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  1. ^^^ Wow, AW AL- there's your answer. Pretty much sums it up.
  2. Marc- we've spoken before via email. You go to all the places I want to go to! Lots of them I've been to in Utah years ago. I just wanted to tell you about our trip back in the 70s out to the west desert just like you guys went to! We went to Ibapah, if I remember correctly, and then just turned west and headed straight out into the desert. No road, no nothing. Three trucks- one with a camper to serve as our cookhouse, and two more just for us to ride in. We slept in sleeping bags. We went to Fish Springs, but I can't remember if that was before we headed into nowhere or after. I think before. Really, really appreciate your videos, and as I have said before, I will be looking you up when I return to Utah! Thanks again!
  3. Eegads man! They are trying to have a little fun here!
  4. Yeah Kirk. Everybody loves them. Except me. Personally, just a bunch of hype. Over-priced and not really any better than the cheapie that came with my RV. I'm seriously considering putting the old one back on.
  5. Twenty foot trailer? Pick any one you want. They're all good. Of course you're going to get biased opinions.
  6. I just replaced my tires on my RAM pickup. I have less than 11K miles on the truck. The stock tires were Firestone Transforce. Biggest pieces of crap ever made. Worse than China bombs. I believe they were some kind of highway tread and I just hated them. Already worn out. Back to Cooper tires. They are some kind of off-road type tire but not too aggressive. Good enough for the four-wheeling I do, but like I said, not too extreme. 10 ply sidewalls. Haven't really noticed any difference in the ride; seems to be okay and not noisy at all. 60lbs. in the front and 80lbs. in the back per my tire guy, with or without the RV hooked up.
  7. Wow. Haven't been to the Outpost since the 60's when I had an aunt that slung hash there. Really surprised to see it's still open.
  8. Strafford and Camping World- neither one is on Hwy. 60. They are on Interstate 44. And no. There is nothing interesting between Springfield and Sikeston.
  9. Trust me. If they let me in, you have no worries. I've always been of the thought that just getting out there is the important part. Homemade or top-of-the-line, it's just fun to camp!
  10. I guess I don't get this guy or don't understand. I thought the OP wanted to record while traveling, thus the in-motion satellite setup. Why do you insist that shouldn't be done? I just don't get what you're talking about. But I don't have 30 plus years in computer technology.
  11. Darn it! Stuck at Buffalo Point campground on the famous Buffalo River that week.
  12. Honestly- the fake press has got everybody in a tizzy. Have any of the other shutdowns ever affected you in any way whatsoever?!? They're not going to send anybody through the desert telling you you have to leave. It's nothing but a political thing; I know we're not supposed to discuss that, but it's that simple.
  13. Been there and ...you know what I mean. Several times. To me, it's the greatest place in the world to take a vacation. Don't go in summer or winter. Off-season the prices drop a little. At least they used to. Make sure you have a small boat to tourist around in. Used to be you had to make your reservations a year in advance; probably even longer out now. Do lots of research; there's a thousand different landscapes and things to see. And being the traveler I know you are- especially out West- there are hundreds of little canyons to hike and explore around the lake. But you don't want to be in any of those little canyons if there is any indication of a storm at all. You know why. Man, I hope you get to go. It is the greatest!
  14. This is the greatest thread in the history of on-line forums!
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