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  1. Brad & Jacolyn

    The First, hopefully not "annual", North Texas HDT rally.

    Hi Phil, Didn't know you were at Ricks house. That may explain why he is wandering around mumbling about someone was going to drink all his beer. At least it sounded like that. I may be wrong. Hope you guys are having fun. Brad
  2. Brad & Jacolyn

    The First, hopefully not "annual", North Texas HDT rally.

    Glad to hear that you don't have any snow down there because I'm sick of it up here already. If I wanted to see snow I would have stayed in Michigan. Glad to see y'all are doing well down there. We miss you guys. Brad I didn't know that Houston was North Texas. I thought that was Dallas.
  3. Brad & Jacolyn

    Winegard Trav’elr

    Glad to hear they will cover under warranty. Also good that you have a house to send the repaired unit. I'll be curious to hear if they actually call you with problem. I did not get any calls after I approved the repair and did not know when it would be ready so they would know where to send it back. It arrived just in front of us at a location I was not expecting it but all worked out in the end. Brad
  4. Brad & Jacolyn

    2018, Pre-rally, HDT Rally, who is attending?

    42 windy and rain. And muddy.
  5. Brad & Jacolyn

    2018, Pre-rally, HDT Rally, who is attending?

    With the temps here you should feel right at home Jim. Brad
  6. Brad & Jacolyn

    Camera wiring

    Jim I ran my cable across the roof and into a box that is on top of the rig. Then down the existing hole and into the basement then forward. Prevented drilling a hole in the cap and fishing the cable. could also go over the top and down a vent pipe. Brad
  7. Brad & Jacolyn

    Smart Instrument Cluster

    The trick is to hide any left over parts before anyone sees them. Don't worry Rocky you didn't need the other parts. Really. Brad
  8. Brad & Jacolyn

    Smart Instrument Cluster

    I would check the internet. I have found instructions on how to remove various pieces of the smart over the years.
  9. Brad & Jacolyn

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    Good Morning Jack, I can't really help with the MA stuff but I will say that you don't want a daycab. They can't be retitled as a motor home because they don't have the things required. If you go FT you will eventually change your state of domicile (probably) and the daycab will hurt you. You should also look at the For Sale section of this forum for HDT's. Anything in there will most likely already be converted to a motor home. Welcome to the forum and you should consider coming to one of our rallies. Lots to look at and much information to absorb. Brad
  10. Brad & Jacolyn

    Winegard Trav’elr

    Hate to hear about your problem Suite. We have the Wineguard Trav'ler using Dish network. I pressed the button one day to stow and it pointed straight up. They did help get it down and stowed but to fix it I have to remove the unit from the roof and send it back to them for repairs. That was an ordeal that I won't go into here. They were not particularly easy to work with and being full time also complicated things. May be easier for you since you have a house. Good Luck. Brad
  11. Brad & Jacolyn

    Hi everyone brand new here!!

    102" is legal max so mine was built at 101" to allow for any miscalculations that may have occurred along the way. We had a wooden bed during our first 2 years on the road. That was before the smart when the HDT was our daily driver. Brad
  12. Brad & Jacolyn

    2018 National HDT Rally, who is going to be there?

    I gave him a band aid if I recall. And a beer. That covered the necessary medical treatment.
  13. Brad & Jacolyn

    2018 National HDT Rally, who is going to be there?

    Sorry to hear that Jim. Who is going to help me if I need to move a dryer this year? You have stopped bleeding by now. Brad
  14. Brad & Jacolyn

    2018 National HDT Rally, who is going to be there?

    Hi Dave, Jacolyn and I and the pups will be there. Brad
  15. Brad & Jacolyn

    Why convert to single axle?

    Everything that RandyA said plus I did not need the extra axle. I carry a smart car on the bed but I have a heavy front axle (14.6k) so I had no problem with the weight transfer to the front. That gave me room for 2 more boxes under the bed and full timers tend to carry lots of stuff. Brad