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DFAS June 2021 Retiree Newsletter


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Director’s Message

Welcome to the June 2021 Retiree Newsletter!

Status Notifications Roll Out in 2021

Over the coming year, DFAS is rolling out the use of status notifications to keep you in the loop as forms or documents they submit move through the retired and annuity pay processing cycles.

Your Retired Pay Account Needs a Regular Checkup

Use this handy checklist to do a retired pay checkup at least once a year.

How to Make the Payment of Your Final Paycheck Easier for Your Loved Ones

After you pass away, a one-time payment of your final paycheck is made to a beneficiary. This is called your Arrears of Pay (AOP).

Tip: Changing Bank Accounts for Your Pay? Start Early

If you need to change the bank account for your direct deposit, or change an allotment, make sure you allow a window of time for the change to be processed.

What SBP Annuitants Need to Know - How to Verify Eligibility to Keep Payments Coming

Survivor Benefit Plan annuitants need to verify their continued eligibility regularly to receive SBP annuity payments. See this article for an outline of the requirements.

News from Our Partners: Airborne Hazards and Open Burn Pit Registry

If you served in the Southwest Asia theater of operations, you may be eligible for the registry.

News from Our Partners: CFC Giving Can Continue into Retirement

Once a campaign exclusively for Federal employees, civilian and military retirees can now continue their giving through CFC.

News from Our Partners: Air Force Retirees Again Bolster Air Force Assistance Fund

The men and women serving in the four official and affiliate charities of the Air Force thank you, our Air Force Retiree family, for your generous support during the 2021 AFAF Campaign.

News from our Partners: Armed Forces Retirement Home Offers Safe and Secure Residency Opportunities for Independent Living Veterans!

If you are considering a move to a safe and secure senior community that caters to independent living veterans, the Armed Forces Retirement Home (AFRH) may be for you!

Click here for a PDF of the June 2021 Retiree Newsletter

Download a PDF of the June newsletter to read, print or share (right click and choose "Save As" to save to your computer)


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