have 4 wheel drive engaged, (including the front hubs), just to lube the rear output bearing and seal. but as to the steering lock, just take the steering column apart and remove the locking collar. now no need to have a key inserted and the auto turned on.
  3. packnrat

    rv trailer values.

    pull it till the hitch falls apart and you arrive someplace with nothing behind the truck. resale value, whats that? think in the line of use value. aka: have you gotten your moneys worth out of it? a sale is only pure profit. no matter the price. or lack there of. i have a small 25 foot sunny brook, i bought it new in 2001 (now 2019), still going strong, plastics are a problem. but most everything else is working good.
  4. packnrat

    Sending my guns back to myself

    makes one wonder why canada never became free of the yoke of the "privileged royals" and then became part of the United States of America.
  5. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    beats last night, got hit hard by a storm., lots of snow up the hill. hwys are closed due to flooding, waiting till sun up to see about the yard here. got lots of work to do cleaning up.
  6. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    i am planing to do quartsite this jan, any advice as to where to camp? day to arrive before so to get a "better" site. looking to do the "big show". as now i still have to work at a job, so need to plan vac days. I will be boon-docking. i carry extra water (on-board and extra 30 gallon bladder, plus jugs) and have power. (gen and small solar). all in/on a short 5 er. any theft problems? i do lock everything up as best as i can. just never been there. so all new to me. hoping to get a friend or two to tag along. if not then just the three of us. me, my self, and I.
  7. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    ok, so no problems. my mom says she wants to go so bring her along. does not get around very good. but says she will try. been showing her lots of videos online of the area. so she kinda knows what she is getting into. (not much of a outdoor kind of lady). out of here on tuesday (8:am, i get off work about midnight to 2:am) sleep over on the rd, to show up wed in the am. trying to do a easy drive for her. but now to drop the dollars and get fresh food. and such. yes have onboard water + a bladder in the back of my pu. whats the weather to be like next week into the one after?as i can do wed (jan 23) for a week after that. then back to the grind, on saturday the second. (my monday).
  8. packnrat

    doing the Q in 2019

    now i am confused???????? where is camp? just out of town or miles away? do to days off could not get this week off, but will be there by wed (thursday am latest) next week. thought just south east of town by a couple miles, but now? it is north east about 15 miles out?
  9. packnrat


    i was never all that happy with cabelas, the one close to reno shutdown a full service truck stop. banned any and all overnight parking years back. the casino nextdoor. has very limited truck parking. rvs are told to go down the hill to the paid rv park. ALL streets have no parking/ no stopping signs. but now that they are bass pro ( even though the name did not change) there pricing has gone up. and customer service has fallen into the sewer. so i do not even slow down as i pass the offramp.
  10. packnrat


    twice as much as it should. reg based on sales price ( as new). pluse extras to cover the stuff the state wants you to pay for. ( no political rant here. but there is a huge one for this).
  11. packnrat

    Goodbye Good Sam Club!

    i have not been to a cw in decades.the distance i had to drive was a fail, prices were overboard. selection was bad. and had to pay extra shipping to have it sent to me. sure saved me time, fuel and money, but six to ten weeks to get anything. online ( other places) less cost. and get it that week, sometimes within 24 hrs. during all this time most everything i have heard about cw, is how bad they are. nothing good about that corp.
  12. packnrat

    Taxation w/o representation

    at first i thought this was about ca and there unfair system. but yes most states do want your moneys. even though they are not eligible for any of it. best to keep moving about. but seeing as ca took other states to court to get any and all reg info. just for tax reasons. best watch your six. the local towns, citys, countys. patroks do tickets, while the judges rubber stamp them. just for the added income. states do a tax scam to get more moneys. like getting our sales taxes, and fed tax dollars are not enougth. so yes read up....if you can find the tax laws for that state.
  13. packnrat

    Electric Baseboard in our 5th wheel

    no problem. i can just buy a second eu3000, just for the floor heat. the rv i have now. lets just say the cardboard walls are the insulation. will be happy in about five years or so i can buy a far better unit.
  14. packnrat

    Electric Baseboard in our 5th wheel

    on the same deal here... heat. is there a usable way to do a floor heat? kinda like heating pads just under the floor but above the insulation? i know electric is not very good at heating, why this is just a thought. heat only the areas that would need it, as in around the bed, in-front of the chairs, maybe the hallway/stairs, bathroom.
  15. packnrat

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    after the taxes. not much leftover for me.
  16. packnrat

    How's the weather in your 'neighborhood' ?

    was dry today. might get rain on thursday. o wait today was thursday, forgive me i slept yesterday away (got home from work at 6:am, it was a 24 hr work day for me).
  17. packnrat

    UAV/UAS Tracker

    looks good, but only 12 hrs. it would take the avg person longer to track a downed drone in my "play area" and yes after the ham gear. and a drone. i can not afford to buy fuel for the truck.
  18. packnrat

    Friendly Dog Repellent

    the way it is used is how it works, it is more a surprise thing. than a chew toy.
  19. i get to wait a couple-four months after the 66.10 due to collecting that years vac, ph days, and sick days pay. total of 8 weeks pay. now if there is a way to get it early. or by that time i just do not care...
  20. seeing as i have now less than 8 years to go, might have to renew twice buy then,. then no more driving for pay. sure driving a heavy truck, looks good to some. sure has plenty of giddy up and woe down. but after 41 + years of driving for a living, i never want to get back into one of the "big rigs". i have driven some truly trash trucks. (as in should be hauled away as), to some great condo cabs.
  21. sad i get to wait till i am 67. income money thing, as i am not rich. the corrupt banking bubble took all my money. but if i could just know at least the year i was to die, i would charge up a huge debt first. my last hura to get back at the "man".
  22. packnrat

    rent or sell the s&b house?

    well not sure if the income would be worth it, but having never rented out a place, whats up with doing such (yes bad renters fear). taxes? issues with domicile? thinking using a "renting service" and they send me a check each month. yes costs, but no worry's about fixing that water heater when i am across the country. no my house is not a huge mansion. it is only about 1100 sq feet. a two and one, detached, but a good sized back yard. at today's pricing i guess about $900 to $1200 a month. all new to me so searching for input. as i have some years to go before pulling the cord.
  23. packnrat

    Packing a minimum of clothing

    keep the same things on till they stand up by them selves. then go to a thrift store, or second hand. get "new" to you all clean and ready. save big on laundry soap. hay, i take a bath once a month, wither i need it, or not.
  24. packnrat

    Beware - Bridge Tolls

    i hate new laws, but need a fed one giving everyone clear notice about a up coming toll. (as in three foot tall letters, first sign one mile before and again a quarter mile before the last off ramp), so they can get safely off before the toll rd. we already pay rd taxes, no need to pay again to use public roads.
  25. packnrat

    Sending my guns back to myself

    shipping guns to yourself in very legal in the USA. but must be done right or it would be a crime. in short: take to a ffl. do not turn them over to him. he can ship them to another "care of ffl" addressed to YOU. that ffl does not open said and you get to pick up your property from him. delay and he returns them to the shipping ffl. no i have not done this only read a lot about it. go to web site https://www.calguns.net for better info on how to do this the right way.