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Dometic RMS 8551

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we’ve noticed there’s a fan stuck on the fridge and it won’t switch off even when we’ve turned the mains off. We’ve had to disconnect the battery to get it to stop. The noise seems to be coming from the back vent where the gas duct exhaust is but we’ve never used it on gas? Any ideas please. Thanks

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There are likely computer fans back there. They fairly inexpensive. If fridge on slide out it will have an added fan since it can't have a fridge vent of top.

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The fans in a typical RV refrigerator are powered by 12V power, as are all of the refrigerator controls, whether you are using propane or 120V shore power for the heating source that makes it operate. In most RV refrigerators that have a factory installed exhaust fan the fan is turned on and off by a thermostat inside of the rear portion of the refrigerator but if the fan was added by a previous owner it well may operate all of the time. If you turn the refrigerator off, does that make the fan stop running? 

After looking at the schematic for your model in the Dometic Service Manual at this link, I see no fans on any drawing so that makes me suspect that the fan in question was added by someone. Did the fan always do this or is it something that has recently changed?

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Kirsten, There are several manufacturers of after market 12 VDC Computer/Muffin fans maybe 3 to 5 inches in diameter (some single others side by side doubles) owners install themselves which are reported to improve cooling efficiency that are NOT any part of the factory fridge. Some are thermostat controlled to switch off and on based on temperature (if so the T stat may have failed stuck ON),,,,,,,,,,Some are set to turn on anytime the fridge is operating,,,,,,,,Some have a small switch there in the rear near them. If turning off the fridge does NOT shut it off and its 12 VDC powered, I suspect its an after market fan which are inexpensive and easy to install, maybe a few screws even zip ties lol. Look for a small 12 VDC fan that appears added on and its wires including any small T Stat controller. Maybe the fan is okay and its simply a T Stat issue??? Look on the RV exterior side where the fridge access door is removed.. Ive even seen some mounted up top where the roof vent is located. Here are a few such fans, maybe single or double??



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