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inverter wire diagram


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Ricks, check the Manual especially any adjustable set points concerning Low Voltage Cut Out. On some Inverters it may ???? be possible to manually adjust at what low voltage they automatically shut down for example say 12.0 to 12.3 etc etc etc  OR IT MAY BE FACTORY SET AND FIXED ??? and such may be ??? based in part on your chosen battery chemistry be it FLA or AGM or Lithium CONSULT BATTERY AND INVERTER RECOMMENDATIONS  !!!!!!!!! AGM and FLA are more prone to more voltage drop as state of charge decreases then Lithium........

It could be working fine and doing its job such as perhaps you are drawing too heavy of a load, the battery voltage drops below the Inverters safety low input voltage cut off and its shutting down.

Perhaps you lack adequate battery capacity such that it doesn't take much current to shut down the Inverter due to low input voltage...

Perhaps the cables from Battery to Inverter are either undersized or the length is excessive causing excess voltage drop and the Inverter isn't receiving adequate voltage ??? Bigger cables and locating the Inverter closer to batteries helps reduce line voltage drop

Perhaps there's some sort of circuit breaker or other overcurrent protection devices that are tripping out due to excess current flow?? 

Inadequate battery capacity and what all is Inverter powered are the first things Id take a look at

QUESTIONS  Is this an Inverter ONLY or an Inverter with a Transfer Switch GP-SW1500-TS ?? I ask because when you mention NO POWER TO THE COACH I wonder if that's the one you have and how its configured ????? Even if NOT and there's no shore power coming in, if the Inverter drops out (for whatever reason) you obviously have no 120 VAC power.......  

NOTE when you say you have NO POWER TO THE COACH that makes me wonder what all the Inverter powers (entire coach ??) how you're configured including any transfer switch arrangements and what loads are powered strictly via the Inverter??? Often, only certain chosen critical loads are Inverter powered NOT an entire coach. If you're powering an entire coach, based on the size of your Batteries, Inverter and RV loads, that could be problematic !!!!!! For sure when on battery and Inverter power SHUT OFF THE CONVERTER CHARGER. So does the Inverter power the entire coach orrrrrrr only certain chosen loads ???? If the whole coach you better have a big enough Inverter and batteries. If you had any devices you could choose between LP gas or Electric, when on battery and Inverter power switch to LP Gas .... 

Not knowing how you're configured, any transfer switching, whole coach or partial Inverter use, your Battery and Inverter ratings, your actual loads , I cant solve this from here..........Read the manual, determine your battery ratings, see what all is Inverter/Battery powered, check out any of the Inverters low voltage drop out settings  

John T 



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