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Kodiak U-L 248BHSL, Aspen Trail 2550BHS, Zinger Lite ZR270BH, Trailmaster SE 26BHG


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Which of these has the best quality and materials used?

My wife and I are looking to make a good choice for quality and materials that doesn't break the bank.

Do you have any good suggestions i haven't listed pls feel free to tell us.  We don't want to spend above 35-40k and we live in ontario, Canada. 

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Kodiak and Aspen Trail are by Dutchman RV.

Zinger is from Crossroads RV.

Trailmaster is from Gulfstream. 

I have never owned any or those brands but I do have good friends who have owned a Zinger for 5+ years and have been satisfied with it. All three companies are known for mid-range products for quality. In looking at there there are several conclusions that can be drawn just from advertisements. The first is that an RV which is priced consistently higher than the others on your lise across several different dealerships usually has a reason for the higher price. Also, the corrugated siding is typically used only on the lowest price/quality models as it costs less that any of the fiberglass sidings. Based on those two things alone I would suspect that the Kodiak is also the better made, but that is done with no examining of the inside and materials used and in workmanship. 

Good travelin !...............Kirk

Full-time 11+ years...... Now seasonal travelers.
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I know nothing about the quality of any of those but I, personally, would prefer one of the first two simply for the placement of the TV. I hate TVs that are placed where you are guaranteed to get a crick in your neck from watching and we like to watch movies.

Linda Sand

Blog: http://sandcastle.sandsys.org/

Former Rigs: Liesure Travel van, Winnebago View 24H, Winnebago Journey 34Y, Sportsmobile Sprinter conversion van

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