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  1. The last time I was in Oregon where they pump your gas for you a young lady came to the drivers side window and I gave her my credit car and my little mini schnauzer jumps in my lap and the lady let my dog lick her in the face and I told my dog don't lick her and the girl said thats ok and I said no cause she just licked her butt..
  2. If California had an electoral college system and let the counties decide you would see a different outcome..
  3. Just came thru Roseburg,Or two weeks ago and stopped at Costco they had the 2kw Yamaha generators w/parallel kits for $399 out the door (no sales tax).So I got 2
  4. Sounds like he got his back pay in one check and since he was gone for 2 months his other checks was his regular monthly pay..
  5. I towed a 2008 Ford Edge for 5years and no problems. Agree what lenp said
  6. Used but not abused Northern California $50 PN1510000158 Date code 138071
  7. And the frog said "times fun when your having flies"
  8. 84xxx miles excellent condition very clean includes tow bar and all cables and wiring. $9000 OBO more photos at craigslist sacramento.4 new tires clean title. located in Northern California
  9. When we owned a lot in Timber Valley co-op in Sutherlin,Or. the co-op owns the sheds you just lease the lot with shed..
  10. Carry chains Mt Rose hwy East side of Lake Tahoe January 2017
  11. I thought we went where we were told and did what we were supposed to do..
  12. Makes one to never want to be captured Warner Springs 1962
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