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  1. Brad & Jacolyn

    Trailer TPMS not reaching cab

    Brad I just replaced my old Tire Traker with a TST 507 (I think) and it came with the repeater and the sensors have replaceable batteries. I didn't really realize how sketchy the old system was until I got the new one. Really like it. Brad
  2. Brad & Jacolyn

    Trailer TPMS not reaching cab

    I have always needed a repeater. I put mine in the closet in the front of the 5er wired to the closet light. Do you have a light or something that tells you that it is wired correctly. The first TPMS that I had did not and I had it wired backwards on the first attempt. After I switched the wires it worked fine. My new system has a light to tell me it is correct. Brad
  3. Brad & Jacolyn

    And so it ENDS, the Smart Car, deck on the Pete, is finished.

    Looks really good Dave. I can't tell for sure from the pictures. Does it have a 'Weiner Window'? Brad
  4. Brad & Jacolyn

    Overheard at the dump station

    My brother said 'story of my life'.
  5. Brad & Jacolyn

    Starting to look for an upper fairing

    Thank you guys. I'll start working on that next week after the 5er goes to the paint shop. Yes Phil, I was driving (or backing) when it happened. Brad
  6. Brad & Jacolyn

    Off Topic: Cooling fan in the smart car

    Hi Phil, I had that down a few years ago. You may remember the picture of the Mercedes they gave me as a loaner and all the fun people had solving how to put it on the Volvo When I was going through the smart forums some people were installing a pusher fan on the other side of the radiator. That is about the right price. I tell everyone that the $300 part was $400 in from the front and then $400 to put the stuff back on. I sure was not attempting it. If the inside fan starts making noise I know how to get to that. Brad
  7. Brad & Jacolyn

    Starting to look for an upper fairing

    I'm in Andover, CT. Close to Hartford. Suggestions welcome. Thanks. Brad
  8. Brad & Jacolyn

    And so it ENDS, the Smart Car, deck on the Pete, is finished.

    Good Morning Dave, I remember the first couple of times driving up the ramp. I had no chocks and no bed liner yet, Just like you so the pucker factor was a bit higher. Trust me, after you do it a 1/2 dozen times it will not phase you a bit. I have found the easiest way to do it is line up the ramps so you know where you are going to attach them and then slowly put the front wheels on the ramps. Get out and check the placement of the tires. Pick out a line or piece of metal to follow up the ramp. I slide up my seat a bit so I can look out the window and see the front tire and then just follow the the designated line on the ramp and up you go. By that time you will have also determined where the rear tire runs. Mine is set up to go on and off from both sides but I have only driven down 2 times since I have had it. I like backing down better and you just use the same technique you used to get up. Easy Peasy. It is looking good Dave. Brad
  9. Brad & Jacolyn

    Starting to look for an upper fairing

    Good Morning, Where would you gentlemen out there start looking for a used replacement fairing. I won't go into the story but I need to find the upper passenger side fairing on my 2004 Volvo 630. Right now I'm in CT. for a couple of months. I will probably check if the fiberglass can be repaired but I am doubtful. Thanks. Brad
  10. Brad & Jacolyn

    Note to self

    Apparently you needed a shorter tool box.
  11. Brad & Jacolyn

    Overheard at the dump station

    Getting ready to leave Milford, PA yesterday. Jacolyn was on the way back from the shower when she heard the guy at the dump station say to his wife 'Honey my hose is to short'. Now I know you guys will come up with many responses to that but she had a good laugh all the way back home. Last time she saw him he was looking for more hose. Did I mention that he could pull forward another 10 feet. Brad
  12. Brad & Jacolyn

    My Build

    We didn't have an umbrella. We had to build a frame and put some canvas over it.
  13. Brad & Jacolyn

    Smooth or Diamond Plate for bed deck

    A word of caution. If you are going to use Linex be sure to read the small print. They only have a warranty for pickup beds. Any other warranty has to be provided by the installer. Get it in writing. I had to have mine done twice because it was not thick enough. Has been great since then.
  14. Brad & Jacolyn

    Volvo losing coolant out overflow, not overheating

    I was losing coolant at one time and it was hard to find because it only did it at about 1400 rpms. My 12 liter Volvo has a drain valve that looks like a faucet up high on the passenger side behind the turbo (that makes it hard to see). It has threads and the repair guy screwed a pipe plug into it and that stopped the leak. No problem in 8 years. Brad
  15. Brad & Jacolyn

    Smooth or Diamond Plate for bed deck

    Ours is smooth and has sprayed on bed liner. Never had a slippery problem.