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Replacing RV window Treatments


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We would like to remove the RV valances and the pleated day/night shades. We never use the day shades. What have you found works or doesn’t work, roller shades, rod curtains, Etc. How did you attach them, since there isn’t much in the RV walls for strength, command hook?

looking for ideas. 

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Like you, we don't like the day/nigh shades for a lot of reasons. Luckily, my wife was once in the custom drapery business and so is very familiar with making and mounting them. She removed the valances in both of our 2 most recent RVs and recovered the original ones in our present travel trailer and did away with them in the previous motorhome. The remade ones she installed blinds from Lowe's that were custom fit at purchase and then we put the recovered valances back. Others she used standard drapery hardware to mount but used mounting screws with the plastic pugs made for sheetrock use and never had any problems from doing so. We were fulltime in the motorhome for 12 years (owned it for 14 years) and she changed all window coverings at least 2 times. We never had to replace any of the mounting screws from having pulled out of the wall or failing. 


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The windows in my van were inset so I was able to use tension rods to hang lightweight curtains. If you keep the valances, you could use tension rods within them.

Linda Sand

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