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  1. Captain Happy

    Auxiliary enclosed trailers in Escapees parks

    At our CO-OP park here in Nevada you can-not have 2 trailers in your lot for more then 3 days in a row. And most people can live with that. I've we didn't have these rules in place our park would look like a mobile home park really quick. When come into an Escapee Park get a copy of the lot rules and then you'll know what's allowed and what isn't.
  2. Captain Happy

    Majority RV & Retirement

    Having lived in west Texas (Abilene) for almost 50 years I can pretty well tell you what the weather is like. Springs are nice up until late May, then the humidity shows up. June & July are even hotter. BY August the humidity has left town for awhile, but Sept, the humidity is back. The weather in the fall is really nice, up until winter shows up. Yes it does get cold, sometimes down below freezing, and snow with a little ice thrown in. And then there's the Tornado season. Having lived in Abilene for that long I have never seen on in town. Sweetwater to the west gets em. It's like they just keep missing Abilene. Now if you want humidity you need to go east, like Fort Worth/Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. If you really life humidity go on down to the coast. Now you kind of know why I live in NV, and go to central Utah in the summers. But, all in all Texas in a beautiful state. Every region is different. And there building new homes as fast as possible, so get there quick.
  3. I could do a lot with $320,000.00, But this place isn't one of them. Also known as a "SNOB" Park.
  4. Captain Happy

    2017 Dynamex Rev 24RB

    That's what's so net about these Casita Trailers. There only 17 foot front to back. Can be towed with just about any vehicle that has a 5,000 to 6,000 tow rating. And with there size I don't how anyone could overload the light trailer. I have one, and I love it. It's my traveling rig. And this summer the plan is to stay in it full-time for over 6 months up in higher elevations of Utah. I'm single
  5. Captain Happy

    Co-op waiting lists

    WE have a lady here in our park from Oregon, and she's been on the list for the Sutherlin park for well over 4 years also before she removed her name.
  6. Captain Happy

    Co-op waiting lists

    As of 3 year ago I applied for a CO-OP site in the Pair-A-Dice RV Park in Pahrump. Nevada. Sent my papers in in February, and June of the same year my name came to the top of the list. Now that pretty quick. I don't know how many are on the list now because I don't make it my business to know.
  7. Captain Happy

    Multi Year Escapees Membership Renewal?

    A couple of years ago I had stopped at the Tra-Park in Pecos. At the time the whole park was taken over by oil field workers. The park was a dump. The camp host wouldn't come out of his motor home until after 3:00 PM. So I left, and have never been back.
  8. Captain Happy

    The Journey to a Casita

    I found a nice used 2009 Casita SD, 17 footer about 3 years ago. As a solo traveler I've found the Casita is a wonderful trailer to travel around in. They have just about everything a large RV has, except an oven. I tow mine with a Tacoma V-6 with 6,000 lb tow capacity. I can get into any place the big boys can get into, and a really lot of place they can't get into because of there size and road conditions. Now when I'm through traveling around I come back to my 40 foot 5th wheel which is my winter home.
  9. And then there's another class of full-timers like me. Started out with a big rig. Got setup in a co-op park in the Escapee network, and after a couple of years we made a big decision to park our super sized trailers on our lots and travel in something a little smaller. And believe me there's a lot of us who have made the choose. As a single Rver I really don't need that much room, and with a smaller trailer I can get in places some people can't. But in the winter months I do like coming back to my 40 foot 5th wheel.
  10. Captain Happy

    not needed anymore

    As far as pickups to tow 4 down are kind of limited these days, and under 5,000 lbs. Tacoma's are no longer towable 4 down. The frontier is towable if you get the manual tranny setup. The best one I think was the Ford Ranger (4,400 lbs) with the manual tranny. Just add a base plate and a ready brake unit and away you go. The problem is, Rangers haven't been made since 2012, but there's a lot of them out there. And the newer ones that might or might not be coming out are well, who knows.
  11. Captain Happy

    waterheater bypass

    Do not operate the water heater if it's empty, either on gas or electric, period.
  12. Captain Happy

    Not An RV Topic But Pertinent To Most Of Us!!

    With Medicare coverage there's not much to worry about, it pretty well takes care of you wherever you go in the USA. But if you have a major medical problem like Congestive Heart Failure like I do your going to need a supplemental coverage plan to go with it. I chose United of Omaha plan "F". And if your also having to take a bunch of heart medicine you'll also need a drug plan like "Silver Script". And if your full-timing or thinking about it, you just call Medicare and give them your mail forwarding address and your all set. Same with all your other medical insurance. And you can also have your payments drafted every month out of the checking account. And if your wanting more info on what or how Medicare works, not to worry, you'll be getting a really large book in the mail each year to give something to read.
  13. Captain Happy

    Retirement plan-half timing

    Live for today, because tomorrow may never come.
  14. Captain Happy

    Dallas TX What Can You Tell Me About ...

    Here's another way for you to consider. Use your sister home residence as your domicile. Have your drivers license under that address, vehicle & insurance too. I would think that insurance in Dallas would be less expense compared to the Houston area where Livingston is. Join Escapees and setup a mail account ($95.00 per year, plus postage). Have all your other mail transferred to that address. Like credit cards, Medicare, health insurance, etc. But leave your vehicle & insurance at your sisters residence. As far as voting, you can vote absente. Setup a bank account in the Dallas area near your sisters house. Get a debit card, and check account too. Also have your S.S. Check deposited into that account. As far as your vehicle go, you can regrister be mail or online. As far as inspections go when your out of state, fill out an self certified document stating your vehicle is out of state (Texas,gov web site.) As far as medical insurance goes, if you already have medicare your good. Might want to think about going with Mutual of Omaha plan "J or G" on the supplemental part. It's good everywhere. Get the trailer re-titled as an RV, and if it's under 3,000 lbs no inf it's over 3,000 lbs it'll require brakes. Now after all that, "HIT THE ROAD". and enjoy yourself. Just remember to slow down, your not on vacation.
  15. I don't think your going to get any campgrounds in New England to stay open past October 1st, especially when all the RV's have been winterized, or head south for the winter months. Besides I don't think there going to keep the park open for a very few people who want to camp in Freezing temps. I was born up there. NO thanks.