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  1. You know how to fix all those issues at once don't ya? Ya got wheels.... MOVE outta the 80+ degree weather stoopid. LMAO. I don't really know about the fans. If your windows are open then I would just exhaust. It they were closed I might do one in and one out. You're basically looking for air exchange for the best cooling affect. From my own experience... when it gets really hot out I tend to leave my windows closed and do an in and out fan to pass air. It might just be my imagination, but it seems more effective moving air through the house than it is letting all the hot air from outside in.
  2. Well THAT's extremely odd. He WAS there. Gary (in Washington state) had spoken to him and told me.. almost word for word.. "..you could meet him on his way up. He's making some stops in with family, or you can just come here. He's bringing my order in by the end of the week." Maybe you should try and work through him. Me being a third wheel doesn't seem to be helping. I wonder if she meant he had just gone in for a doctor visit or some such. Sonny's RV Repair & Supplies Gary & Colleen Jensen 10964 Rhody Drive Port Hadlock, WA 98339 360-385-4819 Hope it works out. They are some very grill shields.
  3. I was going to say... yeah... I don't think so buddy.. "300". You're panels were doing a bit of heavy lifting. You can see the aux draws from your mid to late morning. Looks real sharp! And I agree.. I don't think you'll have any issues if you can sustain a full charge day with that much traffic, this time of year, and a partially cloudy day. Day 2 must have been your "heavy" day hu? That was a lot of juice, there! I don't think you could get any happier with that.
  4. He's moving from AZ up through WA and on to Alaska. If you're on route you might even be able to meet up along the way, or I can get you a distributors list that will all be fully re-stocked throughout the week.
  5. WAIT. Garry just called. You're good. Must have been a glitch for awhile there. He's open for business and feeling better now. The plan right now is he's going to be making his way up North over this next week and making all of his distributors deliveries. If you call today, he's in the shop and I just confirmed the 1-800-866-4165 went right through.
  6. I'll post when I hear something one way or the other, but if he's just been fighting the flu or what not I'm sure he'll be back at it. Gary and he keep in pretty close contact and as far as he knew he was still in business and he was just waiting on his order to come in.
  7. Sure! I didn't have his home number to see what's up, but I did put in a call to a mutual friend who runs an RV shop in the NW... and also carries Dougs line of GrillGuards. He said he didn't really have much of anything in stock and hadn't received his replacement orders yet. He mentioned Doug hadn't been feeling well recently and was very backed up. When I mentioned that the business line seemed to be disconnected, he got a little concerned, DOES have his home number, said he would check in on him and give me a call back. If you want to, you can PM your contact information and I would be happy to pass it along to him when I hear back. He and his wife are also Escapee's and can give you the low down, answer any questions you have about the product line and get you sorted if you decide to purchase one.
  8. Are you talking about Doug's portable bar-b-que grill guard? Like a stainless steel wrap around shield thingy? Whatsit... Outdoor products or something like that?t Is that what you're talking about? Or a truck winter summer grill blanket/screen?
  9. Adding in an additional third-party component can be really tricky getting the two to not interfere with the onan's normal operating values/checks. Why couldn't you just leave it alone in the morning, set your low voltage paramerter high enouh that it would still trip the 2-hour prefill routine that runs before a quiet time setting kicks in. In 2 hours you "should" be generating quite a bit of juice to keep you.. if not completely.. darn near topped off. Even if it wasn't keeping you "entirely" caught up It wouldn't do any hard to your system at all to let it run that way for 3 or 4 days, gradually working the SOC down incrementally, then just stick around one morning for an early cycle. It should put you ahead enough that the evening quiet time prefill routine could take care a FULL top off. Not what you were asking, I know, but would likely give you 3 or 4 "free" days, one morning on duty, then 3 or 4 more days of freedom with what you already got. I wouldn't go more than 5 days without a full top off.. and wouldn't let anything drop below 60%, but... your batteries ARE there to use and I kind of doubt you would really be seeing anything near the 60's with 2 hours daily off your onan. Just another track of thought.
  10. Personally, I have never been lost before. I always know exactly where I am. On a few occassions though I HAVE had my house move on me. Taking a walk for a couple days, coming back and my rig is not where I left it without even so much as a note. I think it's just it's way of letting me know it's feeling neglected and never moves very far. Generally never more than a couple miles in any given direction so it's really just making a nusiance of itself at my expense. I've thought about marking a waypoint on my little handheld Garmin, but then again... I like to travel light on walkabout. Thinking about it in depth... it wouldn't really make any difference anyway if it's no longer at the last known waypoint. Seems like an effort in futility. We still find a way to get along. Having a little "space" and freedom to explore your surroundings without necessarily knowning what's between "A" and "B", or even when you'll get there, can be rejuvinating. It's the best part of our chosen lifestyle, IMHO. Don't be afraid to turn off your gadgets every now and again. I guarantee you'll eventually "get there"... wherever "there" actually ends up being.
  11. Deeralopes? That's just an urban myth. They don't exist. Probably just some gamer generation youth with an imagination and photoshoping a jackalope photo they ran across.
  12. Let's not start making this personal. My hitch was down and a perfectly good splaining...
  13. I'll state it clear... you're a photoshoping wizard (it DID look realistic) if you can make believe even a single individual could believe Jackalopes actually get that big. Plain enough!? Calling you out, my friend. 1.5lbs... 2... "average". Anythiing over 5lbs... you're just blowin the same juice your sippin. Tough love, bro. Deal with it...
  14. Where did you even find that photo?? From all of your posts I never would have thought you to believe in such bunk. Why do you think there are so few photos and head plaques? Have you ever tried to pop a 2lb jackalope with a .22 at 50 yards?? They are as skiddish as all get out. Clearly... age does not necessarily equate to wisdom. I have NO idea what to do with you two....
  15. Oh come on, Kirk. That's clearly a hoax photo! I've never seen or heard of a jackalope over 5-7 pounds at the biggest. And I've seen more than a few in my day. I'm sure Al has can to that fact. Probably the average Jackalope never reach more the 3-4lbs and less than half that weight is even edible. Talk about believing every you see in a photo...