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Fridge Repair


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While I'm quarantined/stuck at home for a while I enjoy RV maintenance and prep for the next trip. So last week I go out and switch the Fridge to LP Gas, I hear the gas valve open (gas is present) BUT THE FLAME DOESN'T IGNITE and I don't hear the tell tale "snap snap snap"  "clik clik clik" of the high voltage sparks Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. I start with the very first and basic troubleshooting, I check voltage and grounds and connections and spark gap etc. After that I remove the Ignitor Tip and find a slight build up coating of gray colored ??? I gently remove all that and smooth and clean up the tip, reinstall and  ITS WORKED PERFECT EVER SINCE........... I usually carry a spare Ignitor Tip and circuit board, but so far I've never had a Dinosaur brand replacement board fail KOOCK ON WOOD 

 Moral of the story, use the KISS method and check those ignitor tips for contamination and its gap and for carbon traces or hairline cracks as I've had more of those cause non ignition then the expensive control circuit boards. Other problems over many years were low voltage or rust or loose connections or resistive grounds. Its better to check and maintain all the appliances at home before hitting the road and I actually enjoy it

Best wishes and God Bless

John T 


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4 hours ago, Kirk W said:

Keep working John and one day you may know as much as Vern and I, the humble technicians!

Thanks Kirk, yeppers in my 49 years of RV ownership, electrical engineering experience and training, used RV sales, and having to fix the darn things myself grrrrrrrrrrr I picked up something and maybe someday "if I keep working" I may know as much as you ?????

However it looks like you have a problem with  YOUR  recent statement "Take a look at the wire sizes on your power cord. You will find that in a 50a RV cord the neutral is much smaller than L1 & L2"     "much smaller"  LOL Sorry Kirk I had to tease you a bit its all goodhearted and in fun, no ill intentions, NO ONE is perfect certainly not me nor anyone here for that matter........We all just try our best to help and that's what counts

Hey don't sell yourself short as a  "humble technician" BOTH engineers as well as technicians are important and valuable, I had several great technicians work under me for years and learned from them and they also learned from me, techs and engineers make a good team, you gotta have BOTH especially in todays hi tech society.

 Again hope you didn't get too much rain and hope we can meet sometime somewhere in Texas, you're always welcome at my place.

 Take care, God Bless and Best Wishes my friend

 John T 


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