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  1. bigredhdt

    D12d Derate

    I have a d12d and am wondering if a message pops up when the ecm derate the engine. If not, how do you know other than seeing how it's pulling?
  2. bigredhdt

    Minimizer tool box

    Anyone purchase the minimizer under bed tool boxes? Wonder if they are worth the extra over the poly boxes made by buyers?
  3. bigredhdt

    Dot fittings

    I need to extend the npt port on a brake relay valve so that I can get a 90 dot fitting on it. Are there any dot rated fittings with npt on both ends or should I just us regular brass pipe fittings?
  4. bigredhdt

    Brake relay valve

    Guess I'm not sure I follow you. With the spring brakes applied, there should be no air going to the spring port and the service port only has air when you apply them.
  5. bigredhdt

    Brake relay valve

    I want to consult the collective brain trust to make sure I replace what is broken rather. The valve leaks at the exhaust port at all times: with and without the spring brakes applied, with and without the service brakes applied. Bad valve?
  6. bigredhdt

    Kodiak Brakes

    TI have kodiak brakes on my trailer that is circa 2008. As you probably know the new bolts come with blue loctite on them. Since they must be removed to pack the bearings, I made the mistake of putting them back on without new loctite and they backed out on me as well. One of the other issues is that it is hard to keep the loctite clean because it is hard to keep the grease out of the inside of the rubber boot. I now take a rag and run through the inside of the rubber boot before putting the bolt back in with red loctite on it. Bottom line is this may be an assembly issue rather than a hardware problem.
  7. What are you all using to seal the npt rubber hose fittings that go to the brake chamber from the relay/abs valve assembly?
  8. Went to get financing for truck that is considered a commercial truck based on VIN and am stuck in loophole. Even though I am a private individual, they won't finance under auto and won't finance under commercial because I don't have a business. Any ideas? I really don't want to just pay cash for it.
  9. Thanks, that's the recommended kit. Just trying to see if anyone has done it. In order to get to the relay without removing, I have to cut a hole in the deck. Still much less work than replacing.
  10. My 2007, Volvo vnl, still a tandem, has a leak on the exhaust port of the traction control relay. After reading about it on the bendix page, it's internals are the same as the r12, r14 non abs relay which has a rebuild kit. Has anyone rebuild this relay valve? Any recommendation? It's a lot of work to replace it since I would have to disconnect cut the brake lines since they don't have swivel fittings on the valve assembly and the abs modulator relays are connected to the traction relay with threaded pipe.
  11. Ndbirdman must live in the Peoples Republic of California. I am on Ohio, everything was easy. Duallies get abused by large trailers and will not have the longevity of a used HDT. I towed my horsetrailer w/living quarters for 5 years with a dually before making the jump to HDT. I would never go back.
  12. I'm thinking my rear leveling valve is not working correctly. My truck is not singled. When I take the trailer off the truck it takes about 60-90 seconds for the bags to release to the required level. How quickly do ur tractors adjust?
  13. That product says for metal to metal contacts. This is metal to rubber.
  14. I have kodiak disc brakes on my trailer. The mount consist o a rubber sleeve that fits inside the caliper, the a stainless tube, inside the tube is where the mounting bolt goes. Grease goes between the rubber bushing and the stainless tube. I have used anti-sieve which is not the right application, now I use the disc caliper grease, but in one year it is no longer any use. Any suggestions out there?
  15. Musk tends to promise "the world" and delivers space dust. Self driving cars in 2018, model 3 production goal, now Tesla network of autonomous taxis next year, etc, etc.
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