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Suggestions for 101 north of Coos Bay OR then west following the Columbia to Lewiston ID


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We are at the Craborang until the last week in September then heading north on the 101. Any suggestions for a couple of two or three day stops, maybe state parks?

Is Portland safe to drive thru with the insurrection?

Finally I understand there are a lot of camping spots along the Columbia, any suggestions on that?  Mt Hood seems to be mostly closed right now.. Thanks for any suggestions.

Once we get to Lewistoin we will play it by weather ear, it's predicted to snow at Crater Lake toningt and night temps are heading into the thirties at elevation. Not sure is takeing US 2 east is sensible in October. We need to be back in North Florida by November 1st.

Aspens and other trees are changing color in ID and OR right now.


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It is unfortunate about the insurrection....downtown Portland use to be a wonderful place.  I went there on business for three decades.  You do want to take I-205 to bypass downtown.

I assume you will head east on I-84 and then 12 to Lewiston.  Here are some postings on things to do and camping spots along the route once you hit the dry side.  Don't forget to visit the wineries in Walla Walla....remember the Napa Valley is the Walla Walla of California.  



If you have never been over Highway 12 to Montana that is worth the trip.  See latter section about Highway 12.


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We traveled the part from Portland to Lewiston a couple of times but it has been several years now. If you have time, do take one of the jetboat tours up the Snake River, Hell's Canyon. We took Beamer's Full Day tour out of Clarkston, OR which is just across the river.  If I were you I would plan to take US95 when you leave the Clarkston/Lewiston area. 

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There is a COE park just east of the junction of I-84 and US 97, La Page Park.  Great little park on the John Day river.   We stop there because it is easy access then to Maryhill Winery, which is locate high on a bluff overlooking the river.     

If you stop somewhere around Astoria you can visit the Lewis & Clark winter camp Fort Clatsop, which is a National Monument.   Several RV parks around the area and since it is after Labor Day, shouldn't be hard to find one.   Then take US 30 to the Portland area, pick up I-84 on the west side and just head on east.  No, you will not be involved in any of the protesting going on in one small area of Portland.  It is a Northwest thing so just ignore it.   Actually, it will start raining soon and that will subdue everything until spring.  

Is there a reason for going to Lewiston, ID?   As you said, October becomes really iffy in the Rockies and given the weird weather this summer, I think I would just stay on I-84 to I-80 and head across.  Stop in Abilene, Kansas if you haven't before and see the Eisenhower home, etc.   

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The Jet boat tour sounds like something to try Kirk. We took 95 all the way up to Bonner's Ferry two years ago.

And no we have no special reason to be heading to Lewiston, it's just in the general direction we want to go. We have time to wander tho, about a month to get back to Florida and so we aren't interested in zooming cross country on the Interstates unless we are running short on time. That Lewis and Clark NM sounds interesting.

Vladimir your blog is very interesting and I added those sites to my Future Stop map. I wish Blogger allowed the blogs to use RSS. I'll be looking thru your posts.

I have Blyton Landing COE on that map as well as Columbia Hills Historical SP which is supposed to have good rockart.

As for Hwy 12 we been up it from Missoula years ago and a couple years ago camped at the Idaho end at the Square Dance RV park, no dancing allowed at the time tho...heh.


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