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  1. I don't especially trust filter minders so usually use the weigh method to tell when it's getting time to change air filters. For the life of me though... I can't remember, can't find my chart, and haven't been successful finding anything online. It's just a stock Motorcraft blue media filter. Would anyone happen to have a weight chart, or even just an "end of useful life" weight? In case anyone asks... the filter minder reads "ok", and no... no dash lights. I usually like to change them out between 75%-80%. TIA
  2. I generally tend to avoid truck stop RON's. Not that there is anything wrong with them, or that I don't use their services. You can (almost universally) expect to get a decent meal and good coffee in their restraunts, grab a shower, do a little laundry or wash your rig. However... just my personal thoughts... I consider them to be a truckers "place of doing business" of a sort. Their jobs are vital. They don't have the options I do about where they stop for services critical to their day-to-day. Even "comfort" conveniences like idle air. There may be quite a number of open parking spots when you pull in, but you'll also notice that by the early hours they are generally packed to the gills. It just isn't worth the risk, to me, to potentially force some rig to park on an on-ramp. They deserve to have those services convenient to them and easily understandable if some truckers develop the opinion that RVers are a PITA. Where RV only parking is provided... that's a little different matter, but in the corridors I tend to travel, I haven't seen many that do.
  3. Dunno.. but my 2 sons just received theirs from ATT. Worked right out of the box and #2 son reported -60db and speed tested at 22mb/s and 11mb/s upload.
  4. Ed's got it about right. That's a quick and simple method that's right about on track. Half a bubble in. The general rule is to stay within 3 degrees of level. That works out to approximately 1/2" per 3 feet if you choose to use the measure method. It may not sound like much, but for a long 40'er that could mean a 20" differential from front to rear. That being said though... it really is best to try and stay on level whenever possible. Even slightly off will raise the operating temperature and over a period of time degrade your cooling unit.
  5. Nope. I'm a westerner and regularly traverse our little hills (aka, The Rocky, Cascade, Pacific, Sierra mountain ranges). But you're probably right in that perceptions may be selective. There is somehow a difference in an 18-wheeler moving slowly up over the hills engaged in industry vital to our economy. There is no alternative and they have no choice so it's easier to have patience. On the flip side, it's difficult to have patience getting stuck behind an RV'r with a woefully underpowered TV (by choice), passing turnout after turnout, just so he can go fishin.
  6. Speaking in general terms... I agree with Jim. There is a difference between "it's possible" and being "capable". Note that Jim said "travel trailers".. TT's and 5er's. Popups are a different animal. I have to disagree to some extent. Is it possible within the published weight ratings... yes. Are they, in most cases, "adequate"... typically, no. My F150 V8 w/tow package (rated for 9.9k tow) towing my rig dry (5.5k) up a VERY gradual 3 mile rise on the interstate (actual experience) has two options. Maintain gear just under the RPM threshhold and drop to 40-45mph, or kick it in to overdrive and "scream" my way up to maintain normal flows of traffic... @7mpg. "Capable", to me, means being able to maintain a normal flow of traffic within normal operating ranges of my tow vehicle. Having to max my RPM's and tranny just to maintain a reasonable flow of traffic... not so much. There are a few tow configuations where you can get away with it for a weekend hop a few times a year, but "more than adequate", IMHO, does not generally apply to the greater majority. Sure enough.. someone is going to chime in and say there is nothing wrong with doing 40-45mph, but I just don't like being "that guy" that's content to be a moving road hazzard and have 20 cars stacked up behind me for 10 miles while moving up a 2-laner w/few turnouts. Let alone enjoy being cussed out by every vehicle that passes me when I finally "can" turn out.
  7. X3
  8. Mine either : NO flippin idea : ME too!!
  9. That doesn't sound good! Worse case they generally just drill through the handle and manually retract the door latch. The latch/lock assembly will be shot, but easily replaceable and should never result in a twisted frame. The tech was on site for 4 hours messing with it... or including wait time as well? Glad you and your pups got paroled, but what a way to start your new adventures. Once you get the first 3 disasters out of the way then you'll be good to go for awhile. What number are you on??
  10. Hmmm. Ours didn't update via carrier. The phones hadn't been activated and didn't even have a sim in when the update came over wifi.
  11. Sounds like you got it handled. Yes.. the "alternate" was the button combo hard reset option. Getting into safe mode should be the same for all carriers since it's an OS/hardware feature.. not a carrier installed feature. Sometimes it takes a couple of tries and works best from "OFF" rather than "restart". Worked on both my sons S7 and my S7 Edge running nougat (7.0). I don't keep up all that much about phones, but both of our phones recently did the update and have had no issues like yours. Dunno if what you're experiencing is common, but not for us.
  12. If you still want to try a reset from the UI, and depending on your build.. to quickly get to reset in 7.0... go: Settings>General management>reset
  13. Boot in to safe mode. There is an alternate hard reset method (without using the UI), but this one worked for me.
  14. True. Everyone's definition of "a lot" is going to be different. If you look at it in terms of 1 load in the dryer (0.4gal) is the equivelant of 10 1/2 hours of stove top cooking.... That seems like a lot when you can just spin dry, hang, and be ready for folding just after lunch.
  15. Who is this admin? Seems like our membership should have the right to know who it is that is protecting us from ourselves and banning our comrades.