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  1. You can get retreads for $250 a tire. My truck came with retreads on drives and I have had no problems with them. One of my friends who drives a truck gets about 100k out of his drives. For me tires age out rather than wear. My tire guy says retreads should last 8 to 10 years. He recommended Acutread since they remold both tread and sidewall
  2. Power on and cruising, feels like both in seat and wheel. If it is driveline why would it get worse with new tires?
  3. Have had a slight vibration in the past even after front wheel balance. Got new tires, 3 axle alignment, wheels were spin balanced. Now the vibration is worse. I did get a wider tire as I'm not a fan of Michelin. Any other ideas of what could be the issue or what else to check?
  4. bigredhdt

    Volvo 630 fairing

    One of the handles to remove the fairing below the driver doors stopped working. Had to take apart the oin holder on the truck to remove the fairing to charge batteries. Turn out the screw rusted in half. Any good ideas how to get out the rest of the screw so that i can replace?
  5. bigredhdt

    New shoes

    Anyone have any experience with steers with and without decoupling grooved?
  6. bigredhdt

    Truck battery charger

    Why is this one technically better than the a Noco?
  7. bigredhdt

    Wheel torque

    Can you share your research?
  8. bigredhdt

    Wheel torque

    I would think that the torque multiplier would amplify the error in the torque wrench and have an error itself. Which leads to a much bigger error than a single piece of equipment.
  9. bigredhdt

    Wheel torque

    For those who don't "wing it", which do you think is more accurate, the torque stick or the torque multiplier?
  10. bigredhdt

    Wheel torque

    For those of you who remove your own truck tire, how do you accurately torque your lug nuts?
  11. bigredhdt

    Tire Size

    Going to replace steer tires. I have 275/80R22.5 now, but it seems 295/75R22.5 are more common. The 295 is same height, about .8" wider. Any recommendations or advise?
  12. Anyone have tips on troubleshooting ved12 exhaust brake. I hear a leak on the control valve.
  13. Is there a thread or link to the recommended contents of the 3 ring binder?
  14. bigredhdt

    Shock Removal

    Fortunately or unfortunately, I'm on my own when it comes to working on the truck. But the other airbags suggest I should pay for someone to work on the truck.
  15. bigredhdt

    Shock Removal

    Seems that more often the lower bots fuze to the shock. I used a cutoff wheel on the first one which took a while as i had to get the dual wheels off that were frozen to the hub. This turned into an 8 hour job after all was done. I had to put a jack between the opposite wheels to get them apart. I heard that people have had issues getting through the hardened bolts with a bimetal sawzall blade. In trying to find a faster way, I came upon a video of someone cutting a hitch ball with a sawzall. You need to use a carbide blade to get through the bolt. Both Lennox and Diablo make carbide sawzall blades. Get the "thick metal" blade. Took about 5 minutes for each cut and was able to do it without removing tires or airbags, and very little noxious smoke when getting through rubber.
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