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  1. My new one is the one on top.
  2. Seems like some rv'ers want to see who can get up the hill the fastest.
  3. I have a FREE steer safe removed from a Freightliner Powerliner Chassis. Must pickup in Loomis,Ca Too heavy to mail. Easy install.
  4. I have seen a VA means test for each state..depends on what state you claim as your primary resident.The more expensive state,the more money you can make to qualify. They look at your federal income tax form for the year that you apply..
  5. Gov.MoonBeem of Kalifornia just raised the gas tax by 43%.
  6. Hopefully this will change in 2017
  7. Thats what I need the bluetooth device for the tv. Maybe I could then tell the wife to turn down the tv..LOL
  8. Mine are 7years old and I paid $3000 for them. Going to the VA monday and I'll apply for the new ones. Save myself a lot of $$$
  9. Anyone get their hearing aids from the VA, if so how do you like them?
  10. I-80 over Donner Summit is getting a lot of snow. I don't travel where there is snow cause my wife doesn't like to put them on.
  11. If a Canadian gets a DUI in Canada do they kick him out of Canada? Just a thought.
  12. google what % efficiency is a solar panel
  13. Most solar panels have a 11-15% efficiency
  14. They only let so many people in,you have to get you ticket way ahead of the next one. Very windy,muddy,drugs,nudity etc.