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  1. I needed to have the pan resealed on the smart and was waiting to do it while we were at CARE the month of Nov. Ran into Roger and Kathy Moore at breakfast one morning and he told me that he needed to have his pan replaced and it was done locally. The place is called Moore Auto Sales (no relation to Roger). They did mine yesterday and the price was very reasonable. Now I will have to start changing the oil regularly instead of just topping off what was leaking out. Brad
  2. Glad to hear that you are still going in the correct direction. A Jan. escape sounds like a good idea. We will be the the RGV at that time.
  3. Time for an update on this thread. How are you guys doing lately. Hope all is well. Brad
  4. That is so sad. It was a great piece of building (all scrap as I recall) and we had a great time at the tree house and Cec Burton even climbed to the top with me. And she is scared of heights. Wine tasting first may have helped. Sure glad we went when we did. Brad
  5. Passed your regards around happy hour the other night. We are all rooting for you guys. There are about 12 of us here now. I would count for sure but it is cold outside and these darn big trucks are blocking the view from my window so I can't count for sure. Brad I would really like to see that C15 in the walker Dave.
  6. Sorry you won't be here. 7 have arrived so far. Brad
  7. Good luck to both of you. We pulled into Hutch today and there are 7 rigs here already. Pre rally happy hour at 4. Brad
  8. If you are coming to Hutch it could become a project. I know at least one bad spot to drill a hole.
  9. And that is a very elite social circle. We lost Ian last winter and I hope Izzy can fill it to maintain our spot in the circle. Dredd is rather particular. Brad
  10. I have been happy with my Coachnet for 10 years and will keep them. The last time I needed them they towed both the HDT and rig still hooked together for 12 miles. I have found over the years switching something that I know works to something I don't know just to save a few bucks is just stress I don't need in my retired life. Brad
  11. Save us a spot Phil. We will be there on the 7th also. Brad
  12. I have used RV Trip Wizard for the last 2 years. I set one of the filters for big rig access and it only displays parks that list this. It was about $30 a year and you need the internet to use it. I have been pleased with it. Brad
  13. You are building some typr of very heavy light that need caster to move them around.🤗
  14. Jim I do not have the numbers from the fan. However, it was bought at O' Reilys auto parts and is a 12" fan they also have 10" fans but I went with the big one. The front end absolutely has to come off. Look up the directions online. It is not hard but a second person to help lift it off certainly helps. I removed the front end the first time in 45 minutes but I work slow and read directions. The second time it only took about 20 minutes because I knew what to do. Next tips. Do not cut off the plug from the original fan connection. If for some reason the job has to be done by a shop it is much easier to connect. Also be VERY careful where you drill holes for the bracket you build to hold the fan. There are lines running through the frame in places you would never guess. And when you hit one the shop will have to replace the evaporator also. Don't ask how I know this. Brad
  15. I'll bet Mr. COB could build one but it would probably be hard on his new knee so he will need testers. Phil and I would volunteer. Brad
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