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  1. Thanks for the responses. I do have the temp probe which is nice when it's freezing out. So maybe it charges at 14.5 volts until the battery is full then it goes in to float mode? That sound correct? Appreciate the help
  2. I bought a cheap solar kit that came with two 100 watt panels and a 30 amp windy nation p30l charge controller. I have four of the costco 6 volt golf cart batteries. It seems to me that this controller isn't right for my setup. I think it will charge my batteries until they reach a certain voltage that I punch in. It came set to 13.8. Will this kill my batteries from overcharging or not charge them well enough? My goal is to not need to plug in my trailer while I'm not using it or on 3-4 day trips. Any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks.
  3. Pyscokev

    Few questions

    Thanks for the info, was hoping you would chime in. If an HDTV is already registered as an rv in another state is it just brought in to ca as an rv?
  4. Pyscokev

    Few questions

    I hope to one day soon have an HDT and I'd like to build a trailer for it. My thought was to get a 53' drop deck trailer and build it for living quarters and a stacker garage in the back. While thinking about it I don't know the legalities of it. How long of a trailer is legal for an RV in CA? I've seen many race teams with this setup and know they aren't commercial but maybe they just aren't getting caught. I do most of my camping at the beach and desert so I wouldn't have space limitations there. Any other reasons you can think to not go this route? I've seen several good Volvo's for sale and was planning on a 770/780 since I could sleep in it for a night if needed while towing a flatbed trailer with my jeep on it. Would an older non-DPF truck that isn't compliant with current emissions be ok in CA as long as it's registered as an RV? Any idea on why the 2004 Volvo 780 in the classified ads isn't selling since it seems like a good truck? Last question is what kinds of costs will increase going from a 2500 Duramax to an HDT? I believe tires are still good for only six years so I'd still be replacing tires every six years even though they have plenty of tread left. Mileage would be about the same I'm guessing since I'm double towing about 18,000 lbs right now. I've heard working on these trucks is easier than a LDT because of space and they are better thought out in regards to getting back on the road. Thanks for any help you can give.
  5. I was given three Deka Solar batteries 8G27 from work because they thought they were dead. They were powered by a solar panel that never saw sun so they were eventually discharged to 10 volts or so. I brought them home and charged them. One of them holds a charge and after resting will read 12.7 volts or so. The other two after a load has been put on them or after resting awhile read 12.3 volts. Am I doing something incorrectly or is the battery worthless? I thought a bad cell would show it around 10 volts so I'm not sure what's going on. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have a 26' 1998 5th wheel that I added a hitch to. I tow a trailer that weighs roughly 8,000 lbs depending on what toys go (jeep on 42s, sandrail, quads, ...) I was told that it would never work but I've been doing it six years now. Have a solid hitch built and be smart about it. I always figured that many trailers get beat up pretty badly on the road by inexperienced drivers or people who just don't care that if I think and plan ahead I can take most of the stress off the trailer. Between the two trailers and truck I weigh 25.6k.
  7. Yup, they are st tires but I drive 55 since I'm towing doubles and don't want to draw attention to myself. Nobody knows of anyone in the area that has scales to weigh each tire?
  8. Thanks for the replies. My tires are always aired up correctly and I usually try to stop in the first ten miles just to check everything. That's how I caught a tire that was really hot and the tread had a big bubble in it. I'm pretty sure I'm not over loaded or even close to it but I'd like to make sure and soon. I didn't see anything around my area that can weigh individual tire weights. Hopefully someone knows of one?
  9. I've been having trailer tire issues and would like to get accurate weights for each individual tire. Does anyone know where i could go for this that's in Ventura, CA or in Ventura County?
  10. A friend is having me send you his email address, jr285132003@yahoo.com , about air bag leveling. He is having trouble logging on and I know it will be fixed just as I send you this PM.

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