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Energy audit

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We are checking out L1 and L2 loads this morning. My new dishwasher, clothes dryer on L2. Microwave is on L1 also mini split. My L1 is usually 5-11 amps unless microwave is on. Goes up to 22ish with microwave on high. L2 going up the 39 amps with dryer and dishwasher on. Thinking need to move dishwasher to L1. Sound right? Wanting to balance this out to size inverter. Have not checked out water heater yet. It is on L1. 

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This is always like chasing a moving target.  When the dryer isn't running then the L2 is light.  Then somebody plugs in an appliance and....  Your best guess then watch it now and again and maybe fine tune it some.  We get by with a small inverter and just rotate our loads.

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I checked, well goggled it, and this Bosh dishwasher uses 1400 watts per hour. So it is power hungry but it works great. DW can't stop bragging on it. My L1 is always lowest on amps. So believe I will move it to that leg. I do believe I can get by with 8k inverter. 

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