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i just had my et hitch installed and slider fifthwheel removed. They used the valve that the slider was attached to so i hit the button in the cab to air it up.

Only thing is i cant drive with that button on. the stop light comes on and warning buzzer lol never really thought of that. can i just tight into an air bag line instead. thanks


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I had the same problem when I upgraded my hitch.  Previous owner used that air source and I got the same result, which is OK IF only filling the bags then shutting off the air supply, but I need a continuous supply for my heavier pin and hitch.  So I went to the cab air bag lines, be sure to use the line before the leveling valve, otherwise you have modulated air, and ran that back to my hitch, I used a regulator so I can adjust if needed for different trailers.


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What rpsinc suggests is best, and how we did it too.  No regulator need with an ET as it has a leveling valve.

On the older trucks, the sliding hitch valve works, since it doesn't throw alarms, other than a light, but a piece of tape will cover that.

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