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  1. I've got road side assist with USAA, just had it added to the insurance policy. Already used it once.
  2. Let's see. I've been in Nevada now for over 5 years wearing Texas plates. In our park there's vehicles from just about every western state, and a fee from back east.
  3. As a member of the Pair A Dice CO-OP park here in Pahrump, NV I've pretty much given up on going anywhere this summer. I know a lot of other members are doing the same. I was really wanting to go to Oregon this summer too.
  4. I went on Amazon yesterday to order 2 bicyle tubes and some face mask. Would be shipped sometime in June or July.
  5. As a solo full-timer I've also had the same questions. I've probably answer some of them myself just by talking to surviving members of my family. 1: Have an up to date will, and your survivor has a copy of it, and instructions on where the original is located, along with the burial policy. 2: Have all your vehicle titles, including the RV with your name, with an "OR" added., and their name. 3: Burial Policy paid for, and your wishes known to your survivor 4: List all Credit Cards, Insurance information, companies you pay bills too, membership, cell phone bill. Along with contact phone numbers, and account numbers. This may give you some ideas on where to start putting together information for your survivor. I did mine on an office program, made 2 copies, I've got 1 copy and my survivor has the second copy. It may not be perfect, but it's a start.
  6. About a month ago my HP started doing really strange things. Got really slow, Open Office program wouldn't run as it did when installed. Deleted it, reloaded, still wouldn't run right. Tried all kinds of fixes, nothing worked. Finally gave up and took it in to get it fixed. Computer store called my the next day and told my the problem was with the hard original mechanical hard drive. Wore itself out. They installed a new Solid State hard drive. And reinstalled windows 10. Man is this thing fast now. Now all I need is a larger processor.
  7. I kind of had the same problem with my grey water holding tank not draining. In the morning I had washed the dishes from the night before, water drained as usual. At lunch time I washed the noon dishes, but when I drained the water out of both sinks, it just sat there. Now the grey tank drain is open as usual, or so it's suppose to be. So I start digging into the problem. First off I figured the rod that pulls the valve open has come apart from the valve itself. So I go get a large tub to catch all the water into. Take out all 4 bolts that hold the valve together. Get the valve out, water still not draining, so that's not the problem. I get a piece of small hose and stick it up the pipe into the tank. after a few attempts I finally get it all the way in. Now water starts to small flow into the tub. So after 30 minutes or so the flow stops. I empty the tub of all the water and haul it over to the parks dump station. Now I put the tub back under the grey tank drain pipe and go into the kitchen and fill both sinks with water. Pull the stoppers, down the water goes. Go back outside and I can now hear the water flowing into the tub. Whatever was stopping up the drain has now been flushed out. Put the valve back together and put water back into the tank along with some Rid-X. I left the valve closed for over a week so the Rid-X gets to do it's work. After the weeks up I drain the tank, and man you ought to see what came out. All kinds of crap. And that's my story. P.S. Now all I've got to do is patch the hole I had to cut just to get to the valve up under the sheet metal covering the bottom of the trailer. I left the hole open just in case I had to take the valve apart again.
  8. Good luck trying to locate a wiring diagram brand of RV. You've checked the outputs (voltage) of all your 12V panel with a Volt-Ohm meter and there all OK, right? It's like Kirk stated, your probably going to have to trace the wires back toward the 12 volt panel. Now here's a low level way of way of locating a known wire, doesn't always work, but it's cheap. First: unplug your RV from the 120 volt power. Second: Got your stand alone battery charger out and connect it to the 12 volt terminals in the refrig compartment. Plug in the charger putting 12 volts onto the wires. Third: Got out your Volt meter and go check all the wires coming into the 12V panel in your RV. You should locate a wire in the 12 volt panel with 12 volts on it. It not, you've probably have a wire that's broken on cut into somewhere. Good Luck
  9. I would agree with what Linda said about using your kids home address in Texas for insurance and vehicle registrations. I use Escapee Mail for everything else. I sure you're on Medicare. Because if your not you've one big problem, it's called affordable healthcare while on the road.
  10. Update: forgot I received a notice from Mutual of Omaha a few months ago, I think it stated that there no longer writing Plan F plans for new customers, but are going to honor all who already have the plan in force. In my previous I used the name Mutual of Omaha as the plan carrier I'm using. What I should have stated is that all Plan F's are the same no matter who writes them. Sorry
  11. There are well over 1000 supplemental plans out there, and it you want cheap, that's what your going to wind up with. Now if you want a plan that'll pay any left over co-pay that Medicare does not pay for your going to have to up the amount you willing to pay. If you don't have a lot medical expenses your probably OK with a Advantage Plan. Like others have stated if you want the whole amount paid get yourself an Mutual of Omaha Plan "F". And if your like me and have heart failure, a pace-maker and all kinds of Cardio doctors that you have to deal with, you going to need a Plan "F" to cover the co-pays not covered by Medicare. Now if your on a lot of meds your also need a drug plan like Silver Script, and their other out there.
  12. You stated that you have a residence in Florida, so why not just use that address. Or an address of a family member. I use my son's address in Texas as my domicile. I have Escapee Mail Service out of Livingston, Texas. I have all my mail sent too. Even my vehicle registration renewals are sent to my Escapee mail box, and all my other bills. But I don't live there, and haven't in over 5 years. But with that being said, all the really important mail like Drivers License and other state related mail in sent to son's address. Let's say you live in a town or city inside Florida, but all your mail in sent to a P.O. Box address in that same town or city. It's still not being sent to your physical address. Now what do you do? My answer still would be to use a family or good friends address (with their approval) as a physical address, or find other business that'll work with you. Now, that's my 2 cents worth of information.
  13. I've been with United of Omaha since 2010, plan "F". And to date the only out of pocket expense I've had was with some uncovered lab test that Doctor ordered and neither will cover. I received a letter from United that the plan "F" will no longer be offered to new policy holders, but since I'm already covered, I'm still covered under plan "F". United of Omaha is not the cheapest policy out there, but it's honored just about everywhere I go.
  14. I went through El Paso last December, and the only thing I really remember was on the west side of town their doing a major road construction, and I mean major. And I kind of doubt it's all done now. This is my route when I go home for Thanksgiving or Christmas.
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