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  1. The first year as a camp host I had a nice lady come into our park with a small toy hauler trailer (25 footer). She has been coming into this park for years for the whole 5 month season. And she had made reservations for a certain site that was on back row in a corner, which means it was kind of problem to get backed into. Not having met this nice lady before I went over and asked if she needed help getting backed in. And I was told right off that she had been doing this for years, and I quote, "I''ve got my own way of doing this, so now go away". And believe me when I say, I never offer to help her out again that whole summer. And I can now say that after 3 years as the camp host at this same park, "I've seen it all".
  2. So I'm not the only crazy lunitick that's running around in a little Casita Trailer. I started out in a 20 foot Motor Home, but downsized 2 year ago. to a Tacoma/ Casita setup. These are great little trailers for traveling around in, and if your Rving solo there great too.
  3. Another trailer you might also take into consideration, a 17' Casita fiberglass egg. There a well built unit with a high resale valve. They don't have a lot inside stage. And another one you might consider is the R-Pod, another single axle trailer. Both of these trailers are in the 17 foot range. I personally own a Casita that I use for traveling. Light weight, tows like a dream behind my Tacoma V-6 3.5L. You'd be surprised on just how much stuff you can get into one these little trailers. This summer I'll be up in Utah camp hosting for 6 months.
  4. Captain Happy


    If you go to any Escapees CO-OP park you'll see just about every brand of RV made, and most stay put thru summer and winter months. So I wouldn't be to concerned with what Consumer Reports had to say about what we {RV's) fulltime in. Not everyone can afford a Newmar Dutch Star home. But then again there in an 40' American Eagle parked in the site next to mine. And on the other side of the , what we full-time in, theirs people full-timings in 17' Casita trailers.
  5. As with people of my age group remember back year ago about the big write up about the new Ford 6.0 liter diesel that Ford put out. Well as time passed on I think we all know how that one worked out. So with that being said I think I would give Ford a couple years to get al the bugs worked out to see if this new V-8 & tranny are going to live up to the expectations. As far either purchasing a gas or diesel, that is a decision that everyone must make for themselves. Quality & workmanship of any RV are the most 2 important quality items. As far as price concerning a gas over diesel is concerned, I personally would not even consider a diesel rig. The cost of the diesel RV, plus the cost of maintaining the rig. As far as the size of tire goes, I'm thinking that most of the newer gas rig are now coming out with 22'5 tires. (Which is another higher cost factor). And as you asked about the10 year rule concerning older RV's of any type. I personally have only been asked that question once. (The majority of these are Resorts)
  6. Right of I'd say run from anything that old and that money miles.
  7. I'm living proof that you can live off your S.S. income. I just lived at a lower level then most. Been out here doing it for over 4 years now. Yes, I have savings which are still there. My wife passed away 5 year ago from cancer, we both worked our whole life together. I had open heart surgery back in 2008, the same day my working career ended. I was 62 then, not quite eligible for S.S. or Medicare. The company I was working for then had health insurance which paid a lot of the surgical expenses. And while I was going though rehab she had to have surgery herself. She wasn't covered by insurance at all. We managed to repay all the expenses on our own while we where both still working part-time. And then in 2013 she passed away. WE had a pretty good life together, didn't get to saving much until we were in our 40's. We tired the stock market which we found out later that it wasn't for us, to many up's & downs. So we saved as best we could. And so far it turned all right. The Motor Home I had I sold and bought a good used 40 foot 5th wheel trailer and had it towed to my Co-Op lot. I now have a small truck & trailer that I travel in. I'm not complaining about at all, I've had a good life so far.
  8. I use my son's address as my domicile address, and Escapee Mail. Everything else is paperless. So far has worked out great for 4 years.
  9. At our CO-OP park here in Nevada you can-not have 2 trailers in your lot for more then 3 days in a row. And most people can live with that. I've we didn't have these rules in place our park would look like a mobile home park really quick. When come into an Escapee Park get a copy of the lot rules and then you'll know what's allowed and what isn't.
  10. Having lived in west Texas (Abilene) for almost 50 years I can pretty well tell you what the weather is like. Springs are nice up until late May, then the humidity shows up. June & July are even hotter. BY August the humidity has left town for awhile, but Sept, the humidity is back. The weather in the fall is really nice, up until winter shows up. Yes it does get cold, sometimes down below freezing, and snow with a little ice thrown in. And then there's the Tornado season. Having lived in Abilene for that long I have never seen on in town. Sweetwater to the west gets em. It's like they just keep missing Abilene. Now if you want humidity you need to go east, like Fort Worth/Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. If you really life humidity go on down to the coast. Now you kind of know why I live in NV, and go to central Utah in the summers. But, all in all Texas in a beautiful state. Every region is different. And there building new homes as fast as possible, so get there quick.
  11. I could do a lot with $320,000.00, But this place isn't one of them. Also known as a "SNOB" Park.
  12. That's what's so net about these Casita Trailers. There only 17 foot front to back. Can be towed with just about any vehicle that has a 5,000 to 6,000 tow rating. And with there size I don't how anyone could overload the light trailer. I have one, and I love it. It's my traveling rig. And this summer the plan is to stay in it full-time for over 6 months up in higher elevations of Utah. I'm single
  13. WE have a lady here in our park from Oregon, and she's been on the list for the Sutherlin park for well over 4 years also before she removed her name.
  14. As of 3 year ago I applied for a CO-OP site in the Pair-A-Dice RV Park in Pahrump. Nevada. Sent my papers in in February, and June of the same year my name came to the top of the list. Now that pretty quick. I don't know how many are on the list now because I don't make it my business to know.
  15. A couple of years ago I had stopped at the Tra-Park in Pecos. At the time the whole park was taken over by oil field workers. The park was a dump. The camp host wouldn't come out of his motor home until after 3:00 PM. So I left, and have never been back.
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