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skymed requires negative COVID

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I was looking into Skymed.   It appears that should I need transport I cannot be transported if I have COVID.  I was thinking about it now since the hospitals where I am are full and it would be nice to have the option to be transported back to my home state.   Guess that is not currently an option.  Even if you end up in the hospital in an emergency accident it is probably pretty likely you could test positive at this point in time.   Any comments about Skymed for future reference after COVID.   Anyone with current experience using the service in the pandemic

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Researching medical evacuation during this pandemic is a very good idea.

The best source of information regarding SkyMed services during the COVID pandemic is the "SkyMed Response to COVID 19" letter sent by SkyMed's President, Eleanore Klein, to all SkyMed members, representatives, employees and contractors. The letter is posted on skymed.com. Click the yellow button near the top right corner of the home page. It is valuable information for anyone who might need a medical evacuation during this pandemic.

The first few paragraphs of the letter discuss COVID-19, CDC and US State Department requirements. The CDC requires immediate quarantine upon positive diagnosis of COVID-19.  If you are a hospital inpatient at the time of the positive COVID-19 diagnosis, as in the example you gave of injury from a non-COVID related accident, you would be quarantined in the hospital. You would not be certified as "Fit-to-fly" by an attending physician while you are under quarantine. No medical evacuation service will transport you against a doctor's orders, i.e. without the Fit-to-fly certification. When the quarantine is ended and you are certified as Fit-to-fly by your attending physician, SkyMed will take you to an appropriate hospital near your home or to your home as stated in the 4th Q&A in the letter.

Since the start of this pandemic SkyMed has rescued many of its members from locations around the world back to their homes or home hospitals in the USA and Canada.

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FMCA Travel Assist has a pandemic clause, they will not cover anyone with COVID-19. I don't know about Escapees Travel Assist, as it is different than FMCA plan.  Good Sam Travel Assist will cover members with COVID-19 ( I called and asked after the FMCA member posted of her experience)


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