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  1. You only need headlights if you drive after dark Phil. You are supposed to be in the camp site long before that. Brad
  2. Are you sure that the F250 charged the batteries OR did the HDT just start from the F250 batteries? Guess it really doesn't matter as long as it started. I once started mine from a golf cart. Now that is embarrassing.🙄
  3. It was another great rally. Thank you Chad for organizing everything. Again. For all of my helpers, my new fan arrived today and has been installed. It works much better than the old one and is very quiet. Brad
  4. Was very happy for your help Dennis. Are you back home yet. We extended 1 day at Caldwell waiting for the fan part. It is supposed to be here today. Brad
  5. Not sure if you found the leak or not but on my 630 there is a drain valve on the side of the block tucked up kinda behind the turbo (at least on my 12 liter Volvo engine). I had an unexplainable leak and it turned out to be that valve AND it only leaked at about 1400 RPM. It has a threaded outlet and the tech reached WAAAY up from the bottom and screwed a pipe plug into the valve and it has not leaked since. Just another place to loook. Brad
  6. No blood involved Jim. I'm sure you have completely healed by now. I replaced the washer this time in March and I paid to have it delivered and installed. No one bled that time either. Maybe it was just you. I meant to ask 'Where are you' this year. I keep watching at happy hour and you have not appeared yet. Brad
  7. Well, we are at the WCR and the problem is fixed. I found a switch and we swapped mine into his truck and it works (Thanks Tom). Then Dennis (Thanks Dennis) found a plug buried between the top door hinge and the fender and the plug was pinched a bit, cracked and unplugged. We got it loose, cleaned up and plugged back in and the up and down worked but not the in and out. Now since I did not find the plug the first time and took the assembly apart while hanging from the wires I guessed I did something inside there. So now I know how to unhook the wires and removed the motor assembly again and took it apart on the table. Found one wire disconnected from one of the motors. It is all back together now and working. AND I did not bleed this time. Can't explain that part. Brad
  8. Nice job. Looks good.
  9. I appreciate the help guys but you keep saying reverse the switches. Mine is all one assembly and any switches are inside of the assembly. Nothing is individual and there is just one big plug on the back of it. To get to an individual switch the assembly would need to be disassembled. All controls for the mirror is on the drivers side. I'm hoping that when we get to the WCR someone will have the same type of switch and maybe we can swap them to test if mine really works or the problem is in the wiring or mirror. Brad
  10. Mine is an 04 and the entire switch assembly pops right out. It is all one unit. I was afraid to to start pulling out screws to take it apart. Is that what you are suggesting I do? Brad
  11. Rick when you say you have individual switches do you mean inside the switch or outside going into the door panel? I have several switches but they are all in one assembly and only have one plug on the back. Are you going to take the assembly apart? When I press the button for the passenger side mirror the switch lights up but then nothing moves (one the passenger side) when the buttons are pressed. The drivers side works fine.
  12. The switches on the door are all combined into one and there is only one plug that has about 20 connections in it. Brad
  13. Brad & Jacolyn

    Tinker Week?

    Would like to come play but I will be in Idaho then. WCR is calling. Brad
  14. Brad & Jacolyn

    Forum issues

    Mine is fixed. Thank you whoever for whatever you have done. Brad
  15. Brad & Jacolyn

    Forum issues

    I have the same problem. Hope someone knows how to correct it. Tired of seeing 'Preferred engine and why' everytime I bring up the forum.
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