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  1. Brad & Jacolyn

    Staying powered up?

    I just mounted a battery minder and plug that in to keep things topped off.
  2. Brad & Jacolyn

    Changing tire with Level Up system

    Hi Suite, I don't have the level up. I have bigfoots. However, I have used them to pick up the rig for a flat, changing out broken springs and I use them ever time I grease the rig so I can check those neverlube bearing for play. I just put use the individual buttons and lift the entire side I want to work on. Don't remember if I have ever had all 4 off at the same time but the bigfoot would do it. I also carry a small shovel to dig tire holes on the high side on unlevel sites if the tires is going to come off the ground. Just make sure you have enough truck to pull it back out of the hole. 😀😀
  3. Brad & Jacolyn

    TPMS, or not

    I also have the 507 system with 10 sensors. Just installed it a couple of months ago and it works great. I purchased the set from Technorv and the price was pretty good. I had an old Tiretraker that got unreliable after 7 years. I got in the habit of changing the batteries every year but it could have just been the sensors. The batteries are CHEAP and easy to change. Brad
  4. Brad & Jacolyn

    How to remove over spray

    Will WD40 remove the paint from rubber seals? Brad
  5. Brad & Jacolyn

    Forum member sighting.

    Dennis we try to not go below 1/2 tank. It is just to painful to see numbers over $400. Brad
  6. Brad & Jacolyn

    How many forum members ...

    Always best to keep DP on board because Phil has that sneaky new truck now.
  7. Brad & Jacolyn

    How many forum members ...

    What was the question again?
  8. Brad & Jacolyn

    Starting Volvo after a year(s) of sitting!

    You could give a small shot of the dreaded starting fluid and see if it fires. I had to do that once when I had bad injectors leaking and would not hold the prime.
  9. Brad & Jacolyn

    Smart car running ruff after buying gas

    When I tried running regular gas my mileage dropped at least 8 - 10 MPG. Glad you have better luck. Brad
  10. Brad & Jacolyn

    Smart car radiator fan

    Chuck I certainly wish I would have known about this and your talents about 3 years ago when mine was replaced. It was a pricey deal but way beyond my smart car abilities. When I was told the front end had to come off and the AC purged and removed I quit at that point and had it fixed. Next time we will come and find you. Brad
  11. Brad & Jacolyn

    Smart car running ruff after buying gas

    Glenn it will run fine but the mileage will be lower. Al it sounds like water OR diesel in the gas to me. Worst comes to worst you may have to pull a line and let the fuel pump do the pump out for you.
  12. Brad & Jacolyn


    I always call when passing by. But then Phil likes our dogs.
  13. Brad & Jacolyn

    Private rv not for hire

    I think it is mostly private preference since we have determined (I think) that they carry no legal standing. I have them and they have just been replaced this week as the truck is being repainted. My feeling is that anything that prevents LEO from wanting to talk to me on the side of the road is good. It is just something to give him a reason to talk to someone else. JMHO. Brad
  14. Brad & Jacolyn

    New front oil caps - simple 30 min job but...

    Nice job. I have changed mine in the past. However, if you review the instructions I'm sure they did not mention the break off a bolt part.😀 Brad
  15. Brad & Jacolyn

    Starting Volvo after a year(s) of sitting!

    I don't remember a light and I could not hear anything. I was just told that I had to hold the button for 4 minutes. The truck spit and sputtered and then started. I know that the switch did not stay in the engaged position so it had to be held. Brad