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  1. Best RV Generator?

    Oh, okay. Now I understand. A Honda knockoff. Little different than the real thing. Again, I'm sorry, but Champion is not the same as a Honda.
  2. Best RV Generator?

    I'm sorry- Are you saying the Champion uses the same motor and parts as the Honda?!? I don't think I believe that. Where did you ever get that information?!?

    If it's the Washington Post, I will not read it. Don't care what it's about.
  4. Type of Truck required to pull Travel Trailer

    If money is not your main concern, I urge you to listen to the above guys when it comes to truck size. Get yourself a 3/4 ton or better truck and the issue will never come up again...Our RV is sometimes advertised as 1/2 ton towable. Would I tow it with my 1/2 ton Chevy? Never.
  5. Grey Water Dumping

    Is it okay- or not- to dump grey water on the ground when you're boondocking in the middle of nowhere? Where we camp at locally, a state park, we can't even go a week without filling up the galley tank. And my wife tries hard to be conservative. I would never do it around other campers or in improved campgrounds, but just wondering about being somewhere by ourselves.
  6. russ buchanan

    You paid 2K a piece for them? Why?!?
  7. Necessary Tools to Carry

    Oh yeah, sure. You may be able to do that, not me. Torque wrench takes up no room. If you can do it just as good by feel, I'm getting the impression you have done this a lot.
  8. RAM truck Long bed or not.

    That's very interesting; I did not know that. Thank you.
  9. RAM truck Long bed or not.

    Yeah, the cost difference is minimal. But what most people don't know, the difference is in the suspension. We test drove both the 2500 and the 3500. Big difference in ride. 3500 is all leaf spring; 2500 is coil spring. Just about everything else is pretty much the same. We went with the long bed and it's a behemoth, but the DRW is overkill for what you're wanting to pull, and not necessary. True, always better to have too much truck, but the 2500 is plenty truck enough for your intended RV. By having the SRW, you can go just about anywhere you want, off-road wise. DRW you're pretty much stuck on the pavement. I didn't say always- I said pretty much.
  10. Totally agree. But the important thing here you may be missing- please- for your own good- stay away from Camping World if at all possible!
  11. Are there any winter RV sales events in SW?

    You might google up a little place by the name of Quartzsite.
  12. RV Storage near Los Angeles

    Sounds like a great solution. But...if you think you're going to get to LAX in a little over 2 hours , you're probably going to be late. I think international flights require you to be there 3 hrs. early. Monday-Friday 5:00am-10pm- stop and go all the way. Good luck!
  13. RV Storage near Los Angeles

    mikelynne- I'm sorry, I've wracked my brain and just can't recall the name of the place. I do remember that it's at the north end of Balboa Blvd.
  14. RV Storage near Los Angeles

    I don't know what you consider near, but if you take the 405 freeway from LAX into the San Fernando valley, go almost to the end of the 405, and on the left (west) side of the road is a big reservoir. Right next to this reservoir is a huge RV/boat storage place. I know they would have a spot for you; I kept my boat there for years. That's what they are- an RV storage place. You can go back south about 5 miles, and right off the 405 in Van Nuys is the Flyaway bus. There you can catch a bus to LAX for about ten bucks. Way better than having to drive to the airport. Now if there's no traffic, you can make the drive from LAX to the end of the 405 in about 20-25 minutes. But there's never no traffic. It could take anywhere from 1/2 hour to 2-3 hours to make that drive during rush hour; which is just about all day and night long anymore. Good luck to you!
  15. Dometic 15K Air Conditioner

    Yup. And that's about all they're good for. Would never, ever take my RV to a Camping World, let alone buy one there.