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New hitch on truck & review


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Sooo, I wanted to get a full motion hitch to dampen the rough ride of my International 4700. I ran across a hitch from ProPride. Not a common name in 5er hitches, but well respected in the travel trailer hitch arena.

I dropped it on my truck bed, and towed around for 3 weeks in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Idaho. Shot some video and put together a review.

It's an interesting hitch that works but with flaws. My feeling is that it's version one of a basically good design. I did some structural modifications that helps with the worst problem. ProPride might be fixing those...hopefully.

The hitch is relatively inexpensive compared to other hitches in this class. It does have a weird weight limit of 15000 lbs. Most are 18k, 20k, etc. My trailer is 13600 GVW (loaded to 12k during the test).

Hope this is helpful to some who might be looking for a hitch to smooth the ride.

Here's a link to the hitch web site for more info. https://store.propridehitch.com/propride-5th-wheel-energy-absorbing-hitch/


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We were in Pagosa springs and Chama, NM area. Yup. Some of those roads rocked our world a bit.

Thanks for the compliment on the video. Have not heard from the mfg yet. If they have issues with it. The hitch would really benefit from thicker side plates.



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