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  1. Congratulations Dave. Hope she enjoys the adventure as much as you do. Brad
  2. Brad & Jacolyn

    Cleaning Windshield Safely

    I stand on the frame and then the top of the engine to reach everything. Just be sure to step on the metal not any plastic. Brad
  3. Brad & Jacolyn

    Upper console door repair/replacement

    Yes sir I gave you parts 4 years ago. But they are probably put away so well you will never find them. Hope you are recovering well my friend. Hope to see you down south when you are able. Brad
  4. Brad & Jacolyn

    Upper console door repair/replacement

    I fixed my hinges with JB Weld (like 3 times) but it works. Needs a little fab work depending how badly broken. Did you ever fix yours after I gave you the parts ROCKY. That was 4 years ago now so that should be coming to the top of your to go list any time now,😯 Brad
  5. Brad & Jacolyn

    Can't Get Insurance on New HDT in Florida

    The trailer is a New horizons. My insurance is with Nationwide. Try this for insurance Twyla Stenzel RV Department FCIS-Farm and City Insurance Services Ph:1-800-331-1520 or 641-585-2925 Fax:641-585-5166 www.fcisinsurance.com
  6. Brad & Jacolyn

    Canada HDTs

    I bought my truck from Canada and Rick Lacombe handled all the paperwork. He picked me up at the airport, took me to the ruck, Gave me a driving lesson to be sure that I would be safe. He handed me all the paperwork I needed and I went home to Michigan. Never a bit of trouble crossing the border or getting registered in Michigan. Brad
  7. Brad & Jacolyn

    Steer tire life (sidewall cracking)

    If they are cracking why risk it. Replace them. Brad
  8. Brad & Jacolyn

    Veterans Day

    Thanks guys. Brad
  9. Brad & Jacolyn

    Brad test

    This is a test
  10. Brad & Jacolyn

    Terrible grinding noise in smart cooling fan

    I'm in Texas c'mon over. You just want to try and get me to bleed on some project of yours this time. Brad
  11. Brad & Jacolyn

    Terrible grinding noise in smart cooling fan

    Jim front clip removal is 40 minutes if you have never done it. Print directions off Evilution or I can try to send them to you. Brad
  12. Brad & Jacolyn

    Smart Car 451 Tire and Rim Size

    Jim that was the rally 2 years ago. Mr. COB tried to organize getting a group discount but I don't know how many took advantage of that. Rocky already had the unit and I installed both of them at the rally. (After Rocky finally located his). Guess he put things away to well. It is not a hard install just be sure to follow the directions carefully. And double and triple check the plugs in the box before using the little zip tie to secure them in the box. Brad
  13. Brad & Jacolyn

    Terrible grinding noise in smart cooling fan

    Kinda backwards but we have after and then before the fan.
  14. Brad & Jacolyn

    Terrible grinding noise in smart cooling fan

    I remember reading here recently that someone had a cooling fan starting to make noise on their smart. Thanks for posting that because as soon as I read that mine starting making that noise. Now I knew what it was right away because I had it changed out 4 years ago and it cost $800 back then. Afraid to know what is would cost now. So after looking over a couple of smart car forums I ran across the same problem. There were pictures and his solution was to put a pusher fan on the front of the radiator (it has been working since 2012). So after messaging the man and asking a couple questions I found the same fan he used (at O'riellys). He absolutely assured me that unless you want to bleed and swear ALOT you need to pull the front clip (he said it is actually not a bad job to do). Checked on Evilution and FQ101 forums and found disassembly directions. After comparing them I determined that other than a couple of steps in a different order it covered the same stuff. So I printed the directions and yesterday I tore into it and guess what? Removing the front clip is actually easy. Just should have 2 people for lifting it off (not heavy just protecting paint). I stopped for lunch plus I was doing it in a campground so all these 'the helpers' slowed things down (but we were all entertained). Anyway, the job was completed in 5 1/2 hours (figuring out fan mounts was time consuming) and everything is all right with the world again. Won't let me add pictures. But I'll keep trying. Brad
  15. Hi Dave. I have changed out the bushing on my suspension a couple of times and I make sure to use the bronze bushings and wet bolts. Everything wears out eventually and I have trouble believing some one makes something that never wears out. I have also had wet bolts break in the past. I carry extras with me. Brad