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  1. Where do they find the contributors to that article? Surely they're unhappy campers so why are they still RVing?
  2. Dan, if you went directly to the Medicare Supplement site would those prices be the same? Your link is from senior65.
  3. What do you mean by 'Indian' parking lot. There's not a reservation there, is there?
  4. The same for us. We bought in Oregon and never returned to that dealer. It might depend on the manufacturer as to how you would be treated with other dealers.
  5. Now I know why we like a more natural setting. That's ugly!
  6. 2gypsies

    Mt Rushmore area

    We loved Jeeping and used the Benchmark series of gazeteers. They're only published for the western states and one per state. They are so easy to read and shows public lands clearly with many backroads. We had one for each state - pricey - but we added as we went over the years. We supplemented them with forest service maps.
  7. You must spend a LOT of time at the array of computers you have!!🤪
  8. I've used WordPerfect since it came out more than 40 yr. ago!! It's a powerful program and very easy.
  9. Do you have documentation to that? I a town has one or even more tow providers I doubt they wouldn't help when needed.
  10. There are many RVers living year-round in Cochise County. The RV parks are full of them. We know of many who do. So, yes, it is possible. Also, your concerns are legitimate - insulation, electric, water (if you're on your own property). Entry model RVs have poor insulation - look at an older, higher quality RV instead. Mobile homes would have better insulation than an RV. Cochise County gets cold in winter so it's not just summer temps you need to be concerned about. If heating via propane you will go through it fast. Good luck with your decision!
  11. So... you bought for the floorplan but admit the quality isn't up to par. You "loved the Legacy package but could not find the layout we required." I guess I just don't understand purchasing that way.
  12. The above is the route I'd recommend, also. If you take Hwy 2 all the way your biggest 'hill' will be in Washington - Stevens Pass. You'll have 6.5 miles of 5-6% with 40 mph curves - downhill. The first 4.5 mi. are four-lone; then three-lane; then two-lane. It's at 4061' elevation - definitely not a biggie of the Rocky Mountains!
  13. Any thoughts on Avast and/or Malware Premium?
  14. What about the countries/states that had temperatures at 70-75 deg. The virus wasn't killed. They still had cases.
  15. I just skip those sites that make you go thru hoops to read an article. There are usually plenty of other sites with the same information.
  16. We haven't even been through the seasons yet so no one really knows. It hasn't been proven. It's also interesting that everyone mentions sun and 'humidity'. What about places with little humidity? https://www.wired.com/story/how-might-the-change-of-seasons-affect-covid-19/
  17. This virus is one BIG glitch affecting everyone; not just RVers. Personally, I believe it's too early to make any future plans as to begin or ending RVing. No one knows everything about this virus; how long it will last and if it returns as bad. Vaccines are being worked on swiftly. We're all learning. How many things have happened in the past that could have affected the RVing community but it always bounced back? If one wants to do any kind of travel RVing is the very best way to do it. Sit tight for a few months. Don't do anything drastic.
  18. You would really appreciate a walk-around bed... you stay warmer if not up against the wall .. the wall and mattress could get damp from the humidity of you sleeping ... easier to get out of during the night without waking the other ... easier to fix the bed. ... they sometimes have an end corner cut off at an angle to make more room to walk by. This makes for shorter length for the person sleeping at that corner. As stated above, we utilized the national parks a lot and fit on the sites with our 40' motorhome plus the car. Good luck!
  19. Two months have passed from the date of the petition. Wondering if it had any effect. Campgrounds in public parks don't seem to be opening.
  20. I agree. Gloves offer no more protection than bare hands. You have gloves on and pick up an item and then grab your cart. Your cart now has a possibility of being contaminated; same as if you were just using your hands. Unless you dispose of the gloves immediately after putting the one item in your cart and putting a new pair on before you touch the handle of the cart you're not getting rid of the virus. So... you continue shopping and repeat touching everything with either your gloves or just your hands and on to your cart handle. Then you go to pay. You handle your purse or wallet with finding your payment card. Your payment card is now contaminated along with the receipt that the cashier just gave you and the bag handles the bagger touched. You get to the car and handle your keys and the car door handles. At this time you either take off your contaminated gloves or with your bare hands you reach for the sanitizer which now has the virus on the bottle. Bottom line... you're not going to be completely free of exposing yourself to the virus. You just do the best you can and don't over-obsess with it. By the way, I hope everyone is disposing of those gloves properly. We're seeing more and more of them just laying in the parking lot.
  21. I also think it air rifle only unless it changed.
  22. It is not only for people who RV. It's a forum for those who are interested in RVing or who have RVd in the past. There are no restrictions on who is on this forum.
  23. Do you have good insulation on the walls? Cabinets with closed doors in the winter can get moisture in them.... same for closets. You could cut foam and put it on the back walls of the cabinets but that would cut down on storage space. In the winter you could also leave the cabinets/closet door open an inch or so to let them air out. We had a travel trailer at one time and noticed that with the mattress up against the wall it was damp in the morning from the coldness of the wall and our breath creating moisture during the night. I got into the habit of every morning pulling the mattress away from the wall a couple inches and that solved the problem of mildew on the underside of the mattress.
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