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  1. Rick when you say you have individual switches do you mean inside the switch or outside going into the door panel? I have several switches but they are all in one assembly and only have one plug on the back. Are you going to take the assembly apart? When I press the button for the passenger side mirror the switch lights up but then nothing moves (one the passenger side) when the buttons are pressed. The drivers side works fine.
  2. The switches on the door are all combined into one and there is only one plug that has about 20 connections in it. Brad
  3. Brad & Jacolyn

    Tinker Week?

    Would like to come play but I will be in Idaho then. WCR is calling. Brad
  4. Brad & Jacolyn

    Forum issues

    Mine is fixed. Thank you whoever for whatever you have done. Brad
  5. Brad & Jacolyn

    Forum issues

    I have the same problem. Hope someone knows how to correct it. Tired of seeing 'Preferred engine and why' everytime I bring up the forum.
  6. This dark thing is the reason you join the 230 club. 2:30 in the afternoon OR 230 miles and park it. You now have lots of time to fix a drink and get out the chairs to watch the people that are not real good at backing up RV's (there are lots of them and you may even learn some new words. Brad
  7. Well I went to the utube video and a couple of others (Thanks guys) and now I know how to remove the back of the mirror (and have the skinned up knuckles to prove it). I did that and even pulled the mirror moving part out and disassembled that. Not the easiest thing to do since there are 3 wires on it and no connections to unplug it. Everything appears to be in order so it may be electric problem. This means that I have hit the extent that I understand. Hopefully the WCR will have some experts available with some expertise in this area. Even when I had things apart I did not know what to touch to test. All I know for sure is the only fuse I find for mirrors is good, all the buttons on the door control light up when I press them and the drivers side works. Guess I will use it manually for now. Brad
  8. Thanks for the direction guys. It looks easy to do now I just hope to find the problem in the switch. That should be easy to remove. Rocky they also have videos for removing the entire mirror assembly. Hope you are getting all healed up. I hear that takes longer when you reach your advanced years.
  9. Good morning, My passenger side mirror has stopped moving. It will move manually but I'm afraid to do that for fear of breaking something. The only thing I have done so far is check the fuse and it is good. The drivers side moves. I checked the resource guide and did not find what I was looking for. I have to admit I have not tore into things yet to start checking wires and electricity etc because I have been moving down the road. But I thought that before I started that I better find out any tricks to remove the mirror back. Who knows this may become a WCR project. Brad
  10. Hi Dave, It may be real interesting to see what you could come up with in your shop. It would appear that our reckless youth does catch up after awhile. But the drag racing and motorcycles and the other silly stunts we pulled sure are fun to look back on aren't they. At home it was a bit of 'Hold my beer and watch this' Brad
  11. Comments like that is why I have a limp today.
  12. I'm afraid not. We are headed in the opposite direction. We will be at the WCR and the National though. Brad
  13. If MPG is a determining factor then RVing is probably not the hobby for you. Besides I thought the question was what engine and why. I have a 12 liter Volvo engine. That is what came in the truck when I bought it. Not bothered by the 8 MPG. Beside that is only when towing. The smart gets 40.
  14. Unless my math is wrong you are going to miss the April 26 retirement date. That's OK also as long as you are going . And pulling down Stupid money is always good. Brad
  15. Hi Jim, So far I have just bought the things I need at smart dealers when I happen to pass one. Brad
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