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  1. Back in 2009 when we bought our first used Gas Ford powered MH, it came with Goodyears tires that really needed to be replaced. We made a few trips with the Goodyears, all over the road. We finally got the new Hankook AH-11 tires mounted. Man, what a difference in the way it road and over all better stability over all. and in 2014 I bought another Ford MH. It already had the Hankook AH-11tires on it. I drove the MH for another 5 years with those same tires. The only really bad handling problems I ever had was with the side winds, and trucks passing by.
  2. Well, It finally happened here in our Co-OP park. Two people (unknown) have been diagnosed with Covid-19 in just the last couple of days. So now we are a total face mask wearing park, period. They have been in our activities building, so now that's totally closed until farther notice. If these people who don't follow the CDC guidelines start taking this virus more serious, we're never going to get this virus under control.
  3. Have you thought about all the cost involved in buying the land, putting in electric power, water, and a sewer system? Have you even considered looking into a Escapee Co-Op park site. It would be a whole lot less expensive. The major problem with that idea is, just about all the Co-Op parks already have a waiting list a mile long. building any more there either. Good luck with your idea.
  4. I'd be looking for load rating that's stamped on the tire itself. Now if your other tires where aired up to 80 PSI, they're probably :E" rated or maybe even higher. I'm thinking the tire you have now are passenger cars.
  5. I to have a Wells Fargo credit card , and have for over 5 years now. SO far I haven't had one problem with them. I also have a debit Visa card with my credit union back in Texas where my S.S. check goes to every month. And I use that for just about everything, except for online purchases like Amazon and other places. Or the cash side of things, I get mine at Walmart where I buy groceries every week.
  6. I had bought a product called "Heng's" Rubber Roof Coating to put on my rubber roof. But my health kind of went side ways, so I called a local RV Tech to do the job. Who ever, or want every the previse owner had put on roof was cracker to H**L. So had to wash it and scrap all the crap off the hollow 40' roof of my 5th wheel. I thinking they had to scrap it 4 times to get the crap off. Come to find out it was a vinyl base product. There's something about rubber roof material that puts off a off gas the re-acts with whatever is applied over it. He applied 2 coats of the Henrys Silicone sealant after days of scraping all vinyl Looks great. He uses the product a lot. He went over to another trailer that he had done 2 years ago and sent me pictures. Still looks new, might be a little dirty by now. After reading the directions off the "Heng's" roof coating can, it's a vinyl coating base product. Nothing about using it on rubber roofs period. It's more for metal and wood roofs coatings. If any one wants 3 gallons of the stuff I've still got it.
  7. With all the first time want-to-be RVer's this year with the increased Rv sales, and the CORID 19, I'm playing it safe staying put for awhile until thing's improve.
  8. My son was on Facebooks for years, finally got tired of all the B.S. and shut down his account. My brother is one those types that lives, sleeps with his smart phone on 24/7 Now, I've had the any reason to join Facebook. And now I'm glad I had the right decision.
  9. Sometimes being single has it's benefits. Just saying
  10. I've got road side assist with USAA, just had it added to the insurance policy. Already used it once.
  11. Let's see. I've been in Nevada now for over 5 years wearing Texas plates. In our park there's vehicles from just about every western state, and a fee from back east.
  12. As a member of the Pair A Dice CO-OP park here in Pahrump, NV I've pretty much given up on going anywhere this summer. I know a lot of other members are doing the same. I was really wanting to go to Oregon this summer too.
  13. I went on Amazon yesterday to order 2 bicyle tubes and some face mask. Would be shipped sometime in June or July.
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