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Calyx internet is history


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Originally I had about two years of delicious internet service wherever I traveled.  Then Calyx Institute had

to change service providers to Sprint, which of l course was acquired by T-Mobile.  The original Alcatel equipment

was very reliable; now you have to use T-Mobil equipment, with which I have essentially NO internet.   It is a total

waste of money.

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I'm surprised you're having problems.  I got their Iseego M2000 5G MiFi several months ago and have been very pleased with it.  It has a stronger 5G signal at our home than my Visible phone does which works on the Verizon network and almost every place we've traveled as we're heading south for the winter has had a 5G signal...there's only been a couple of places where it's been 4G.  In fact, there was one town we stopped in where the M2000 had a strong 5G signal, but my phone showed "no service."

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I agree 100% with Linda H. and Bill Joyce.  On a recent trip to Texas, we found that the INSEEGO MiFi 5G M2000 hotspot from The Calyx Institute performed in almost every case with download speeds exceeding 20 mbps, which is totally adequate for our streaming needs. We will unquestionably continue our membership when it comes up for renewal.


So, jmw, here’s my reply to you: If you indeed were a Calyx Institute member of record, you were sent numerous E-mails indicating the need to update your equipment in order to have continued service, given the changes of ownership of the Internet provider associated with the original contract for Internet service. I suggest you contact the folks at The Calyx Institute, if you so choose, to see what you can do payment-wise and equipment-wise to re-initiate your membership and the Internet service benefit that goes with it. Then you can make your decision on actual factors, not assumptions, emotions or old information.

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Any third party Internet provider is vulnerable to their contract with the physical service provider being changed or cancelled.  Before I retired I had to scramble and change over a dozen mountaintop transmitter sites that had been using wireless Internet service from Millenicom when Verizon abruptly cancelled their master contract with them.  It wasn't fun.

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